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This is Michael Webb's newest book on relationship. This man has some passion on love secrets and for this reason he has taken some time to share his own experiences with the rest of the world. This guy is well known for his other work Blow By Blow that teaches women how to do Blow Job. In most of his programs, he has shared some tricks on how to spice the relationship and marriages. The eBook wants to make sure that your partner is hot and turned on. With word phrases stated in this eBook, your partner will never miss any bullet. The tips and the shared information will also make sure that you and your partner are together and closely attracted no matter the situation. Michael Webb's program eases you into the craft so that you can take a pace that suits you and make things sweet with your lover. At the end of the program, you will be feeling more confident. With confidence, everything else will follow. Read more here...

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Use sexual stories to get her horny

Use personal experience or fantasy stories to get her horny. ASF Never use stories DIRECTLY INVOLVING the girl you're with. QUOTE about what you did to other chicks or what you want to do to other chicks or ask her about what she has done or would like to do with other guys. You can use this even in every-day discussions by elaborating at the right time and in the right direction A variation get her in a private place, and feed her with fantasies, increasingly sexual, in a hypnotic way, until she can't stand it anymore and will rape you A journalist discussing SS, Playboy, July'98 I had a friend in college whose success with women was mind-boggling, given his Napoleonic stature and receding hairline. I remember my college friend playfully turning every conversation with a girl, no matter where she would try to steer it, into something with sexual undertones. He'd get her thinking about sex, and pretty son she was thinking about having sex with him. Remember that steering the...

Talking about sex

Mystery suggests to avoid sex-talk completely (she deals primarily with the 9-s and 10-s though ). Mystery Bringing up sex shows its on your mind and if you were truly a guy who gets girls you wouldn't think about it then. No sex comments. No sex jokes. Go KINO but don't talk sex. Use sexual stories to get her horny GM style explained

Dirty Talk

Women will talk dirty with you, but it's not usually until after they've established a large Trust account in your name. Her first interest will be for hearing some love talk, and you'll have to come up with some if you want to get to a point where she grabs you by the hair and tells you Just & me Don't start talking dirty to her until she's started, as you will definitely risk having her feel degraded and humiliated. She's not your personal porn movie or fantasy. She wants to be respected first, then she'll get playful. The way to start dirty talk is to be mild at first. Say things that are very gentle, such as, I just love feeling your skin on mine you're so hot As you go, you can heat it up a little, with some more spice Do you like feeling me inside you Is this how you like it If she fails to respond after a couple of attempts, she's probably not a dirty-talker. There are worse situations, so don't feel compelled to keep trying. It might take you a few sessions for her to trust a...

Before We Go Any Further

Before I give you a breakdown of the book's organization, I want to say a few words about its focus. First of all, this book covers sexual topics, and I am sensitive to the fact that many people still believe sex should not take place outside of marriage (or at least outside of a committed relationship).

Quoting and stacking realities

Quoting has you say things through someone's else mouth - has you quoting somebody. This has the advantage of making the more timid or insecure girls feel more at ease with the content you are about to deliver and thus much more receptive to your suggestive talk, as you are not talking about her neither yourself but a friend of yours (this is also a good tactic to use when delivering a harsher than usual content (see the articles about Sexual talk ). In order to understand what you are saying, she will have to apply everything you say to herself anyway, so don't worry about her not experiencing what your friend experienced ) Talking about sex Using sexual stories to get her horny Update. Examples of quoting to use sex-talk. Ross Jeffries

Peak Experience pattern

Ross Jeffries This induces a pretty damn loosened up, altered state and you've already dropped in a few good sexual metaphors too. What's CRITICAL is you speak slowly, and make sure you anchor when you are getting the responses. Also make sure your gestures match what you are talking about. Don't make short, choppy gestures if you are talking about long, slow, lingering, movements or you'll be dating your hand Where could you go from here Well, pretty much anywhere. You could transition to gathering info about her values by saying something like, So if you could just imagine your ideal, peak relationship what are some of the things that would be important to you to be there Or you could move on to the blow job pattern or incredible connection or whatever.

Identifying the right time

By talking about sex, you find out what each of you thinks (that's why before you can talk, you have to know your own mind). If you can't talk about sex, it's too soon to have sex if you don't trust each other enough to talk, why would you take your clothes off in front of the other person

Appendix A Cayman Magic

Movements, etc.) and brief, inoffensive touches. In the game of seduction, women read between the lines (i.e., your attitudes and the underlying assumptions that you hold about yourself which create them) in order to get a sense of a man's dominant male status, and thus, his attractiveness. Inappropriately premature dirty talk is a clear low status signal to her. It screams Hey, get a load of me baby, I know all about how to have hot sex with a woman, even though I know I don't look like it A truly sexy, dominant male knows he projects plenty of sex appeal to women (with his attitude ) and therefore doesn't have to go around broadcasting it like a complete asshole.

Female seducer turning straight girls into bi and lesbian

She doesn't say she is a lesbian, or her intentions with the chick. There is no sex talk at all, whatsoever At that point, she finds out all about them, and especially what their insecurities are (ie. Job, do they think they are pretty, worthwhile, smart, legs too fat, too thin etc etc, whatever). Cute girls always have tons of insecurities, so you just have to find out what they are. She approaches this, as she were an elder, or mother to the girls. At that point, she will often talk to them, and tell them she is worried was worried about (whatever job etc), since last time they talked, which apparently grows their attachment. Also, she will tell them they are cute, not in a guy way, but as a confidence builder way (ie. You are cute, you are good enough.etc etc), and how she will take care of them, protect them. This will go on for a while, playing on the insecurities of the chick.

Approaching and making them interested

Mr Smooth technique - the game-show host style technique of a Japanese PUA explained step by step. The questions game - a shortcut to sex-talk and kissing. GM style expansion pack - a continuation of the GM style, links to appropriate articles. Sexual talk Talking about sex - a few words of warning. Use sexual stories to get her horny - can you get away with it Or, can she get away without a wet spot in her pants ) The Ideal Guy routine - no matter her interest for you, use this to get her horny (and be around when that happens ). Quoting and stacking realities - you can get away with anything using this (also relates to Sexual talk )

The article below is very descriptive and explicit

Dirty talk Here, women differentiate themselves into two categories. I have deemed them romantic and sl*tty . Romantic dirty talk sounds like a romance novel. Sl*tty dirty talk sounds like a porno. Find out what your woman likes, and talk to her. A man talking dirty to his woman is the equivalent of the woman wearing lingerie for him. A DJ would do well to keep this in mind. If you feel weird or strange about this, just keep this in mind. When you get good enough at talking dirty to your woman, you can actually give her an orgasm by simply talking to her. That is VERY cool. Not many men can do it. Here is a way you can give a woman an orgasm so intense, she will be amazed. Women always have a little bit of an exhibitionist side to them. You are going to play to that very subtlety. Have her wear a dress when you go out to eat. You will get reservations for a corner BOOTH. Make sure the restaurant has long tablecloths. Begin talking dirty to her, and reach under the table, under her...

How To Make A Girl Play Sex Wiz You Through Huging

First of all, recognize the correct place for sex in conversation. When you are first meeting a woman, unless she is a Third-Degree Horn-dog, you are not going to engage in sex talk. The only time it's safe to venture into that area is after she has taken a conversation in that Understanding a person's modality not only helps you communicate better with them about sex (finding out if talking dirty, watching porn, or close dancing turns them on), but also how they will respond in conversation. Using words that appeal to their modality will help you establish rapport. Dirty Talk Women will talk dirty with you, but it's not usually until after they've established a large Trust account in your name. Her first interest will be on hearing some love talk, and you'll have to come up with some if you want to get to a point where she grabs you by the hair and tells you Just & me Don't start talking dirty to her until she's started, as you will definitely risk having her feel degraded and...

Things to Avoid Talking About

- Avoid any sexual topics that she didn't initiate. If she starts talking about sex, you can, too, but let her be the one to push the topic. Just because she mentions how her roommate's sex screams keep her up at night from the noise doesn't mean you should then ask her about how loud she screams. Play with the topic of sex, so that it seems like you're not going to let her take you in that direction. Tease her about having a dirty mind, or that she's only got one thing on her mind. If you seem slightly pure and slightly corruptible at the same time, you'll allow her to exercise her dark and devious side a little. Women so rarely get to do this with men. (Role Reversal.)

Tip 19 Demonstrate your sexual interest with Class not crass

The best way to demonstrate your sexual interest in a woman is with deep eye contact, tonally modulated voice, mirrored body movements, etc. and by using brief, inoffensive touches. The hair, shoulder, hand and forearm, small of her back, the chin (just before kissing her). Like that. In the game of seduction, women read between the lines (i.e., your underlying assumptions that you hold about yourself) in order to get a sense of your male status, and thus, your ultimate sexual attractiveness. Inappropriate dirty talk is a clear low status signal to her. It screams Hey, get a load of me baby, I actually know how to have hot-mama sex with a woman even though I don't look like I do Asshole A truly sexy man projects plenty of sex appeal to women using only an attitude of expectancy and therefore doesn't have to go around broadcasting it through a bullhorn like some complete dick wad.

Ask the Love Coach

Complacent after they've bedded a woman. It's as if they believe that once they've gotten her, most of their obligation to be attentive has ended. That's simply not the case. Guys, no woman expects you to give her your complete, undivided attention 24 hours a day. But you do need to let her know that her happiness and well-being are high priorities to you. And I'm not just talking about sex, though of course sexual attention is certainly part of the package. I'm also talking about the little everyday things, such as getting up to get her a blanket when you notice she seems cold, or offering to give her a neck rub when she seems tense, or just sitting down with her and asking her how her day went. Just remember that when you're focusing, focus completely on her. Turn off the TV, put down your magazine, look in her eyes, and pay attention to her. Even a little bit of concentrated, focused attention will go a long way with her. But be sure to make it a regular habit.

Romantic Intrigue Questions

- Any sexual topics, unless she brings them up. If you go here too soon, you'll seem like the last three hundred guys she met who thought they'd hurry things right along and get to the point. Oddly enough, these guys think that by bringing up the subject of sex, they'll get an early indication of whether she's digging them or not, or if she'll be game for a one night stand. (See the Sexual Reversal Strategy below.) That being said, women love to talk about sex, but only when they are initiating the topic. When they do start talking about sex, it doesn't mean that they're ready to have it with you, but you can be sure that she's at least somewhat comfortable with you if she's broaching the topic. There is a potential trap here, and it could throw you off if you don't see it coming. Sometimes a woman who is not flexible or easygoing will react to your deflection by shutting you down entirely when you refuse to talk about sexual topics. In the previous conversation, right after Nick made...

Diverting the conversation from contentious topics

Talking about sex, religion, or politics is usually a no, no unless you're a vicar or a politician. Remember that the aim of any initial conversation is simply to open it and use it as an opportunity to find out things you have in common. Divisive threads of conversation may give you an opportunity to show off your debating prowess, but whether the other person still wants to speak to you when you've beaten them into submission with your interpretation of the socioeconomic reasons behind the recession, is another matter.

Sexually suggestive topics

What you're doing here is indicating your comfort with your own sexuality. If you can bring up sexual topics in a way that does not hint that you want to sleep with her, but shows that you are a sexual man capable of talking about sex, she'll be more interested. The key to this one is to steer clear of saying anything that might be considered a suggestion that you want to take her back to your place and get her into bed.

GM style explained

Contributed to ASF by Nathan Szilard, this is the description of the technique used by a PUA acquaintance of his nick-named Grand Master Flash's. Hence the name GM technique. The key here is smutty sex jokes and continuous humorous sex-talk with keen attention to how the girl reacts, so as to forestall any negative reactions (and you can be sure, there will be plenty in the beginning ) by saying just kidding , giving an apologetic hug to the girl etc. The reasoning here is this, that if the girl has no chance to express her negative comments about sex-jokes and -comments, this translates in her subconsciousness to agreeing and accepting what is being said. The defences will eventually go down, she has to imagine all the sex-jokes in her mind in order to understand them, and although she might be disgusted or repelled about them in the first place, she won't be able to express her negativism, her mind is bombarded with more sexual references, she just keeps imagining and before she...

Be Adventurous

If you try to talk dirty to a girl in a club, you're going to be pegged as a customer. The girls are inundated with sex the minute they step into the club. You want to remind them that there's more to life than sex and you're the pathway to that life.

Patterning explained

Once you have her attention, one of the most powerful methods of making her feel is using sexual metaphors. They sound innocent in the context of what you're saying, but she is bound to pick up on them and once you have her imagining all those phrases out of context. don't be surprised if she says has to go to the bathroom for a moment and you notice her seat is all wet ) A few examples of such phrases are Create an opening for it feel that thought penetrate you you come over and over again to the same conclusion . Now that you know what to look for, you'll find more phrases in the example patterns presented in this guide.

Start Suggesting

Your next step will be to keep the questions moving more and more into sexual and erotic overtones. Give her more and more double entendres, those phrases that can be taken dirty very easily. If she calls you on it and says, Hey, that sounds like you're talking about sex You act as if you didn't even notice. Yeah, I guess it could sound that way. Boy, don't you have a dirty mind If she seemed offended, you can back off and go back in a little slower. If she seemed excited by the fact that it seemed like you were talking about sex, you keep on going.


Use sexual metaphors, sexual stories, quoted sexual propositions, sexual jokes. c Sexual Stories. Tell her lots and lots of stories about falling in love, about having wild passionate flings with mysterious strangers, and so forth. The more sexual stories you tell, the better. Remember, stories, like quotes, induce strong states while deflecting responsibility for inducing or feeling those states. d Sexual Jokes. Sex jokes have the titillating power of sexual stories, and the additional benefit of humor, which breaks down existing beliefs and attitudes. When you get her to laugh, you are demonstrating in an undeniable way that you can make her feel something powerful, and you are also moving her into a state where her habitual defenses fall away. b. Use erotic metaphors, sexual stories, quoted sexual propositions, sexual jokes.


(a log of David Shade's online seduction an example of agreeing, understanding, feeding back, using trance words, patterns and sexual metaphors, but the poems are the real killers, unfortunately I have no idea, where he gets them, maybe they are in Ross Jeffries' Basic Home Study Course (BHSC), I really don't know - tony)

Be A Talker

Taking on the attitude ie easy Sound off. We want to know you're loving it and want us to love it too. To hone your badboy persona, breathe against our ear, grunt when you pick us up, and pant while thrusting. As for dirty talk, let it rip. Girls dig it. We're just inherently shy about it, so make your talk part Romeo, part porno till we get rolling. Start with the You're so beautiful, I love being inside of you variety. Tell us in a slow deep voice how horny we make you and how we're the best you've ever had, really. If this get us going, take it up a notch. Says Donna, 29 There's nothing better than a guy who says I just want you so bad, I can't wait , except one who says I want to fuck you so bad I can't stand it. If we're really going, call us your dirty little girl. This stuff can be catchy. Who knows Before long you could find yourself sleeping with the depraved girl you've been fantasizing about.

Secret To Womanese

In this universe, we view Womanese as an almost type of Matrix code. But in Womaniverse, what is transmitted is not thought but feelings. You will not find women grouped together chatting about intellectual ruminations of Kant and Aristotle. No, they will either be talking about sex, food, or shopping, and often in that order.

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