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One of the most common problems men all over the world face is rejection by women. In fact, almost every man has been rejected by a woman. Women have natural Rejection Reflex that makes them reject most men that come their way. However, there are some people who seem to always get any woman they want without much effort. In most cases, these people don't have the best looks or most money in their bank account. If you want to be one of these people, you may find James Brody's The Nightingale Method very useful. James, like most average guys, has been rejected multiple times by women. However, he discovered the Nightingale Method and turned his life around. He claimed that his system can help you to become super attractive to women. With his eBook, you will learn how to overcome your fear of rejection, how to approach women without risking rejection, how to get women to chase after you, and how to get even the hottest women around you to date you. If you need to build your confidence with women, you may find this book useful. Continue reading...

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When compared to other ebooks and paper publications I have read, I consider this to be the bible for this topic. Get this and you will never regret the decision.

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Seduction Strategy Get a

This may sound like a strange seduction strategy, but one of the best things you can do to improve your sex life is get a dog, if it's within your lifestyle and means. (You can have a cat or some other pet, but a dog is the best companion for guys that I've found.) If you have a pet that you can care for and dote upon, you will have an emotional cushion to help you through the dry periods. The value of their It's easy to get a little lonely from time to time, and it's perfectly natural. A pet can be a great buffer against the uncertain ocean of seduction.

Tip 9 Get a life outside of just attracting women

Attracting women should just be a part of your life, it shouldn't CONSUME your every moment. Having interests, hobbies, passions, outside of just attracting women makes you far more attractive since you will come across as multi-dimensional, intriguing, and also more challenging.

Complete trust is not necessary for seduction

(This is why I believe that ail relationships need to start with seduction. When you start with too much friendship and too little passion and lust, you wind up being two friends - not lovers - who end up having occasional sex to justify staying together so they can hang out and do things as a couple.) Keep in mind that you don't need a woman to open up and tell you all sorts of intimate details about herself or her life to go along with your seduction so don't get caught up in that pursuit. She doesn't have to reveal her deepest secrets to go to bed with you. (And it's better if she doesn't.) However, if her unwillingness to open up to you indicates possible mistrust, then you will need to take steps to address and eliminate this since it poses an obstacle for your seduction.

Tip 4 Going the friends first route to seducing women is completely ineffective and a total waste of time

Male friends of women don't get laid. (Gee, how do you suppose a seduction master like me would know something like that ) You must strive to establish a man-woman sexual tension in your relationships at all times Remember it's the intense emotional states that women crave from all their relationships with men, not just the sex. They are consummate romantics -- and for them, romance is not just some ideal that would be nice to have if they can manage it THEY WANT TO FEEL ROMANTIC WITH A SPECIAL MAN ALWAYS AND FOR LIFE This exceptional life outlook of theirs must be honored and not ignored if you ever wish to become skilled at seducing, rather than befriending, women.

Tip 5 Deal with the fact that seduction must always be a form of benevolent manipulation in order for it to work

Yes, a seducer is a manipulator but a benevolent one whose mission is to bring love and happiness to the women of the world A noble cause indeed. I mention this only because some people have a problem with the notion of seduction. They believe it's all some kind of evil mind-controlling magic whose goal is to make another person do something for the seducers' benefit that they normally wouldn't do. That's a ridiculous bunch of crap probably spread by man-hating feminists (how the hell are people supposed to get together Should we go back to arranged marriages Would that suit these miserable trolls ). The big idea behind seduction is simply to sell your male goods in as favorable a light as possible to a member of the opposite sex that you are attracted to. You're goal is to leave any woman that you encounter feeling better about herself for having met you than she likely felt before your paths crossed. Once you practice seduction and start to become good at it, your personal courage...

The Seduction Utility Belt

Pen and Paper Always have a flashy and interesting pen on you at all times to write down phone numbers. Keep a few business cards that you can give out or write her number down on. You can carry an address book, but don't write her information directly into it until you've had at least one seduction meeting with her. Also, never let her see other women's names or phone numbers. (Note Don't program her number into a Palm Pilot or cell phone until she's out of visual range.)

Tip 25 Put the seduction on Cruise Control by doing all the steps

As a man, you must display the patience and the respect to experience all of the steps of seduction in their proper order (eye contact smiling teasing and flirting first words interested & safe open ended questions sincere compliments connecting common interests through conversation humor eye reading & establishing rapport minor self-revelation touching gazing mirroring asking for contact information or making a date, etc.) or you will always be balanced on the edge of rejection ready to fall off the cliff at any time. Guys screw up when they think they can short circuit the seduction process because they figure the whole thing is somehow beneath them. If you can't even bother seducing her when you're just getting to know a woman though, she knows it probably won't be long before you start taking her for completely granted (soon after you start getting laid no doubt ). Condescending to romance is just a poor character red flag for her. Try to work for the perfect mix of empathy...

The Seduction Method Approaches

You're about to enter section covering engagement approaches for most of the situations you will encounter in the wild single's jungle. What we're going to cover here is a simulation of the situations where you're most likely to encounter with a woman, and how to begin your seduction. Each situation will be explained, as well as your likely goals given the circumstances, the approaches, and the dangers of each. Where it is relevant, I'll slip you some details to help you properly address your attire, your posture, etc.

If a seduction is not progressing the seduction is dying

If you're not moving forward with your target, escalating the excitement, moving from one step to the next, your seduction is dying. There is no neutral or idling state, because if the situation is staying level, that will most likely be working against you. Be willing to watch your status with a critical eye and sense where the momentum is going. Women rarely slam the door shut on a seduction without there being hints that you can learn to watch for along the way. Sometimes these aren't always noticeable until afterward. However, you need to learn from every situation so that you can address these problems when they do happen. Whenever you sense that you will not be able to take a seduction attempt any further, you can disengage by asking for her phone number and leaving. If you keep this strategy in your back pocket, you'll never feel like failure is your only alternative. Let's say you're with Theresa, a buxom Italian beauty, and you've introduced yourself, and she's been giggly...

How To Successfully Approach Women

Approaching women doesn't have to be difficult. You might think that there are a million different things to know about your approach, but that isn't the case. It is true that there are many different situations where you could approach a woman but these situations share a number of factors. It is possible to break down all the possible ways to approach women into a few basic techniques. This chapter describes these approach techniques, as well as other considerations to keep in mind when trying to pick up a woman.

Introduction to longdistance seduction

Although this guide has so far pretty much avoided the topic of long-distance seductions as it is the belief of the author that the ability to perform on the field is what ultimately makes or brakes a seducer, such techniques are important tools for many nevertheless. The ability to perform long-distance becomes handy mostly due to various time or space constraints when you can not have face-to-face interactions, but as an added bonus it can sometimes even prove to be more efficient than a direct approach could or would have been (don't count on it though, just keep it in mind when forced to go long-distace to keep you in good spirits ). Actually, most of the suggestions in this guide can actually be incorporated into a long-distance seduction without too much hassle anyway, but in addition to that you'll find a few more long-distance specific techniques in this section of the guide.

Sexual Chemistry The Missing Factor

Sexual Chemistry is largely a mystery to most people. What makes one person interesting to someone, while another person thinks they're totally average What makes one guy totally hot to one woman, while the other thinks he's a yawn The first part of Sexual Chemistry is a woman's taste in men. She might have a certain look that she gets hot for, like long hair and muscles. Another might want a The Alpha Man can live in this kind of tense, slightly uncomfortable state without losing his cool. He knows that he's in control of the seduction of the woman, and he's not afraid to stir things up.

The Ludic And Cold Seduction

For we are living off seduction but will die in fascination. The Werbung, the solicitation of advertisements and polls, all the models of the media and politics, no longer claim credence, only credibility. They are no longer objects of libidinal investment for they are made selectively available within a range of choices - with leisure itself now appearing, relative to work, as just another channel on the screen of time (and will there soon be a third or fourth channel ). American television, one might add, with its 83 channels is the living incarnation of the ludic one can no longer do anything but play - change channels, mix programs and create one's own montage (the predominance of TV games is merely an echo, at the level of content, of this ludic employment of the medium). And like every combinatorial, it is a source of fascination. But one can no longer speak of a sphere of enchantment or seduction instead, an era of fascination is beginning. We have already witnessed the...

Rolling Stone article about Speed Seduction

It was all quite amazing, and before Orion hooked up with Ross Jeffries and became his student, none of it would have been possible, just as anything similar would have been impossible for all the other brothers there that night. Jeffries had changed them. He had changed their lives. He had taught them the secrets of Speed Seduction. WHAT A REGULAR GUY WANTS more than anything, always has, always will, is to land some nooky far beyond his reach. He has neither looks nor power nor money nor fancy car, none of that good babe- getting shit, and yet he dreams the ancient dream to be able to dump Harriet in favor of Cindy and thus, for the benefit of all generations to come, divert the usual flow and direction of his genetic puddle. This would be a wonderful thing, he feels. And even then, thinking of it, a whole range of possible ancillary benefits springs to mind He'd be less shy his complexion would clear up his career would take off. In all ways, he would be better. And yet how is this...

Review of The Dating Black Book by TokyoPUA Fast Seduction 101

I've often said that the reason we need advice on women at all is that our fathers didn't or couldn't take the time to teach us what we needed to know (and our mothers taught us the wrong things). What I felt like while reading this book was that a combination of a martial arts sensei, a wise man, a great sales man, a seductionist, and finally dear old dad were all rolled into one giving me the kind of great advice I needed years and years ago. If you are the type of person who thinks better late than never then give this book a good reading. Like the author says in one of his cool, yellow highlighted quotes You don't know enough to be pessimistic. And if you are looking to better your success with women, you don't know enough not to learn even more by buying this incredible book. A good PUA (pick-up artist) I once met said you have to run it like a business, meaning that you have to be serious and systematic towards your approach to success with women. I would say that like no other...

Article 9 Seduction without Speed by Adonis

Speed Seduction, or SS, is an advanced collection of methods to quickly cause the woman to feel for you the things she wants to feel when in the presence of a real man. There are lots of resources on Speed Seduction both on SoSuave's Discussion Forum ( and on the site dedicated to the practice - This isn't some Speed Seduction technique tip. While I won't argue about the effectiveness of SS, I have never learned about it and hence have another method I go by. Seduction is important to attracting women - some unfortunate bozos really don't realize this. While some guys may think that their good looks alone (unfortunately I'm one of those) are enough to attract chicks to sleep with them, good looks can only take you so far. No matter how good-looking you are, if you can't seduce her, you'll never obtain what you want. If you're just average looking and you know how to seduce her then you won't have to be reading this article. Some guys here have...

Speed Seduction Article from Playboy July

The paradigm shift the journalist experiences is a good indicator of what to expect should you consider trying out for the first time either patterning or any other seduction technique described in this guide ) I feel like the skeptic who finds out that a magic potion actually does what the snake-oil salesman said it would do. Let me explain A few days ago I began listening to a set of tapes titled Advanced Speed-Seduction, 13 hours of instruction in the art of getting laid, taught by a California geek turned lothario named Ross Jeffries. On the tapes, Jeffries says that for practice he sometimes leaves messages on women's voice mail, and that he has devised one that never fails to get a response. After having wasted a bit too much time trying to snag the perfect woman, I admit to being intrigued by the concept of seduction and speed in tandem. The personal-ad gambit seemed the ideal litmus test to Jeffries' claims, a safe and anonymous way to try out his speed seduction patterns. So...

Anatomy of a Seduction

I am going to give you the point-by-point breakdown of an actual seduction performed with a target that was what most men consider a 9.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. This example is being given to ensure that you understand how these tactics work on real live women, and that you believe that it does not require you to either wimp out (write her love poetry and lick her shoes) or that you have to be a GQ model with a Ferrari or a lot of money. Unauthorized duplication or distribution is strictly prohibited. Visit for more information. On the night of the seduction date, I knew I was ready for this situation. First of all, I was seeing a couple other women, so I had my bets hedged. This meant that I could go into this date without caring about whether or not I got anything. In fact, I kept her negative qualities up on the front of my mind so that I even went into it with an obvious attitude of reluctance. I didn't need sex or attention from her, and that kept me at a...

So what is The Seduction Method

The Seduction Method is a complete, step-by-step process of pick-up and seduction, with examples, phrasings, critical principles and concepts, and much more. Simply stated, it's a complete program to turn your life around and get you more success with women as well as more sex. That's what this e-book will do for you. Hone your skills so that you know exactly what to do and when to score when you throw. When you get done learning The Seduction Method, you'll feel like someone just gave this blind man back his sight. Without this kind of knowledge, you'll sit in that room throwing darts everywhere but where they need to be. m How to prepare for seduction - what to wear, clothes, cologne, shoes, jewelry m What seduction really is - (it's not what you think ) Why you can't aim for seduction to achieve seduction, and what your real goal should be Why women want seduction as much as you do m How to always be prepared with your planning horizon so that you never miss a step in your...

Womans language and seduction

Of course, seduction is not only connected with genetics and the instinct to procreate. Seduction has much to do with psychology as well. Also a branch of psychology called NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) helps us to understand what happens in the field of seduction. NLP is a very broad psychological science one of its branches is the study of non-verbal communication and another branch is the study of mental frames. For example, the subservient mental frame is a concept of NLP. If you are having difficulties in seducing women almost probably this is because you talk to women using masculine language and women do not understand it. b. Logic does not have such a great importance for a woman than for a man. The woman can, of course, use logic do to things but the bridge to communicating with her in seduction is through her emotions. To become an expert seducer you need to learn to put logic aside and enter a new world where emotions - no matter how illogical - have a predominant...

Seduction Strategy Seduction is a Billiards Game

In seduction, as in many games like pool, you must be thinking several steps in advance, like a chess master planning his moves. You know what her possible reactions are going to be in advance, and you plan for each of those eventualities. You prioritize them based on how likely they are to happen, and you plan accordingly. You're an expert at this game, however. You know that once Donna meets up with her friend, you're going to have an uphill battle. (Female friends will block your seduction success.) You need to plan to keep her away from that meeting and with you instead. You check your watch it's 8 10. This means you have fifty minutes. You think about how to accelerate your seduction with Donna. Then, you also realize that you have a backup plan If things don't work out with keeping Donna from meeting up with her friends, you still have a chance by getting her to take you along with her, and then you can meet her friends there. (This is known as using her as a pawn or a pivot -a...

The Added Seduction of the Unexpected

Seductive Art Undressing

Lovemaking doesn't always have to take place in the bedroom. As we saw in Chapter 17 with Christy and Paul, who showed us how seductive a Jeep can be, sometimes even the first time occurs in an unconventional place. Making love in an unexpected location, or at an unexpected time, can add a thrilling dimension to your seduction. A little motion on the ocean. Ever thought of making love in a small sailboat The sky above, the ocean around you .what a wet, wild, and completely heavenly seduction scene. Lindy and Sam had been dating for a couple of months. She had been putting him off, but the seduction was progressing, and they both knew it was only a Tittle time before it was complete. The d even covered all the issues about safe ses and birth control, It wasn't a matter of if, just of Vhen. One summer evening, Lindys boss gave a formal cocktail party. Lindy wore a long, form-fitting gown that provided a striking contrast to her tan skin. She wore silver heels and, since the weather was...

Seduction Strategy Recovery Excuse Yourself And Try Again

As I think I've told you about a hundred times now, it's always best to go as slow as necessary to never wake the sleeping guard dogs in her mind. You don't want to break the illusion of seduction you are creating. However, when you do make a mistake, or if you push her too far, too fast, you need an effective strategy to recover. The best way to do this is to do the following

The Foundation For Success With Women

As I awaken this long-dormant, crucial dimension of yourself, you will begin to not only attract beautiful women, but you will also have continued success with them on every level. I mean every level- whether it's a one night stand, dating, a relationship, or marriage. First of all, forget all those ideas and books about communication being the key to success with women. What is the point in being even the greatest communicator if you don't know how to be a man that women DESIRE Women are ATTRACTED to men who don't cave in to the control of any woman, regardless of how beautiful she is, or how much pressure she attempts to apply. You are your worst critic, so stop thinking lowly of yourself and go approach women Whereas a woman's sexual worth primarily came from her looks, a man's value came from what he could do. And acting without confidence makes a woman think you can do NOTHING. It is suicide to your success with women. That is why your behavior is so important. This does not make...

Principle The Phases Of Becoming A Seduction Master

Here are the simple steps to becoming a master of seduction. This is the overview of The Seduction Method, but not the specific process of the Method itself. We'll go into detail of the actual process of seduction in the next section. 1) Prepare for seduction Be the kind of man who seduces women. Have your world prepared, from your thinking to your physical world. 2) Target and interact with seduction targets Get out of the bleachers and out on the field. Get in the game. Take each seduction to its conclusion. PRINCIPLE The Seduction Dance In order to keep a woman feeling an attraction and pulled forward towards you, you've got to be willing to give her some space to feel like she has room to step in your direction. If your seduction is a non-stop assault, constantly coming at her with a steamroller affect, she's going to freak and back off. This is another way to describe the Seduction Foundation regarding escalating excitement. Just like sex, your seduction must move forward to an...

The Myth of the Pickup Artist and The Player

We let a lot of terms enter our vocabulary without ever really questioning them. Have you ever asked yourself what a Pick-up artist is I hear about picking up women all the time, as if you drive around in a beat up Dodge truck, looking for lonely lost women to throw in the back. Pick-up artist is a term that is known only by its connotation in slang A stranger with whom casual acquaintance is made, usually in anticipation of sexual relations.

Genetics seductions best friend

The reproductive instinct influences in a completely different way the behavior of men and women, both in the phase of seduction and later in long-term relationships. Man's and woman's bodies prepare themselves in the phase of seduction for the procreation of a new human being to whom they transfer the genes of beauty, intelligence, height, nobility and so on. Practically speaking woman's behavior is still influenced by those primordial instincts from hundreds and millions of years ago. I will demonstrate this in this book. Knowledge of these instincts and how to use them with the positive intent of seducing women is an essential point if you want to become an artist in the field of seduction. Reading this book you will slowly notice the complexity of the phenomenon called seduction and how you can use this new knowledge to bring very beautiful women into your bed. The best way to do it is to start to put into practice what I am going to write here soon you will notice that seduction...

The phases of a seduction

As we have said Seduction can be divided into phases. Once you have become an expert in seduction, you will also be able to perform variations on the theme, like a virtuoso. The phases of seduction are Anyway if you meet her in the course of several meetings you will often be in the situation that you have to start her seduction again from the beginning. Women's emotions follow the law of here and now and in most of the cases they do not have logical and temporal continuity. With a woman you cannot count too much on the attraction she had for you last time you met each other, because her emotions can be totally different the next time you meet her. In most cases you will need to start the seduction game any single time from the beginning. So this is about having her into bed between 1-3 encounters or ending the interaction. A seduction is a one way street. When you go into it you can get a lay. If you don't get a lay fast in the beginning of the interaction, you get a friend - or an...

Seduction Rule Sunk Cost

A competent seducer also knows when to give up on a target. The rule of Sunk Cost says that no matter how much you may have invested in a seduction, if you decide that the probability for success is low, you must back off and let it go. You can't recover any of your lost energy. You will only be throwing more valuable time away if you keep pursuing where you don't have potential. So don't let any single seduction matter so much to you that you start to sell your own self-esteem along the way. You want a woman that is obtainable, and there are some frustrating women out there that love to tease and control men. You must be able to figure out when a woman is taking you for a ride and when to cut your losses.

Seduction Rule The Fickle Factor

In all seductions, you must realize that there is always an unpredictable element that can jump in at any point in the game and kill your seduction. I call this the Fickle Factor. There's nothing you can do about it when it strikes. (It lies outside your sphere of influence and control.) It typically shows up when you sense a woman is weirding out on you. The truth is, there was nothing wrong with his approach or his seduction strategy. It worked flawlessly. But the Fickle Factor reared its ugly head. Ultimately, it doesn't matter what her problems were, as long as you can still separate the fact that there is always a random element in every seduction that you cannot control. That's the Fickle Factor. Sometimes your performance is dead-on perfect, and you just have to take heart in the fact that the circumstances weren't quite right. Targeting requires some skill, contrary to what you may think. You just can't pick at random. If you are looking to seduce and bed every woman you come...

Fidelity and seduction a new context Dont let women transform you into a beta

If you are a bad, tough guy or a successful man in science or industry field at the beginning of the seduction but she - by preparing your meal, making you feel guilty, by manipulating you, etc. - succeeds in transforming you in a schoolboy as time goes by, - Become an expert seducer so that seducing women becomes second nature. When she comes out she has at least a dozen men's addresses, considering the low price at which most men sell their services. To learn the art of seduction means making the situation even she can go to a bar wearing a miniskirt and you can make anyone you want lose her head for you. Then it is fair play.

Attract girls by being busy

Craig, Clifford's Seduction newsletter Make her miss you. But in order for scarcity to be effective you have to be sure of one thing. The time she does spend with you must be absolutely amazing, and without a doubt the best time she could have with anyone. You need to be able to create an awesome, MEMORABLE experience with anyone, anywhere, especially when it really counts. Update. Craig, Clifford's Seduction newsletter Make her put some work into hanging out with you in order for her to value Attract girls by being busy

Seduction Strategy Have a Wingman

If you've seen the movies Top Gun or Pearl Harbor, you probably know what the concept of a wingman is in aerial combat. You have someone you can trust to cover your tail in any situation, and to assist each other along the way. It's also a sound strategy to have in singles combat, too. There are numerous benefits to having one or more guys with you that can assist in your seduction situations. Here are just a few Unauthorized duplication or distribution is strictly prohibited. Visit for more information. Learning You want someone you can fly with that can show you a few new maneuvers. Don't ever underestimate the value of hanging out with an experienced seducer. On the other hand, do not hang with a wingman that is significantly less experienced than you are. He will cripple you by not understanding how The Seduction Method works. Give each other feedback on improving your game.

How To Create Sexual Chemistry

Sexual chemistry is a mutual sexual attraction between two people. It is every man's desire to have a mutual lustful connection with a beautiful woman. The important word here is mutual. If the attraction is one-sided then there is no chemistry - simple as that. This is why you must learn how to create sexual chemistry with a woman and make her feel attracted to you. Once you are interacting with a woman it is important to focus on creating chemistry between you to ensure that you will get positive reactions from this woman. Despite common belief that you have no control over how much a woman is attracted to you, this isn't the case at all. In fact, you can learn to generate sexual chemistry with a woman you desire. You will soon see how you can manipulate yourself to create certain feelings in her and how to use those feelings to generate sexual chemistry. This chapter will show you how to recognize, create and use sexual chemistry with any woman you meet. Read and study this chapter...

Seduction Can Be Forever Make It So

If I didn't believe that seduction can be forever, I wouldn't have devoted an entire book to this topic. I hope by now you're convinced that seduction is a process, and that it's up to you to choose how long that process lasts. Of course, there's only one first time with your partner, but that doesn't mean that the two of you can't continue to discover thrilling new things about each other and yourselves, and the world around you for as long as your relationship lasts. So how do you make seduction last forever You do it by making conscious choices about the relationship and yourselves. As you'll see, these choices reinforce each other.

Seduction Strategy The Philosophy of Handling and Overcoming Blocks to the Seduction

To be successful you must stay aware. Don't ignore warning signs, or bluster onward without addressing problems as they arise. These will only grow into a seduction time bomb. When you see an obstacle, recognize whether or not it will stop you from sleeping with her. If so, decide if it is something you can overcome (and with knowledge, almost all objections can) and then decide whether it is worth your effort. Then, confront the obstacle and overcome it. If you ignore a real obstacle in your way, one that falls within your Sphere of Control or Influence, you'll risk losing the seduction. How do you handle this There are two possible solutions. The first is to have a friend with you (your wingman) that can occupy her friend and keep her from getting in the way. He should be at least as competent as you are with seduction strategies, so you don't have to worry about him turning into a wimp and screwing up not only his own seduction, but yours as well. Once again, I urge you to develop...

Busting the Myth of Speed Seduction

You may be familiar with the concept of speed seduction and what these techniques claim to be able to do. You will find a lot of hucksters out there who are looking to make a quick buck off you, selling you what they call speed seduction programs and e-books. In reality, these programs are a collection of hypnotic techniques that would only work on a woman with the intelligence of a mentally handicapped child. Speed seduction promises one thing To appeal to a man's desire to get free and easy sex, as quickly as possible. All those speed seduction techniques do is supposedly close the gap from the time you see a woman you desire on the street to the time you get in bed and have sex with her. The concept plays on your impulse for immediate gratification, and it is never as easy as the ads say it is. And it's never that fast. What you will learn here is how seductions works, from the ground up, and how to do it as fast as any particular woman will allow you to. No faster. Why Because she...


Busting the Myth of Speed Seduction is the Wrong Goal The Six Big Mistakes In SEDUCTION A Seduction Strategy Seduction is a Billiards Seduction Strategy Get a Seduction Strategy Get To SEDUCTION PRINCIPLE The Phases Of Becoming A Seduction PRINCIPLE The Seduction Preparation for Seduction Strategy Social The Ultimate Seduction THE SEDUCTION METHOD The Seduction Utility Seduction Seduction Strategy Don't Seduction Strategy Have a Seduction Rule Sunk Seduction Rule The Fickle The Seduction Method Seduction Strategy The Name Seduction Strategy Recovery - Excuse Yourself And Try The Seduction Anatomy of a Seduction Strategy The Philosophy of Handling and Overcoming Blocks to the Seduction 242 APPENDIX The Affect of Age on Seduction

To ensure success with women

Behavior in an effort to look and act how women want. Your changes will influence all aspects of your life - your work, your social life, and especially your success with women But before we go any further, you have to make a commitment to wanting success with women. You have to be willing to put in the time, effort, or money. You have to accept that you will change through the process. Don't make excuses for previous failures - just chalk it up to experience and admit that you need practice Pretty soon you will realize just how easy meeting and picking up women can be. While reading this book, you will learn more about yourself and what you want, then use this information to target your desired type of woman. You will soon know what to do, and what not to do, for success with women. You will learn how to flirt successfully and create sexual chemistry with complete strangers. If you read this book, cover to cover, you will be able to get the kind of short-term and long-term relations...

Sales techniques applied to seduction And vice versa Jake Thomson ASF

At one point in my life I worked in sales, and yes, I used the principles discussed in speed seduction to make sales. It works quite nicely as it's simply basic persuasion. This is the process for making ecological sales and or seductions. Keep in mind that in sales or seduction you want to strive for a win win situation, i.e value given for value received for BOTH sides.

How To Seduce Women

The seduction process can be broken down into three main stages. Each of these progressions - Recognition and Flirting, Conversation, and Chemistry - will be described for you in this chapter. As you read about each step, keep in mind that you must lead the woman through the seduction process. She ultimately gives the approval, but you maintain control. Understanding these methods will allow you to easily incorporate your existing knowledge and skills into the more advanced topics in later chapters.

You see seduction is nothing more than a highly charged emotionally persuasive sales job

Here's how we're going to learn The Seduction Method o How to prepare for seduction - what to think, wear, and have to be ready o We'll go over a simple seduction plan that every man can use to increase his sexual success o We'll review an actual seduction situation and break down what works and what didn't work

Tip 15 The secret of seduction

The problem is that men and women get together for one of two reasons Attraction, or Necessity. Every romantic involvement with a woman needs to start with a passionate seduction to satisfy you and her for the long run, much less the short term. Seduction, gentlemen, is not bad. It is absolutely necessary. - You can admit that there's more to learn, and that you can get more than you've been getting. You're willing to set aside your ego and learn what it takes to meet and seduce women. You're willing to invest a little to reap rewards that you will enjoy for a lifetime. WRONG. There are guys out there who know exactly how to attract women on a regular basis. Women want sex as much as men do. This isn't any big secret. And if you can understand the objections and hurdles a woman puts in between you and her, you can handle them and navigate right around them, all the way to your goal of seduction. Seduction isn't just for a woman you want to sleep with. You can seduce the girlfriend in...

Charisma and Seduction

Charisma is seduction on a mass level. Charismatics make crowds of people fall in love with them, then lead them along. The process of making them fall in love is simple and follows a path similar to that of a one-on-one seduction. Charismatics have certain qualities that are powerfully attractive and that make them stand out. This could be their self-belief, their boldness, their serenity. They keep the source of these qualities mysterious. They do not explain where their confidence or contentment comes from, but it can be felt by everyone it radiates outward, without the appearance of conscious effort. The face of the Charismatic is usually animated, full of energy, desire, alertness the look of a lover, one that is instantly appealing, even vaguely sexual. We happily follow Charismatics because we like to be led, particularly by people who promise adventure or prosperity. We lose ourselves in their cause, become emotionally attached to them, feel more alive by believing in them we...

You must Escalate When the Time is Right in order to Realize a Successful Seduction

I mention this only to demonstrate that you probably already know how important the concept of escalation is to a seduction, because you've likely used some fashion of its 'anti-matter' form, the ol' passive-aggressive routine, to strangle off a troublesome relationship in the past that you simply didn't want to deal with. You know some goofy chick in high school that you didn't find attractive took a liking to you and kept hanging around and flirting with you after class. Embarrassing you in front of your friends. You got rid of her by steadfastly refusing to take it to the next level -- by stonewalling all her signals and frustrating all her efforts to get you to respond to her in an appropriate way that would lead to a relationship. When it was time to hold her hand, you refused when it was time to ask her out to the prom, you declined. See That's passive aggressive behavior, and you manifested it in this particular situation by refusing to escalate the romance to its next required...

From Thundercats Seduction Lair

Okay, so the debate has been raging for a while now over who is the best pickup artist out there. It was when I went to Croatia after Mystery's breakdown that I realized everything had changed. I was no longer in the game to meet women I was in the game to lead men. Two of the Croatian pickup artists I was staying with had even shaved their head in emulation of pictures of me they had seen online. The post became an Internet phenomenon, forwarded around the globe and chronicled in the Chicago Tribune. One person who received the e-mail was Maddash, who promptly sent her a sympathetic response. Jackie wrote him back, saying the e-mail made her day and she read it every time she received a hate letter. A few e-mails, an exchange of photos, and one date later, she was in Maddash's bed. It took no gifts, no boats, no haircut. Just pure seduction. There was one fledgling PUA, in particular, whom Papa bonded with a twenty-two-year-old Canadian who had discovered the pickup scene when his...

Seducing Women

LoodSport Are you telling me that trying to meet and seduce women really all that dire Isn't the grand game of wooing women supposed to be a light-hearted adventure taken on with playful humor and an air of restless good spirit Look, if you can suffer all the various kicks to the teeth that this maddening game of approaching and seducing women often creates -- and just let it all slide off your back like water from a duck -- then you might as well stop reading right now. This book isn't for you. You can probably make some headway with women here and there, now and again. Without Embarrassment is for the guy who is stopped dead in his tracks by the thought of having his advances rejected who stands helpless at the moment of opportunity when a beautiful, available girl is nearby with his feet rooted to the floor in anxiety his mouth paralyzed to utter a single word or his body produce a stray movement that might be judged ridiculous or somehow diminishing -- whose mind has gone...

The Seduction Types

Women come in all different sizes, flavors, and colors. You probably already know your physical type, but do you know how to handle women's personality types to maximize your seduction effectiveness The following women are the various types you'll encounter, and I'll give you some information on overcoming their unique challenges. I'm presenting their negative traits so that you'll keep your perspective. A lot of guys go out to seduce women and have a good time, and they end up getting pulled into a nasty long-term relationship because they let a woman's good qualities blind them to all her red flags. Stay level headed and in control of your emotions. Generally speaking, you want a woman with a good sense of humor as your seduction target. The more uptight and difficult she is (i.e., bitchy), the more she'll affect your_attitude. I don't care how beautiful a woman is if she gets under my skin and annoys me more than she brings joy into my life, she needs to be playing for someone...

Seduction Is Forever

Is there life after seduction Actually, that's a trick question, because the seduction doesn't have to end at all. With a little desire and a lot of creativity, you can make it last indefinitely. In this section, I'll begin with advice on how to deal with that first morning after, whether the night before left you disappointed or longing for more. Then we'll explore some ways you can keep your new relationship intriguing (or add some zing to your old one). Next we'll take a brief journey into the steamy world of men's and women's sexual fantasies. Although this chapter is titillating, that is not its (only) purpose I'll show you how the two of you can use fantasies and games to bring you closer together as a couple. We'll end by talking about the force that makes the world go 'round Love. No book on seduction would be complete without an exploration of this most profound emotion. We'll explore the stages of romantic love, and I'll give you tips on how to keep passion and seduction...

Seduction As Destiny

Are we to think that this diffuse seduction, which is neither attractive nor dangerous, this specter of seduction that haunts our circuits without secrets, our phantasies without affect, and our contact networks without contacts, that this is its pure form As if the modern happening with its participation and expressiveness, where the stage and its magic have disappeared, would be the theater's pure form Or as if the hypothetical and hyperreal mode of intervention in reality - in acting pictures, landart and body art - where the object, frame and staging of illusions have disappeared, would be the pure form of painting and art We are living, in effect, amongst pure forms, in a radical obscenity, that is to say, in the visible, undifferentiated obscenity of figures that were once secret and discrete. The same is true of the social, which today rules in its pure - i.e., empty and obscene - form. The same for seduction, which in its present form, having lost its elements of risk,...


These are some of the typical definitions I ran across while researching this topic. The common root words that seduction is based on meant most literally to lead astray. Now, I hope you can see how the word seduction is highly charged in our language. The word itself has more connotation than definition, implying that you are manipulating or deceiving someone by seducing them. There are many kinds of seduction. You are being seduced at every turn in our world today. The media seduces you all the time, but you're mostly unaware of it. The advertising that companies create is designed to seduce you into buying their products, and a great deal of the time (more than you would be willing to admit) these seductions work. You follow up these emotional decisions (that they've helped you to make) with your own logic later on so that you don't have a case of cognitive dissonance. (Cognitive dissonance is where you have a certain image of yourself, and you struggle to reconcile any challenges...


Ours is a culture of premature ejaculation. Increasingly all seduction, all manner of enticement - which is always a highly ritualized process - is effaced behind a naturalized sexual imperative, behind the immediate and imperative realization of desire. Our center of gravity has been displaced towards a libidinal economy concerned with only the naturalization of desire, a desire dedicated to drives, or to a machine-like functioning, but above all, to the imaginary of repression arid liberation. capital, and this is why sexuality, desire and pleasure are subaltern values. When they first appeared, not so long ago, as a system of reference on the horizon of western culture, it was as fallen, residual values - the ideal of inferior classes, the bourgeoisie, then the petty-bourgeoisie - relative to the aristocratic values of birth and blood, valour and seduction, or the collective values of religion and sacrifice. A fantastic reduction of seduction. This sexuality transformed by the...

Seduction Psychology

There are some critical concepts you must understand when you set out to seduce women, and they relate to some universal human needs and behaviors. I'm explaining these with the assumption that knowledge of them could be abused, but that you would never use them to manipulate or coerce a woman. These principles will help you see how you react to women, as well as how they react to you. Nothing will burn you out quicker than trying to go too far with women too fast, and feeling like the process of seduction is more a chore than it is fun. You have to keep this from feeling like work. Guys are prone to worry a lot about what other women think of them, or what will go wrong during their attempts to meet women and get laid. Most of these worries are what hold us back from success in seduction. The ultimate failure isn't that we won't succeed - it's that we won't have tried enough before we die. It sounds grim, but it's reality. No failure with a woman will kill you, so you have to learn...

Be not contained by formula

Meaning that a few people became successful and formed Manual out from the clay of their knowledge. Manual is their automaton, their robot, to consistently answer newbies' questions. The end goal in seduction, in success, is to make it natural. When it becomes natural, you have no need for Manual and can handle anything women throw at you.

The Mystery of Mysteries

There are things so simple in Nature and life that we utterly confuse them and ourselves with our stupid philosophies (jerks don't need websites like these ). Sexuality is one of these. Our countless reading of seduction over the internet is full of months if not years. Where has this got you Yes, you feel you are always right on the edge of THE SECRETS to end your heartaches and tensions but, at the end of the day, you are still in front of your computer.

Natures Path Leads to Women

Mind This is obviously a failure within my calculation, my framing of the events. I will solve this with more seduction And this is the utterly simple secret. Jerks are not super confidant, not superior in all seduction knowledge. Jerks are testosteronized males. This seperates them from the Nice Guys who still defy the flooding of testosterone Nature inflicts on them.

Attracting Dates Casting Your Spell

Now that we've laid the groundwork for seduction, it's time to go out and field-test your seductive powers. We'll begin by taking a close look at what men and women find seductive in the opposite sex. Next, because you have to get out and find the person of your dreams before you can seduce him or her, we'll discuss the pros and cons of the various hunting grounds. No matter where you go, you need to know how to attract your quarry once you're there. Toward that end, we'll go into the how-to's of the initial approach, the nuances of body language and other romantic signals, and the perils and pleasures of flirting.

No matter what todays pop culture and media tell you women dont want men who are feminized They want men who understand

Every romantic involvement with a woman must begin with a passionate seduction in order to develop into anything further. You cannot start out as friends and hope to turn it into romance later on. (Friends first is a myth.) Remember Seduction isn't bad or wrong. It's absolutely necessary. What could this guy possibly have or know that allows him to be brave enough to jump in and attract beautiful women successfully

The Sacred Horizon Of Appearances

Seduction takes from discourse its sense and turns it from its truth. It is, therefore, contrary to the psychoanalytic distinction between manifest and latent discourses. For the latent discourse turns the manifest discourse not from its truth, but towards its truth. It makes the manifest discourse say what it does not want to say it causes determinations and profound ind terminations to show through in the manifest discourse. Depth always peeks through from behind the break, and meaning peeks from behind the line. The manifest discourse has the status of an appearance, a laboured appearance, traversed by the emergence of meaning. Interpretation is what breaks the appearance and play of the manifest discourse and, by taking up with the latent discourse, delivers the real meaning. In seduction, by contrast, it is the manifest discourse - discourse at its most superficial - that turns back on the deeper order (whether conscious or unconscious) in order to invalidate it, substituting the...

Hope for the FlirtOPhobe

Many people have anxieties about flirting, and as a result they don't do it well, or they don't do it at all. If so, they may be missing out on a lot of fun. For, despite my many caveats about destructive flirting, the truth is that harmless flirting can be fun, and seductive flirting can greatly enrich your seduction experience. We flirt for many reasons. For some peopie, flirting is a means of convincing themselves that they are worthy and desirable. For others, it's merely s tool to be used to satisfy sexual uigings. And for a pitiful few, it's a weapon to manipulate and dominate other people. Fer the practitioners of delicious seduction, however, flirtation is but One of the ways to communicate that we, ourselves, are seduced by the wondrous flavors of life, ---- , --- We flirt for many reasons. For some peopie, flirting is a means of convincing themselves that they are worthy and desirable. For others, it's merely s tool to be used to satisfy sexual uigings. And for a pitiful...

Man is a guy who is not scared of his testosterone

No, gentlemen, the disgrace of men is in not embracing your true nature following your passion and, thus, loving life. Women are to enhance your life, not to be your life. So to the Nice Guy, stop placing your happiness on getting a girlfriend. To the Jerk, quit wasting your life on seduction. Don't SPEND your time chasing girls, INVEST it by putting it into your interests and desires, thus the whole of your life.

Hey I just wanted to let you know that you have a wonderful energy about you I just had to come over and say hello

For the first week or two, if you're feeling a bit nervous about approaching women, work your way into this technique slowly. Just use the intro line I gave you, and take it wherever you need. Hell, I'd even recommend you only ask her the first part (Where'd you get xxxx, my sister might like that ), and then say thanks and walk away.

Enjoy the Moment But Dont Forget to Look Ahead

Let's say your partner (and you) have passed all of the tests. Do the clothes start flying off now Well, not so fast I've still got a few questions for you. Whether or not a permanent commitment is in the cards, you need to look beyond that glorious night of passion you are planning. After the seduction, what's next How will the two of you feel about each other and about yourselves Will your morning-after experience be champagne brunch or coyote love What do you and your partner hope to gain from the relationship, besides a good romp Might this relationship actually have a future

The Bottom Line Choose with Care

Things may have been simpler in the old days, when the only officially sanctioned sex took place within marriage. Nowadays, going to bed with somebody no longer necessarily means a lifetime commitment. Even so, I believe sex is far too important to be entered into frivolously, and choosing a sexual partner is not to be taken lightly. If you want your seduction experience to be truly delicious and sweet, you must take time to consider the wisdom of your choice before you abandon yourself to passion. As artist and writer Kent Nerburn wrote, Choose carefully and tenderly. Touch has a memory of its own. It does indeed, and if you are mindful of your choices, that memory will be one of perpetual delight.

Had This Dream About

The above scenario was based on a real dream, as told to one of my clients by a real (and very poetic) man. Naturally, this is not a script for you to recite to your date. Remember that the core of delicious seduction is absolute integrity. But the way in Fantasy, like spice, should enhance and inspire, not overwhelm. As the description of the dream progressed, there were subtle hints at sexual interest, yet no outright mention of it. The dreamer acknowledged that the other person was naked, and described how the bubbles were being rinsed away, leaving the person completely exposed. There was no overt talk of the details, yet the listener was guided to think of what it would be like to be so completely exposed. The image is fleshed out (pardon the pun) only enough to inspire the listener to begin his or her own fantasy. This is a much more powerful aphrodisiac than a detailed description, because you have enlisted your partner's mind in your seduction.

Seductive Is As Seductive Thinks

As you know, your brain is the most erogenous part of your body. In Chapter 4 and in various other parts of this book, I've discussed how your thoughts can make you feel and act sexy (or not). Remember in Chapter 15, when our friend James set the stage for his seduction of Donna by telling her his dream about the bath in the Mediterranean villa Later in the same chapter, I gave an example of seductive sharing of a fantasy vacation. These are wonderful ways to appeal to your partner's mind, and help get him or her thinking of you seductively. But what else can you do to enhance your own preparedness

Lair to Lure Your Love

I can't stress enough how crucial atmosphere is. The surroundings in which your seduction occurs are almost as important as the lovemaking itself. Music to his or her ears In Chapter 16 I talked about the disparity between movie seductions and real life. Of course, this certainly doesn't mean you can't borrow some ideas from the movies. And let's face it No movie seduction scene would be complete without background music. Here you have a distinct advantage that the French courtesans of centuries past didn't have. So just go to your favorite music store and pick your seduction soundtrack with your lover in mind.

Sustaining the Spice with Sexy Play

Remember how excited you were before the two of you first made love. Your fantasy about what it would be like to have sex with each other was a seduction in itself. The element of the unknown brought your lust to a fever pitch. Even though you may now be in familiar territory, and that initial newness has worn off, you can supplant it with a passion even more intense than before. All it takes is adding a new element or two to the comfortable familiarity that is growing between you. Below are three seductive scenarios to stir your imagination. These reflect a few of the most common fantasies of men and women (which we'll explore in more detail in the section that immediately follows). You may want to act out one or more of these scenes, but remember, you don't have to act them out in order to derive immense pleasure from them. Just talking about them can be enough to get you both incredibly turned on. (And if you'd like some more ideas for seductive scenarios, check out the true...

When Love Is on the Agenda Whether You Planned It or

Men's and women's roles are changing as we approach the new millennium. Many of you guys are becoming more relationship-oriented, and many of you women are becoming more independent. It's no longer true, if it ever was, that men are just out for one thing (sex) and that women are interested only in marriage. Even so, it is true that many people enter into the process of seduction with agendas that would seem to be more consistent with traditional sex roles To some men, seduction is simply a means to getting a woman into bed. To some women, seduction is a means to getting a man to fall in love and propose marriage.

Becoming A Modernday Seductress Or Seducer

The very word holds a promise of tantalizing pleasures, sensual indulgence, or, perhaps, forbidden delights. If you're like most of today's women and men, however, you're not hungering for forbidden fruit you simply want a pragmatic, honest, and mutually pleasurable path to enticing a lover. Over the years, I've worked with thousands of couples and individuals first through owning the video dating service Friend Connection, and now through my relationship coaching. I've learned that many people have misconceptions about seduction and what it takes to be seductive. The good news is that anyone can master the art of seduction yes, this means you, too and you don't have to look like Cindy Crawford or Brad Pitt to be positively irresistible to a lover. In this part we're going to set the stage for your transformation into a modern-day seductress or seducer. After learning a new definition of seduction as befits the new era we're approaching you'll learn...

Bartenders Guide On How To PickUp Women

A Bartender's Guide on How to Pick-Up Women (with a special section for Women Only), copyright 1989 by Bryan Redfield. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews, without permission in writing from the publisher.

The Spirit of the Enchantress Making It or Breaking It Without Lifting a Finger

In the final analysis, we women are real winners in the seduction game, because the better a man is at pleasing us, the happier he is. Just by enjoying ourselves when we're with a man, we go a long way toward ensuring that he is enjoying himself, as well. And by feeling more seductive, more alluring,

The Eternal Irony Of The Community

Transvestites love is this game of signs, what excites them is to seduce the signs themselves. With them everything is makeup, theater, and seduction. They appear obsessed with games of sex, but they are obsessed, first of all, with play itself and if their lives appear more sexually endowed than our own, it is because they make sex into a total, gestural, sensual, and ritual game, an exalted but ironic invocation. Nico seemed so beautiful only because her femininity appeared so completely put on. She emanated something more than beauty, something more sublime, a different seduction. And there was deception she was a false drag queen, a real woman, in fact, playing the queen. It is easier for a non-female female than for a real woman, already legitimated by her sex, to move amongst the signs and take seduction to the limit. Only the non-female female can exercise an untainted fascination, because s he is more seductive than sexual. The fascination is lost when the real sex shows...

Maintaining the Intrigue Setting the Stage for Next Time

Now, I'm not talking about deceiving your partner. That kind of behavior, as I've stressed throughout this book, is inconsistent with the delicious seduction of the new millenium. But, to keep your partner interested, you will want to leave him or her with some questions, retaining a little bit of mystery about yourself. Best of all, you have maintained your integrity in the relationship, because you haven't misled your partner or given any false signals. You're still seducing him or her by keeping a spark of intrigue, while simultaneously maintaining your integrity (which is an art in and of itself, within the bigger art of building a good relationship). As long as your intent is clear and your motivations are clean, it isn't quite the balancing act that it seems on the surface. When you are acting from a place that is concerned with your partner's well-being as well as your own, the easiest thing for you to do in any given situation is to act in a way that doesn't hurt either of...

The Secret And The Challenge

The seductive, initiatory quality of that which cannot be said because it makes no sense, and of that which is not said even though it gets around. Thus I know another's secret but do not reveal it and he knows that I know, but does not acknowledge it the intensity between us is simply this secret about the secret. The complicity has nothing to do with some hidden piece of information. Besides, even if we wanted to reveal the secret we could not, since there is nothing to say Everything that can be revealed lies outside the secret. For the latter is not a hidden signified, nor the key to something, but circulates through and traverses everything that can be said, just as seduction flows beneath the obscenity of speech. It is the opposite of communication, and yet it can be shared. The secret maintains its power only at the price of remaining unspoken, just as seduction operates only because never spoken nor intended. Thus in Kierkegaard's Diary of the Seducer, se'duction takes the...

Enlightenment Begins

You're continuing to build your own personalized manual, along with my instruction, on how you can best approach, meet, and pick up women. Only you can answer these questions and only you will know if your answers are honest. Wherein you might try to fool me, just to prove I'm Now I want you to actually write down what your initial responses are to this situation so far and how you would feel. At this point, the only information I've given you about this person is that it's a man, he's 6'5 and he weighs 250 pounds. Your responses to this situation are crucial to your success with women. That's why it's so important for you to actually write your answers down in your notebook. This way you can see them in black and white and, more importantly, refer back to them. When you approach a woman in a bar, she's already been burned at least once emotionally by a guy she's invested her feelings and trust in. This is why if you try to deceive her in any way, you will have blown it forever. See...

State Of Mind And Dating

RESULT You get more and more frustrated with women feeling like you can't figure them out. You start spiraling downward. It gets harder to find women, and the ones you do meet and date all seem to reinforce this belief system you develop about how difficult it is to meet and attract women. These last kind of guys are the ones that are in for the biggest shock when their relationship dissolves and he's thrown back into the single's market again. He realizes that 1) his game was never that solid, and he probably lucked into the previous relationship, and 2) he's got a hell of a time ahead of him to get his act together to attract women again. Carlos Xuma is a well-known dating advisor, as well as a motivational and life counselor. He's the author of The Dating Black Book, The Seduction Method, Secrets of the Alpha Man, and too many other articles to mention. - Seduction Insider

Science of Testosterone

Without the testosterone, he finds himself more reserved. The energy still is there but is geared towards interaction rather than action, toward pride rather than lust. He rarely looks for dates or thinks of approaching women without it. But with it, he is constantly scanning the women for potential dates and socializing.

Take That Fear andTransform It

Practicing positive self-talk is also helpful. Self-talk, as you may recall from Chapter 4, is the little voice in your head that constantly makes judgments about you and the world around you. Self-talk is really nothing more than a series of thoughts, and, since thoughts create feelings, you can change your feelings by changing your thoughts. With conscious effort, you can redirect any negative thoughts into positive ones. If you consciously and constantly tell yourself that what you're feeling is excitement about the upcoming seduction, and not fear, you just may end up convincing yourself. As they got into their Jeep, they began kissing passionately. Paul slid his hand up Christy's dress, feeling the little lace panties but not going any further. Christy was beginning to get very turned on again, but was still somewhat hesitant. So they headed out to the little country store near their motel to buy their picnic provisions, fondling each other along the way. Once inside the store,...

The Laws of the Gender Jungle

There are, however, certain basic emotional needs that only an intimate partner can meet. Some of these needs are different for men and women, and some are shared by both sexes. If both partners' needs aren't met within the relationship, it won't be a happy union. On the other hand, if you and your partner do fulfill all of each other's basic needs, you will set the stage for a never-ending seduction whether your relationship is brand-new and you want the excitement to continue, or you've been married for 20 years and you wish to rekindle the flames.

Ask the Love Coach

We've established that in an intimate relationship, a woman needs the support of a man in order to have her emotional needs fulfilled. Ladies, the best way to ensure that he'll be there for you is for you is to be there for him. Let's take a closer look at ways you can keep the seduction alive by meeting his four most basic emotional needs. doesn't show up too strongly when the relationship is new, but as time goes on, the woman finds more and more little things about him that she wishes he would change. Maybe she doesn't like the way he dresses, or the way he wears his hair, or the decor in his apartment, or the company he keeps. Whatever it is she thinks he needs to change, one message comes across loud and clear to him He's not okay the way he is, and she knows what's best for him. This is just plain insulting. It will make your man self-conscious or resentful, or both. That's hardly the basis for a long-term seduction. If you can't accept a guy the way he is from the time you...

Encore or Final Curtain

So you've had your morning shower and cup of coffee. You've worked your way through your self-doubts and remorse, and, best of all, your partner and you are still looking at each other with that gleam of lust in your eyes. You're really feeling pretty darned good about the whole seduction.

Secrets for the Seductress

There is a widespread notion that seduction is much easier for a woman than for a man. Billy Crystal once said that the difference between men and women on a date is that men spend the evening wondering if they're going to get lucky, while women already know. While this may, on the surface, seem to ring true, neither men's nor women's attitudes toward sex are quite this simplistic, as you probably know from reading the previous chapters in this book. The very act of seduction carries as many risks for women as it does for men. The delicious seduction of the new millennium, however, isn't about shallow, meaningless encounters. It's about two people sharing more than bodily fluids. It's about actually touching each other on multiple levels. There are many other ways that you can enlist the man's help in creating your own aura of seductiveness. With the right words (and the right touch) from you, he will be a very willing participant in his own sweet seduction.

The Effigy Of The Seductress

The prismatic effect of seduction provides another space of refraction. Seduction does not consist of a simple appearance, nor a pure absence, but the eclipse of a presence. Its sole strategy is to be-there not-there, and thereby produce a sort of flickering, a hypnotic mechanism that crystallizes attention outside all concern with meaning. Absence here seduces presence. The sovereign power of the seductress stems from her ability to eclipse any will or context. She cannot allow other relations to be established - even the most intimate, affectionate, amorous or sexual (particularly not the latter) - without breaking them, or repaying them with a strange fascination. She constantly avoids all relations in which, at some given moment, the question of truth will be posed. She undoes them effortlessly, not by denying or destroying them, but by making them shimmer. Here lies her secret in the flickering of a presence. She is never where one expects her, and never where one wants her....

Emotional Seductiveness

Redefining Seduction Nonsexual Seduction The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Ugly 5 Sexual Seduction The Sublime and the Squalid 7 Delicious Seduction A Little Slice of Heaven 8 Malicious Seduction Devil on a Blue Bike 10 There's No Such Thing As a One-Night Stand Seduction Has Lasting 11 Effects Goal Setting The Proactive Approach to Seduction What Makes You Sexy Your Thoughts Your Intellectual Presence Curiosity Livened Up the Cat A World of Things to Be Curious About Get Current Cultural Seduction Outside the Nine to Five The Proper Use of Props Seduction It's More than Mental It's Also a Contact Sport Setting the Stage for Seduction I Had This Dream About You Welcome to Fantasy Island Secrets for the Seductress The Added Seduction of the Unexpected 219 Part 4 Seduction Is Forever When Love Is on the Agenda (Whether You Planned It or Not) Just What the Heck Is True Love, Anyway Love Means Never Having to Say You're Static In the Beginning Passionate Love As Time Goes By Mature...

Patience What Truly Makes A Don Juan

Patience is also outstanding at ATTRACTING women too. Those Mr. Smooth men I knew would be there at a second one of the women called their names. If she said, Hi, Mr. Smooth Dude's Name they would stop what they were doing and talk. I, on the other hand, simply greeted them back and KEPT WALKING. The Mr. Smooth men came across as eager and desperate by always willing to stop whatever they were doing to chit chat while I gave the impression of 'importance' and 'hard to obtain' by controlling my eagerness.

What do you think is the difference between naturals and guys like us who need to learn analytically

Something strange happened to Eric Weber when the conversation veered toward naturals and tales from the field. He came to life. The spark in his eyes brightened. For a half hour, we swapped stories and theories about the game. For all his talk of marriage and happily ever after, beneath the surface still seethed that awkward guy who was envious of his friends' success with women. Even after all the confidence you acquired as a pickup artist, a husband, and a father

More Props for Your Passion Play

You're already familiar with the notion of using props to communicate seductively. And you know that clothing can be a prop to aid in the actual seduction. Here are some more ideas to add delight to your lovemaking. Consider So, we've set the scene for a sweet seduction, and the actors are in their places. Now it's time for some close-ups.

Laughter Is the Best Medicine and the Best Aphrodisiac to Boot

Of course, you don't have to be a fan of British humor to appreciate the value of laughter. You may be asking, What does this have to do with seduction Simply this Humor and a sense of fun are not only healthy and healing, but they are also some of the most powerful aphrodisiacs in the world. Having fun, sharing laughter, or even just being silly together can add fuel to the fire of a new relationship, and can restore the passion in a relationship that has lost some of its sizzle.

The Dual The Polar And The Digital

By contrast, for us the social is without seduction. What is less seductive than the very idea of the social The degree zero of seduction. Even God never fell so low. Relative to the dangers of seduction that haunt the universe of games and rituals, our own sociality and the forms of communication and exchange it institutes, appear in direct proportion to their secularization under the sign of the Law, as extremely impoverished, banal and abstract. In the cross-play of these three logics, the concept of seduction in its radical sense (as duel, ritualistic, agonistic, with the stakes maximized) must be replaced by seduction in its soft sense - the seduction of an ambience, or the playful erotici-zation of a universe without stakes.

The Fear Of Being Seduced

If seduction is a passion or destiny, it is usually the opposite passion that prevails - that of not being seduced. We struggle to confirm ourselves in our truth we fight against that which seeks to seduce us. to pretending to be seduced in order to cut all seduction short. The hysteric combines the passion of seduction with that of simulation. She protects herself from seduction by offering booby-trapped signs which, even as they put themselves forward in exaggerated fashion, cannot be believed. The scruples, the excessive remorse, the pathetic advances and endless entreaties, her way of spinning events so that they dissolve and she herself becomes elusive, the giddiness she imposes on others, and the deception - it is all seductive deterrence, whose obscure objective is less to seduce than to never let oneself seduce. lieved (like the mythomaniac with his stories) but at the same time, to disappoint all belief - and this without appealing to some shared delusion. An uncompromising...

The Passion For Rules

The Diary of the Seducer claims that in seduction the subject is never the master of his master plan, and even when the latter is deployed in full consciousness, it still submits to the rules of a game that goes beyond it. A ritual dramaturgy beyond the law, seduction is both game and fate, and as such pushes the protagonists towards their inevitable end without the rule being broken - for it is the rule that binds them. And the rule's basic dictum is that the game continue whatever the cost, be it death itself. There is, then, a sort of passion that binds the players to the rule that ties them together - without which the game would not be possible. what falls under the rule in the terms of the law. Thus, magic is seen as an attempt to outwit the laws of production and hard work. Primitives have the same utilitarian ends as us, but in order to realize them, they would rather avoid rational exertion. Magic, however, is something very different it is a ritual for the maintenance of the...

Contents At A Glance

1 3 Redefining Seduction Learn a new, more enlightened definition of seduction for the new millennium. Discover the individual elements that make a person seductive. 2 15 Goal Setting The Proactive Approach to Seduction A delicious seduction doesn't just happen. Learn to set goals to greatly increase your chances of successful seduction. Flirting can be a harmless diversion, an instrument of destruction, or a prelude to a sweet seduction. Discover the nuances of the different kinds of flirting. Find out how to avoid the harmful variety, and learn the how-to's of purposeful, seductive flirting. Learn how to use the first date to determine if this is a person you want to seduce. If the answer is yes, you can use the date to begin picking up clues that will help you set the stage for a successful seduction. Setting the Stage for Seduction Seduction will be all the sweeter if you learn to make the most of the exquisite sexual tension that is building between the two of you. Find out how...

Lesson Nine

Oh, how he wanted success with women Why did others do so well and he so poorly All jocks did was breathe and grunt to get chicks, and he did everything possible with no success. Alas, the pangs of desprised love She was beautiful, wonderful, but only wanted him as a friend. In fact, every girl he held desirous thoughts about thought of him as only a friend or less.

Eighth Girl

Nice guys vs. jerks isn't the real issue here, it is all about confidence. The major difference between nice guys and jerks is this if a nice guy has the guts to approach a woman who has caught his attention, he is so worried about saying the perfect nice thing that he will totally flub it. The nice one ends up stumbling away from the object of his desires with his tail caught between his legs for those who don't already realize, this is NOT the impression you want to make What does this say She is saying Stop trying to say the perfect thing This was why I left 'Seduction' behind and gone the Natural route. It is more fun, less headaches, and gets better effects.

Fourth Male

I have a co-worker and friend who is one of the best natural seductionists I've ever met. He just so happens to be the most brilliant, accomplished person of his position in the company. So how about your theory that seduction swallows you up Don't be rediculous. LIFE is about balance. The thing that is never addressed is the quality of women that you want to get with. I would bet that Ross Jefferies has never had a real quality woman. Women are not as dumb as alot of guys here seem to think, and they learn from experience as well as we do. I know a very quality woman who shoots down all seduction attempts. She says the thing that attracts her is the quality of character in a man. I do not think that learning SS is building that kind of characters. THANK YOU RDTOO Speed Seduction cannot build character because the focus is

The Real Deal

Accentuating that promise, and that allure, is simply a matter of bringing your more appealing features into focus and drawing attention to them, while mi126izing those features that you feel are less attractive. Here are some hints (also refer to Chapter 3, on the physical elements of seduction)

What Ive Learned

Speed seduction, for the case of long term relationships, is worthless. I would get results with speed seduction. But I might as well have been an actor. I enjoyed getting responses, but I was never happy. Forget NLP, forget Speed Seduction, unless you wish to practice them all your life. For a long term relationship, they are worthless. I have flaws, as does anyone else. Speed seduction could veil them, but I want to be accepted for myself and my flaws as well. True love demands the acceptance of the entire package. 4) Don't be afraid to disagree. (This runs contrary to Speed Seduction. No, do not seek disagreements. If possible, try to bypass them. But never be afraid to disagree. Women want guys who have a mind of their own.) Most imporantly, be yourself. Speed seduction will not give you happiness. You want to be accepted for who you are, not because you memorized patterns and lines from an internet website. Being yourself does not mean being a shy...

Tease to Please

I'm also here to tell you that cocky and funny is not enough to get you success with women. It's a great flirt technique, but the reality is that it is really part of a much bigger picture of handling women and your dating. That bigger picture is in The Dating Black Book, Secrets of the Alpha Man, and our other programs so be sure to refer to it as often as necessary.

Night To Remember

Next we'll explore how to make the most of that delicious period of tension leading up to lovemaking. Seduction, after all, is not just an act it is a process and I'll share some tips and techniques to help you savor every moment. Then we'll discuss the anxieties and fears you may have as the time of that first lovemaking approaches. And then at last, in the chapters you've been waiting for, we'll talk in delicious detail about using seduction to bring you to that long-awaited explosive lovemaking.

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