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In this ground-breaking program you'll learn the subtleties of conversation to pinpoint the specific problems that are ruining your chances with women. You'll learn how to draw people out to talk about more interesting topics in a more natural way instead dragging it out of them. And the mindset tricks so that you can Always be in the zone with women whenever you're talking to them. What's unique about this course is that its based on examples and application and is filled with hundred of little bite size game changers that you'll be able to see an immediate impact on your conversations tonight. Read more...

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Overall my first impression of this book is good. I think it was sincerely written and looks to be very helpful.

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How to initiate a conversation

The following comes in handy, if truly NOTHING comes to mind after having applied the 3s rule. It is of course more recommended, that you think this all through before having approached, just try to limit your thinking to. preferably no more than 3 seconds No, I'm not an evangelist, its just that the more you wait, the bigger chances there are that she'll leave, someone else will join her for a conversation, you start sweating and eventually chicken out, circumstances change etc. ASF 3. By the time you've reached this stage. providing your questions were interesting enough, you are in conversation

Conversational Bridging

In conversational bridging, you learn how to move from topic to topic, never being afraid that the conversation will fall into one of those deadly uncomfortable silences. This is how this skill works. Let's say you've just introduced yourself to Pam at a bar during happy hour. You've managed to start off the conversation with something that she responds to, and now you're not quite sure where to go. The concept of bridging is that you find something in the last thing she said to trigger your next question. (Remember, you're the one always asking questions.) So let's say that the conversation started like this And it could go on like this for quite a while. You use her last statement to feed your next question. As you talk, you'll find yourself passing by other topic opportunities because you might want to stay on this one. Just store that away for the next chance you get, so that you have some conversation in reserve. You see most guys panic because they're afraid of running out of...

Tip 23 When it comes to the Heart to Heart conversations say the opposite of what you mean

If you like her, stick around but never say you're going to. I always made it a habit to tell girls in conversation that I don't want to be tied down. The truth is you've got to always make her think you're one step from leaving, otherwise she'll get complacent and either cheat or at the very least turn really slack when it comes to pleasing you.

Conversational Tips For Relationships and Dating Advanced

How do you steer the conversation away from a complaint session I will share some thoughts on that. However, before I discuss the issue any further, I must mention one important factor. If your girlfriend nags and complains constantly, it is probably because you do not possess the attributes shared in this book. You did not establish the proper framework for the relationship and now you find yourself in this dilemma. So how do you steer the conversation away without being having it backfire on you

Balancing Ball Busting With Regular Conversation

It's important to balance Cocky Comedy with regular conversation. Keep in mind that Cocky Comedy and ball busting is actually teasing. It's supposed to be fun. Again, if you understand flirting and sexual tension, you can begin conversations with women and have them INSTANTLY feeling ATTRACTION for you.

How To Make Small Talk

Forget about having a whole conversation with someone the thought of making small talk, whether it's with a date, coworker or stranger, makes your palms sweat (in which case you want to avoid shaking the person's hand at all costs). And your inability to make small talk hinders your ability to approach people in the first place. Just think about all the possibilities this eliminates. When you're standing around with someone you're not that close to, you'd rather look at your feet, play with your nails, and daydream about the other night instead of forcing yourself to make small talk. But small talk can lead to big talk, which can lead to big people, and huge opportunities. With these tips, making small talk with anyone will no longer feel like pulling teeth (or at least won't make you feel like poking your own eyes out). The following are different scenarios and tips on how to keep the conversation going -- most tips can be used in every scenario.

Opening conversations with women you dont know

A couple of years ago, Seth loved to approach girls and start a conversation regarding the TV show, Sex and the City. Presto. The girls were engaged in a conversation. You could talk about almost anything. You could open the conversation with a story. I recall one night in Hollywood where I witnessed a limousine driver get out of his limo to pick a fight with another driver. As the driver approached the car, the other guy almost ran him over, drove off and gave him the finger. The limo driver was standing outside his limousine yelling and waving his arms. The kicker He had about 10-15 customers in the back of his limo looking at the incident in shock. Well, it was funny When I went to the club, I started telling girls the story about what I had just witnessed. It made for a light fun conversation. The Vegas conversation opener Remember the story of my buddy getting married in Vegas At the time it happened, I used it to open conversations with women all the time. Do not think that it's...

Different phases of the conversation

The first 15-20 minutes of a conversation are what I refer to as the probationary period. It's similar to having a job with a new employer, or at least the way it used to be 30 years ago before the corporate age. You were given a trial period of two weeks where you were on probation. At the end of the two weeks, your employer could express that he did not want you, or you could have left the job because it was not the right fit for you. In such a scenario, there are no hard feelings involved. When you talk to a new woman, imagine the first 15-20 minutes of the conversation being a probationary period. Again, 20 minutes is a rough estimate. At the end of the 20 minutes, you could decide that you don't care to see this woman. You have not invested much in the interaction. Thus, what do you talk about Fluff talk You tell stories, cover various subjects, e.g. movies, music, anecdotes about life, and have a light conversation. This is wide rapport.(Remember, even during fluff talk, you can...

Diverting the conversation from contentious topics

Talking about sex, religion, or politics is usually a no, no unless you're a vicar or a politician. Remember that the aim of any initial conversation is simply to open it and use it as an opportunity to find out things you have in common. Divisive threads of conversation may give you an opportunity to show off your debating prowess, but whether the other person still wants to speak to you when you've beaten them into submission with your interpretation of the socioeconomic reasons behind the recession, is another matter. Mark joined a dating agency and was struggling to get past the first date with the women on the books. The agency staff tried to help him perfect his technique. He seemed to be doing everything right and his topics of conversation were well researched and interesting, but they realised that his delivery was ruining his chances. He'd memorised things to talk about so that he didn't run dry, but introduced topics in a series of closed questions. His dates felt like they...

Heat Up The Conversation

Make sure you're building the depth and intensity of your conversation as you go. You want to keep moving the topics forward from the initial getting to know you stuff to the seriously hot and erotic. If you keep talking to her on the level of a friend, that's all her mind is going to be able to associate with you. Your Progression must start with how she's relating to you. 2) If she makes a slip in the conversation, make sure you don't let it go unnoticed. When a woman starts to get aroused and interested, she will start making some of those accidental slips of the tongue, as well as the ones that are not so accidental. This is like that double entendre trick I showed you earlier. When her mind starts to consider you as a real possibility for sex, she will start talking in ways that imply it.

Avoid Boring Conversation

These guys don't realize that you can't bore a woman into feeling attracted to you. You must learn to have a conversation about anything and be entertaining. Learn a little bit about history, romance, story telling, music, fashion, pop culture, etc. Having the idea that you need to impress her with everything you say leads to stilted self-conscious behaviors, conversations, and silences. Since she'll interpret your words through a subtext of her own anyway, trying to be impressive won't have the effect you want.

Use a Conversation Piece

This type of comment or question involves observing her, and her possessions and drawing a conclusion - correct or incorrect, it doesn't matter - and using it to start a conversation with a woman. Always look at the woman you are interested in to see if she is wearing or carrying anything you could comment on. This could be a book, a briefcase, a gym bag, a shopping bag, or anything Use this object to strike up a conversation. Ask which gym she works out at, or if she would recommend the book she is reading. If she is sporting a company logo ask how she is affiliated with that company. If she is wearing a unique piece of jewelry ask her about it. Is it an heirloom What stone is it If you meet a woman in your office building and she is carrying a briefcase, or papers, then ask her if she works in the building. Using a conversation piece as an icebreaker can be very effective and can be used anywhere. It is especially good if you briefly meet a woman, as you can adapt it to any...

The number one rule of a conversation is to talk about the other person the person youre talking to By doing this and

On the way back home, I started talking to her with the serious intent of refining my skills. As is advised on this board, she was the subject of the conversation, and when the topics moved away from her, I tried to find a way to at least relate them to her, if not move her back to being the main subject. I don't remember how we started talking, but once we did, I couldn't stop. Maybe I've learned a lot, or maybe I was too focused on practicing, but the result was remarkable. In about 20 minutes, she went from showing no interest in me to giving signals like it was her job.

Tip 14 Always make asking for a date or a phone number an appropriate escalation of where the conversation is already

At some point you'll be faced with asking a girl out for a date, or for her contact information like a phone or e-mail. You should always make sure this moment occurs at some appropriate point in your conversation, and not as a sudden surprise out of left field Asking for her number has to seem like a logical escalation of where the two of you are already heading and an extension of the momentum that the seduction has built up. Send her a few advance signals so that she'll be expecting you to ask the question, in other words. Needless to say this is not the smoothest way to go about seducing women. You must try and guide the conversation along to the point where she picks up a few advance signals of what you're about to ask her, giving her time to decide what her response will be. Then, if the question occurs at the proper moment in your conversation, it will be welcomed and seem natural. It's only when asking her out is done at an inappropriate or unexpected moment do both parties...

Getting the conversation started Openers

Eye contact has been made and you've been given the green light to proceed to conversation. Always bear in mind that pick up lines are by far the stupidest idea any man has ever come up with, and they usually the only way to pull them off is looking like Brad Pitt or going for desperate (or inexperienced) women. The best pickup line is simply Hi . A sincere Hi. Not a wanna get jiggy kind of 'hi'. From that point there are many ways to get a conversation started with a good opener This is a great method because you can show off something you do (like skydiving) and it gets a conversation rolling with you already knowing something about her. It is actually a very old-school opener, but I mention it because it never fails for me. Other remarks you can make besides on her phone are on her clothes, or asking if she recommends whatever she's eating drinking. If there's background music, ask her what the song is called or what movie soundtrack was it on. You can even reminisce on the past...

How to Make Conversation or How to Kiss the Blarney Stone

The Blarney Stone is part of Blarney Castle in Ireland and thought to be half of the Stone of Scone on which Scottish Kings were crowned. It is believed that kissing the Blarney Stone can grant you the knowledge on how to make conversation and the gift of eloquence. There's no doubt the Irish can make conversation, who are we to question tradition Knowing how to make conversation and having real eloquence in conversation are things many of us wish we had but travelling to Blarney Castle in Ireland and kissing a stone set in the castle battlements might not give everyone the ability to make conversation. Better to spend your time learning how to make conversation by watching talk shows, listening to talk radio programs, attending clubs dedicated to public speaking, and listening to ordinary conversations.

You are using conversation as a way to get closer to your goal of establishing an intimate relationship with her

Women gauge their relationships on how well they relate to that person. If you want to relate with a woman you have to create emotional involvement. Of course, for you, conversation is a way to get more information about her. But for women it is more about how she interacts with you, and how you make her feel. It is important get along well with her if you want to see her again. This means a lot to a woman. Talk about what you like and dislike, ask her questions, and answer her questions. Offer your personal opinions as well. This will make her feel closer to you and she will move to a more personal conversation. It is useful to try to attach a feeling to the facts she reveals to you. For example, ask her how she feels about her work, or, if you see her at the gym, tell her how much you admire that she takes care of her body. Tie in your feelings with the situation and or any facts she gives you. Remember, the more comfortable you make her feel by understanding her, and showing...

Conversation Making Conversation A Skill Not an

Do cocktail parties strike terror in your heart If so, you are not alone. Although the ability to converse with others comes naturally to some, it is a skill that most of us must develop. Many women don't realize that effective conversation has little to do with what you know, but everything to do with how you present yourself. The 19th century French novelist Guy de Maupassant said it best Conversation is the art of never appearing a bore, of knowing how to say everything interestingly, to entertain with no matter what, to be charming with nothing at all.

Messages And Conversations

In total, these messages constituted 110,722 exchanges of one or more messages between unique pairs of users, which I term a conversation. However, most of these dyadic exchanges were something less than dyadic 78.2 percent (86,597) of conversations consisted of unreciprocated single messages.

Preventing conversations from running dry

Stopping conversations from running dry takes practice, but when you know how, you'll never be short of conversation again. As well as being vital for taking the initiative in the flirting arena, keeping conversation going is a fantastic means of gaining the edge over other candidates in a job interview by allowing you to tell the interviewer everything they should know about you. Answering questions with plenty of meaningful information (without hogging the conversation) and with a question tagged onto the end of your response keeps the rapport building and the conversation ping ponging back and forth nicely. Use your surroundings to initiate and maintain conversation. If music is playing, comment on it 'I love this track. I saw this band in concert a couple of years ago and they were brilliant. What concerts have you been to recently ' If you're having a drink, comment on that 'This coffee smells great. You can't beat a cup of fresh coffee. My day doesn't start until I've had at...

Control the Conversation

All too often, most men lose their target because of their inability to keep the conversation with a woman on track. They lose sight of their goal because they get caught up in the minute-to-minute chit-chat rather than remembering their objective. Do you know how to handle conversation effectively You'll have to if you want to be able to seduce women. The key to handling conversation and controlling the dialogue is not so much about controlling her as it is controlling the dynamic of affection and attraction she will feel toward you. In order to seduce a woman, you must keep this feeling of 'escalating passion' moving up the scale from the moment you meet her. All she needs is one dip - Sure, you can listen to her talk, but you need to be directing the conversation toward topics that are as charged and exciting as possible, and as far from neutral as you can get. You even have to risk her anger and disdain along the way to make this happen. Here's how this works During your...

Mistake 4 Letting the conversation drag

Whoa This is one of the most commonly committed errors by men -- talking too long and trying desperately to keep this hot chick in front of you for as long as possible. Until, of course, the conversation starts to lag and you find yourself toeing the floor in front of you, repeating things that were funny at the beginning of the conversation, and then finally the dreaded 10 seconds of silence before saying OK, well I'll give you a call. You know what I am talking about. Solution -- When you get to the peak of a conversation, leave. I don't mean just walk away in mid-sentence, but while both of you are talking and laughing, just casually look at your watch and say something like, Oh, sorry. I've got to meet a friend in about 10 minutes. Note Leave with phone number in hand (or at least make sure she has yours).

Turn Regular Conversation Into Flirtation

Because average guys are scared of drama and confrontation, all their conversations with women that they're attracted to are safe, agreeable, and BORING Conversation is another way that being willing to risk conflict sets apart Real Men from Wusses Real men aren't scared of flirting with a girl or teasing her. So heat up normal conversation into exciting edginess In Polite Conversation You In Attractive Conversation You

Understanding Conversational Conventions

A conversation is simply an opportunity to get to know somebody a little better and for them to know you a little better. Social psychologists and anthropologists alike have studied how we make conversation, and while you may be keen to make a show-stopping impression with a dazzling display of wit and general knowledge, research shows that by simply sticking to the conventions of conversation when first initialising contact, your relationships actually get off on a much better footing. Lucy had lived in her street for years and hadn't spoken a word to any of her neighbours. When asked to look after her friend's dog, she discovered a whole new instant social circle on her doorstep that she never knew existed. Dog walking etiquette dictates that you say 'Hello' to all other walkers attached to a dog, then, when you've met them several times, you start exchanging doggie information, and finally, make general conversation. She noted that older walkers without dogs also participated in...

An excellent post on having a fun and interesting conversation with anyone a conversation that the person will really

Women want to know that you are both able to listen to and understand them. Asking follow up questions, questions that stem from their answers and the current subject of conversation, mostly demonstrates that you've been listening to them but does not show that you fully understand and relate to what they've said. A strong personal connection cannot be established by simply asking questions, you need to also utilise tactics that make the conversation exciting, dynamic, and unpredictable, while remaining in control at all times. A great way to do this is to employ techniques that demonstrate that you can understand and relate to them. These types of questions are acceptable but all they show are basic listening skills and have a tendency to lead to unoriginal conversation. This provides more depth to the conversation and shows that your conversation skills operate on more than one cylinder. It's also a great way to avoid falling into an interview type of conversation while still...

Making Conversation with Absolutely Anybody

Mastering the art of conversation Making the opening move Telling if they're enjoying the chat tarting a conversation, particularly with a stranger, is something that many people find daunting - and particularly so when they're attracted to them. Don't worry. You can make not knowing what to say, fluffing your words, or not being able to tell if your listener is wilting with boredom a thing of the past. This chapter gives you all the tools you need to make conversation with everyone, from the neighbour you've never spoken with to strangers you meet in the street and from work colleagues to the object of your desires. Making great conversation shouldn't be saved just for flirting. Make it a way of life and you'll never be short of friends or company.

Tip 15 Have a good conversation

So, using earlier tips I should be able to overcome my shyness problem. But, not being shy and having a good conversation are two different things. When I think about a good conversation I think about a few major things - Flow is the conversation smooth or awkward and choppy - Interest are the topics of conversation holding my attention - Fun is the conversation dull or am I enjoying myself o If all else fails, ask a question about something she just said. Though, if you do this too much the conversation becomes dull and connection is lost. o If a conversation gets too rhythmic, monotone, or consistent it becomes boring. Try to vary the pace of the conversation, the tone, the volume, laugh sometimes, smile sometimes. be somewhat animated.

Heres a basic outline for approaching someone initiating conversation and establishing rapport

The Conversation - Part J The introduction The introduction of the conversation is very important in creating a good first impression opening up the conversation strong is key. Delivering an introduction breaks the ice and puts you into a position to start asking questions and increasing the rapport.

Striking up Conversations Meeting New People

For those who are still rather shy, this method of striking up conversations and making friends will minimize the pain of approaching a stranger. Study the following technique. Integrate it into your psyche. The rewards you will gain will be a hundred fold more valuable than the price of this book.

Stop Trying To Keep The Conversation Going

As soon as you start talking, END the conversation. The problem in busy, crowded public situations is that there are WAY too many distractions. You're competing with music, loud drunk people, or whatever else is around. It's like trying have a meaningful conversation at a baseball game.

A few quick tips on initiating and maintaining a conversation Geared more towards a girl you are interested in but can

5 Have fun and it will all work out my friends. Think of yourself as a talk show host, keep it going and also let there be moments of silence, goad her to start a topic by clamming up for 20 or 30 seconds, see where she leads it to, this will tell you a lot about her. If she says nothing this also tells you a lot about her, You have to elicit more conversation. If she is totally devoid of initiating conversation she is either not interested in you or she is a bimbo with no neuronal connections to speak of. If that is the case then fluff her and go for Kino and the close. Article 3.-. .P.im.polpgy. 101 . The. Conversation. - Part. J. (by. Pj.mpolpgist)

Conversation Starters and Topics to Avoid

One good conversation starter is to simply ask her how her day's been so far. It seems so simple, yet most people rack their brains trying to think of things to talk about when women spend their days on the phone chit chatting about the little things. Watch your topic roster carefully. If something is brought up that makes you - or her -uncomfortable, just laugh it off and change the conversation.

Conversational Dos and Donts

Thus, in conversation flow, go with the conversation and steer it instead of going against it. You can learn to lead the conversation without slamming what she likes. In the above case, let's say, for whatever reason, you really did not like to watch movies. Be able to relate to it and steer the conversation. There must have been one or two movies you have liked in your lifetime perhaps a film about Sports, since you watch a lot of football. Mention that, and then transition into why you liked the movie. It inspired you because you like football, and so forth. Steer the conversation to topics that you are able to talk about. You don't have to be a jerk. Show sympathy. You're sorry that she has to experience dealing with this demon that resembles something from a bad B Movie. Then, steer the conversation away.

Small talk

Small talk has gotten a bum rap (excuse the pun). Mistakenly linked with air-headedness, the assumption is that those who engage in small talk only chitchat about life's piddling moments without a concern for the deeper, burning issues underneath. Poppycock. Small talk is a necessary and important part of our social fabric. It's a way to adjust to one another, get comfortable, and find your conversational seat. Without small talk, we'd all be walking up to acquaintances and saying, Hi. How would you create peace in the Middle East or Nice to see you. My father is an alcoholic. Getting good at small talk, or at least comfortable with it in small doses, will hold you in good stead not only on a date, but in life as well. Small talk is just a means of chatting easily and comfortably about day-to-day issues without rancor or intensity. Big talk is about politics, religion, family, gun control, abortion, and whether chocolate should be a controlled substance. Men and women communicate...

Stage 2 Conversation

You already know the importance of action. Now is the perfect time to execute initiative. Walk over to your targeted woman. If a woman sees you walking confidently towards her she will recognize that you are a self-assured man. At this point, you need to say something to her. All you need to do is break the ice, then she will reply and a conversation is ignited. What to say to women and how to approach them is discussed at length in Chapters 8 and 9. Also in Chapter 8 you will find out what vital information you must get from your conversation with a woman. During this stage, there should be more eye contact, and continuing body language. You may notice that your gestures reflect hers, or vice versa. This is a sign that you are becoming comfortable with the conversation and a connection is being made. With this positive behavior, you should either ask for her number so that you can call her, or set up a time and place to meet again. (Chapter 10 discusses how to date women, and what to...

Assessing and tackling the stances people take

Usually in a relationship already, this person may be happy to flirt without intent or may not flirt at all. For people already in relationships to flirt with others isn't uncommon, and the already-spoken-for is easy to flirt with if you're looking for a full-on flirtation. Flirting may provide them with recognition, affection, excitement, and so on. Making polite, interested conversation and not letting them feel you're hitting on them is the best approach.

Exercises Exercjsedescrjption

We've worked on approaching girls, and initiating a conversation with them. Now it's time to put our skills to the test, and start reaping the rewards of our labours. The point is, whatever objection she throws at you, see if you can overcome it. Believe me, it's a fantastic high when you get a girl throwing objections at you, and you slip and slide through each one For me, at least, as long as she's smiling and enjoying the conversation, I love overcoming objections. Some girls do this to test guys, and see how you handle the situation so come out of it on top

Making People Feel Important

Copying a person's language is a great way to build rapport. Just listen for words or phrases that stand out in the conversation and also use them. If they refer to their dog as their 'doggie', using doggie in your response sounds familiar and will endear you to them faster than if you refer to their beloved pet as 'the dog'. Next time you have a conversation with a good friend, listen for common words and phrases that you both use. You may also find that you adopt the same attitudes in your conversations, for example being positive or negative or sitting on the fence. When making conversation, don't be afraid to give people the space to answer the more space they have, the more they reveal themselves to you. Whenever Gemma fancied a lazy afternoon, she'd casually drop a question into the conversation about one of her boss's pet subjects. This generally initiated a two-hour monologue, interspersed with tea and chocolate biscuits, which he'd happily supply in return for the opportunity...

Article 4 How a Don Juan SOCialises By Mie Sman

Many of my college friends ask how they can get girls to notice them. I tell them to be outgoing and sociable. I'll take them with me to a gathering and observe their techniques. What I often find is their inability or unwillingness to contribute in a conversation. I tell them that this is the easiest way to sell yourself. Let me elaborate. Socialising is an art form that must be sculpted for one to be successful. A common mistake I find guys make is talking technical talk that few in the party will understand. Yes, he thinks he's leading an interesting conversation but rather, he is boring the masses with his monologue. A Don Juan finds a topic that all can relate to and enjoy. When trying to approach an unknown woman in a group, I find initially talking around her works wonders. The indirect approach is extremely difficult to pull off and if glances, nervous smiles, and distance are not kept in check, she will call your bluff. Take note of those in her party and find connections...

Reading Body Language

Heather Morris Leaked Photos Uncensored

Jules and Andrew met by chance in a bar and were getting on famously Andrew was receiving positive signs that Jules liked him. Suddenly he noticed that she was offering fewer signals and the flirtation seemed to be dwindling. He replayed their conversation in his head to the point at which he first started to notice that her body language was changing it was when he mentioned that he was visiting his grandfather at the weekend. He couldn't decide if he'd said something to upset her or if she was just going off him. 'You've not been the same since I mentioned my grandfather is everything okay ' he asked. She said that her grandfather had died recently and that his mention of spending time with his had upset her. Andrew could see she was upset, so he called her a cab and sent her home, taking care to get her number so that he could check she was okay. He called the next day and Jules was delighted to hear from him. She was also really touched that he'd noticed her distress the previous...

Gauging Your Listeners Response

Listening Posture

If you ask, 'Have you had a good day ' and they respond with a short 'No', they don't want to carry on with this line of questioning and you need to find a new subject. Asking open questions helps to avoid very short answers and facilitates more of a conversation. Personalising conversation In the previous section, 'It could've been better' lacks personalisation and makes telling how interested they are in continuing the conversation harder. In contrast, 'I've had an awful day. Seeing you is the highlight' provides a sign that they're keen to continue talking to you. Chapter 8 Making Conversation with Absolutely Anybody 109 Gill met Steve at a networking event. She was drawn to him because of his outward confidence and was really pleased she'd made the effort to talk to him, because he was great company. She loved his positive attitude to everything, and it actually drew her attention to the fact that she was constantly putting herself down and was quite negative about work generally....

The second part from Pimpologist

The Conversation - Part II Creating Rapport She will say yes, tell you she moved back from another place, or tell you she's always lived relatively in the same area. Make sure you remember this stuff so you can bring it up later in the conversation. Article .5 - PimPSlffgy 1 0.1 . T.h.e. Conversation - Part. III. (by. Pimpologist), The Conversation - Part III Increasing Rapport A fourth conversational article written by Pimpologist does exist, but was not included for the reading list. If you would like to read part IV, it is here

Article 4 The best of Flowers started by yortex23

You should write that she's very beautiful and that you love her. Also, ask her if it would be all right if you ask her for dinner. For sure she'll agree, so bring another set of flowers for the date. Make sure to tell her about yourself, so she can get to know you better - just talk a lot. And don't touch her - do you want her to think you desire her or something After the successful date, ask her if you can maybe kiss her - or hug, you choose. And always make sure if what you are doing is ok with her Believe it or not, you can put yourself in a hole here that you can't climb out of, or you can seriously improve your chances by how you carry yourself. There are five keys to having a successful phone conversation for setting up the first date. 5) Keep it short. What's the point of talking to her after you've got your date all set up Seriously you got what you want, why mess around on the phone longer than you have to The longer you yap the faster her legs will snap shut on you. Keep...

Being Interesting and Interested

Effortlessly engage in animated conversation with anyone and everyone they meet Who wouldn't want to be a conversational whizz Self-inflicted pressure to appear interesting and make stimulating conversation can be immense, both socially and at work. Reversing this pressure is easy, though just focus on being interested in the other person. A bit of thought, some research, and a subtle dose of flattery and your conversation will shine. Have you ever had a conversation with someone where they've done all the talking and you've just nodded and smiled along politely, only to be told that they've had a really interesting conversation with you and what great company you are Actually, you've not said a lot but you've looked really interested in what they've said. This, in turn, makes you appear interesting. Stewart was running a girl's name through Google before their first date to find out some more about her so as to have some lines of conversation if things ran dry. Out of curiosity, he...

Stages of DJ development

However, the possible rewards do outweigh the negatives. Imagine the wonderful feeling of no longer fearing approaching girls, knowing that you can start a conversation with her, get her number, and start dating her. No longer do you have to wonder why all your friends are getting all the girls, while you're just getting the short-end of the stick.

Introduction to week

In the beginning we worked on initiating and maintaining eye contact, greeting strangers, and starting up conversations with hot girls. Then we put our ego and fear on the line, and went for 10 rejections Now it's time to go to the next step

Am walking to the store

Often most people have no idea what they sound like to other people. We THINK we sound a certain way. However, upon hearing ourselves in recorded conversation, we hear something completely different. Record a 10 minutes normal conversation between you and a friend. Record a 5-minute conversation where you discuss with a friend something about which you are passionate.

Learning to Connect on Feelings for Deep Rapport

A workshop participant asked for advice regarding his conversation with a girl in his college who had brought up the subject of politics because it was important to her. (Keep in mind that he had known this girl for a few weeks. She is by no means a stranger at this point. This is not fluff talk.) This was a girl he had known for a while who was trying to share something about herself. By breaking rapport, he cut off the emotional connection. (Remember that conversational frame control is most relevant in the very beginning of meeting a woman. In this case, this guy had known the girl for a while.)

Heres the stepbystep procedure for getting a girls phone number Basically always assume that the girl will go out with

Instead, let's assume you've spoken with her. You've picked up on some positive vibes, and you think she might be interested. Don't ask her if she wants to have dinner. While being sincere, tell her I enjoyed our conversation. Why don't we continue it later on this week Would you prefer to have lunch or dinner together AND DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT THIS POINT. If for some reason she starts making objections when you give her the option between lunch and dinner at the initial encounter, don't lose faith. Objections are the human way of saying I'm interested, but not yet sold. That's okay, don't push it. Just keep up with your conversation, showing her how cool of a guy you are, and when you feel the time is right ask her, Let's go do something together in a few days. Do you enjoy bowling more or miniature golf Bowling, then it's a date Give me your phone number and I'll call you to finalise the plans.

Article 8 Kino makes all the difference by trickynick

I had set up a brief, low-key first date for drinks with a girl I had met at a dance club quite some time ago. We had had some phone conversations by then but hadn't seen each other since we met. As far as conversation goes, it was like most dates of this type for me. One of my main problems on dates in the past has been gauging the interest level. I was able to do it this time with some really simple kino techniques. When a pause came up in the conversation I slowly reached across the table and clasped my hand around hers. I stroked her palm from underneath as I complemented a ring she was wearing. She seemed quite welcoming me touching her hand, I took this as a sign of a good interest level.

Becoming More Interesting

You might assume that to become more interesting you'd need some dazzling conversation on your part. However, you can easily become more interesting to other people simply by focusing on the other person - both on the words they use and the body language they demonstrate. The key to being perceived as interesting Recognising the patterns of a conversation A conversation has a pattern to it, which varies depending on who you're talking to. For example, conversations with your granny may be quite slow, and you know that when she starts telling you one of her stories nothing will interrupt her until she's finished. With your best friend, conversation may be fast and animated, and with your boss, calm and measured. Following the conversation as it progresses When you strike up a conversation with someone, and it goes well, the conversation moves through several different stages. In fact, making conversation with someone you're trying to get to know is a bit like dancing to music at a...

Spotting key signals in other people

Being able to recognise the right signals gives you the confidence to step up to the flirting mark. You can tell whether someone's initiating a flirtation if they do the following make eye contact, smile at you, fiddle with their clothing or hair, initiate a conversation or mirror your behaviour, or find reasons to touch you. These behaviours are the same five outlined in the human courtship pattern mentioned in the earlier section 'Tuning animal instincts'. If you see them, you're good to go. For the full rundown on flirting signals, see Chapters 10, 11, and 12.

Apologize for your actions

Here are a few examples of real life conversation with women involving me or acquaintances of mine. Each reply is a reframe of the situation Here is a real-life example of a reframe in a conversation I had in a bar. The girl decided to give me a hard time about a particular shirt I was wearing.

Understand when how and why to use it

Once you have established some rapport and you are chatting and maintaining a more normal conversation, do not try to constantly control everything. Thus, know when to use conversational frame-control when meeting of a woman. Do it in the initial stages of meeting a new woman.

Where flirting starts and ends

Contrary to the animal kingdom, where often the females are dowdy and the colourful males provide the courtship displays, women are the sex generally expected to be made up attractively. Women generally feel more pressure to get their appearance right and hence put so much effort into planning and executing their look. A survey of mainly female office workers found that most of them spent over three hours planning their outfit for the Christmas party compared to less than five minutes considering lines of conversation.

Exercise for the analytical people

As you go out into a social venue, I want you to try on a different hat. While interacting with people, make an effort to understand how they are feelings and what their emotions are. It might even be easier to start with a group conversation where you are not really involved. You can just sit back and observe. Do not analyze them

Article iiThe best ofHowto hiss a girlfor the first time started by JCKey618

The thing is, during the day, she seems so anti-social towards me. I can hardly hold a conversation with her when others are around, but she seems fine when we are by ourselves, which doesn't happen much. I'm not innocent either, I did it once and talked with a girl for three hours straight on the phone. After that I found myself with nothing to talk about when around her accept for small talk which got old really fast. You may be sure that that relationship fell apart fairly fast. I'm saying this especially since you claim you have very little to talk about with her in public. Keep your calls no longer than 20 minutes and be sure you're the one to end it. Keep her wanting more. Cut off her supply A girl will value a conversation in person a lot more than one held over the phone. They want to assure themselves that you're as witty, romantic and spontaneous as on the phone when you're in public and are at your most vulnerable so to speak.

Ten Or So Opening Lines for Almost Any Occasion

Starting conversations with the opposite sex Getting chatting with total strangers Making acquaintances into friends a enerally, what you say is less important than how you say Vf it. Even so, having something to say is always handy, so you can focus your energy on looking and sounding confident and not worry about conversational gaffes

The title says it all Heres a simple guide for approaching a girl Even includes an excellent tip for approaching a girl

Even if you know women hate to get picked up, just do it. Use humour and confidence to your advantage. If you say something funny it will break the ice and get the conversation going. Don't be serious she's out to have a good time and so should you. Be subtle about your approach, talk about light subjects and don't talk about money or your personal problems. Ask her open-ended questions to keep the conversation going. Don't shower her compliments if you must give a compliment give a compliment that is not directed to her looks. Do not make comments about her breast size or hip curves.

Do not compromise yourself Make who you are count

Once again, what happens to the meaning of the conversation It was about the way she saw the world until his comment reversed that trend. Now, the conversation is about how he sees the world and in his reality. She is a cute little girl with a little cute opinion. So let's hear it. Humor me he insinuates with a smile.

Another Pook classic You want to be a DJ then you must acquire the mentality of the DJ Become the Great Catch

Let us say that, in a normal conversation, you came across a word you did not know how to pronounce. Most people will utter the word softly for fear of criticism. This is stupid. Say the word LOUD Let me repeat, say the word LOUD If you are wrong, you will be corrected. Clearing up mistakes is ALWAYS a good thing and should NEVER be feared.

Article 1 The Mother of all Theory Posts by Vatican

(Part 2) Latch on to some emotional part of what she's saying and use it to veer the conversation off into personal grounds. For example Side note for those who have difficulties holding up a conversation 1) As much as possible, don't take it seriously. There's a time for being serious in a conversation, and you'll be able to feel it if it comes along. Give off a vibe of sexuality, sublimated into sensuality, voice tone, eye contact, innuendo, posture etc. Don't mask your sexuality. Appear to simply be a guy for whom sexuality is natural, the kind of guy who will flirt even if he's not necessarily interested. Completely disagree with her on a few topics to make her interested and to make her unsure as to whether you're trying to pick her up or not. If it's going well, it's also time for some mild neghitting. Example You don't like the rain Yeah, my kid sister hates the rain too. She's afraid of thunderstorms. You too And you just go from there, because in case you haven't noticed, by...

Cracking the Facial Language Code

Making sense of body language can seem a bit daunting if you're not used to it. A good place to start is to focus on your facial language, because the face is the area that people pay the most attention to when they're in conversation. Research shows that to build a good rapport with someone, your gaze should meet theirs between 60 to 70 per cent of the time during conversation. If someone observes you looking at them a lot, they're likely to think you like them and in return are more likely to like you.

Opening Lines for Women

Men are generally so delighted that they're not doing the running that you can say pretty much anything and not worry about being rejected. Women tend to use indirect opening lines rather than the obvious chat up, for example 'Do you have the time ', 'I'm not from round here can you recommend a decent restaurant ', 'I'm trying to avoid that man over there could you do me a favour and engage in animated conversation with me for a minute, please '

The point of this is that you are no longer a sheep You are no longer bound by society bullsht

Walking into a bar with our workshop participants is sometimes an eye opening experience. This is when the effect of social conditioning shows its ugly head rather blatantly. A guy might feel that he is being intrusive when he approaches a stranger, or if he engages someone in a conversation whom he hasn't met before.

Looking for love in the office

Sam noticed a rather luscious man wandering around the building checking the extinguishers. A quick call to reception confirmed that he was a fireman doing an inspection. The combination of gorgeous and fireman was too much to resist. Sam made excuses to be where he was but didn't have the nerve to try and engage with him. Teased by her friends later for not taking the opportunity when she had it, one of her more rebellious colleagues offered to set off the alarm to see if he'd come back. Unfortunately, the alarm was linked directly to the fire station and a whole crew arrived. Sam's hunky fireman wasn't among them, but another took her eye, and while they waited for the all clear to re-enter the building, she took her opportunity to strike up a conversation, which later led to a date. Her friend meanwhile faced a disciplinary for setting off the alarm.

Choosing the areas to focus on

Waiting to see the shopper, Louise caught the eye of Mark, who was also about to have a style makeover. He was dressing too young for his age and found himself the butt of his kids' jokes, but he didn't know how to dress appropriately without looking old. They made polite conversation as they waited, both aware of the reason for their visit, but neither mentioning it. A few hours later, Louise and Mark emerged, clutching their new purchases and sporting a new look and air of confidence. Louise complimented Mark on his new appearance and he reciprocated. He asked her to join him for coffee, an invitation she wouldn't normally have accepted, which ran into dinner and they dated happily ever after.

Article 5 The ultimate club guide by pootwo

I'm not saying that you should get absolutely wasted to the point where you can barely stand and your conversation has turned to ramblings about why Thundercats is better than He-Man (yes, I have actually done that), but you should still have enough alcohol to enjoy yourself. Besides, the more you drink the more confidence it gives you. So, I think you should drink till you're 'merry'. but try not to get completely wan*ered. You've just gone up to the bar to get a drink. There are some extremely hot babes to the left and right of you. What do you do You turn to one of them, and say alright with a nice smile. That's it. That's how you break the ice. Simple as that. She will almost certainly give a warm response to this, unless she's a mega bi*ch, in which case, you're better off with out her. From this moment you can get through the introductions, etc. If you have trouble thinking of what to say after this though, say something like I haven't seen you here before , which should lead to...

Enthusiasm in the delivery

While doing this exercise, you'll recall events and people that you have not discussed in many years. These are not all stories that you would tell a woman upon meeting her, but in there, you'll find some interesting ones. They'll make for clever conversation. Choose the stories that capture a woman's imagination They make for the best ones and you'll be by far more interesting than most men she meets on a daily basis.

Picking a topic that they want to chat on

Building rapport is easier if you're giving the other person the chance to talk on a subject they're interested in. Rather than domineering the conversation with your own interests, listen carefully and probe for their interests. Having a number of options up your sleeve, based on the following tips, is the trick. Tailor your conversation to the needs of the other person. Just because you enjoy the latest developments of your favourite soap, or the success of your football team's new line up, doesn't necessarily mean that the person you're conversing with finds it equally gripping. Research shows that women speak more words in a day than men, which accounts for why they find making small talk easier. Men, apparently, are more interested in facts and women in emotions. Below are common topics that you can research and use for both sexes to keep conversations flowing

Avoiding mentioning the ex

You're probably no longer with your ex for good reason, otherwise you'd still be together Anyone who wants to empathise with you over the break up will probably bore you just as much with their story as you will them with yours. A time and place exist for ex stories and within an initial conversation flirtation isn't it

Your frameperspective will be I know what I want and I know who I like Right now I like you and I want to see you again

While enthralled in an engaging and fun conversation with a girl, I'll give her my cell phone. She grabs my phone, punches in her own number. Believe it or not, most often they actually program their names into the cell phone's memory. That, gentlemen, is subtext. I don't even ask for their number. They know that we are having a great conversation, that I know what I want and what is expected of them when I hand the cell phone over. No words need be discussed about the actual act. Here is something else I used to do back before cell phones were prevalent. While in midst of conversation, I would hand her a pen and a piece of paper to write her number down. Me I'd like to see you again (or) we should get together hang out sometime (or) we should definitely talk again and continue this conversation, etc Her Sure, (or), I'd like that, (or), Yeah. etc What these guys missed was that, although this could have been classified as a technique, it was originally born out of an organic process...

Important Note on Party Girls

Let me start by telling you that this is something you should not worry about right now. At the moment, you need to work on your attributes and practice approaching, using your conversational skills and social skills to attract women. Generally, party girls are always seeking more new stimuli. You'll notice that during conversations, even after you have known them for a while, they will not delve too deep into personal questions. For example, they will not ask questions you about your family, siblings, background or what's important to you, nor will they offer much information about theirs. This is because they simply do not care. This type of thing is not important to them. Where their next bottle of booze will come from is In the beginning, it may take you a while to notice this. Soon, it will become second nature and you won't even have to think about it. Also, you will note that most party girls are not really interested in Deeper or more intellectual subjects. You will find that...

Making humour Work

Entertaining someone with conversation is often misinterpreted as a requirement to tell jokes. We've all been in situations involving grinning and bearing it as someone makes relentless jokes with barely a pause for responses. Joke telling actually prevents a conversation developing and if you waste your precious three to The other person doesn't have to be laughing out loud to be entertained. Just aim to initiate interesting conversation on themes that the other person can contribute to (see Chapter 9 for more ideas). Telling stories about your own experiences that have funny or entertaining endings and which relate to the topics of conversation you're having, instantly builds rapport. The odd joke is fine once you're well into the swing of a conversation, but keep them relevant to the subject and avoid vulgarity and profanities.

Reading Material

Her. .H eart. .(b.y. .A. T.u.rt le .N,a.me.d. .Ad ria.n) Still have a little work to complete on your conversations with chicks No problem, this post deals with strategies and ideas for conversing with women. 7) Trees have branches and conversation has topics. Pick a word she says and go from there. My girlfriend Sharon told me that I should do some modelling before I go into the Army . Topic's she gave you 1) Sharon 2) Modelling 3) The Army I have been experimenting with it more often than ever lately, and I have noticed time and again that a conversation with a girl that is going relatively nicely quickly turns into a hot flirtation when I introduce KINO into it The next time you have the opportunity to have a conversation with a bonnie lass , subtly touch her now and then, also give her a lingering hug. If she ever holds-out her hand to shake yours, make sure that when you take her hand, you hold on a little extra while smiling and looking into her...

Using opening lines

'I'm here, now what are your other two wishes ' one enthusiastic stranger blurted in my ear when I was least expecting it. Not the best opening line I've ever heard, but surprisingly not the worst either. The point of an opening line is that the other person recognises it as an attempt to initiate conversation. Your conversational opener doesn't have to be contrived, and avoiding chat-up lines is probably best unless you've got lots of experience in delivering them successfully. Sticking to something simple is always the best tactic for initiating any type of conversation. Avoid using negative language when initiating conversation. A positive attitude is attractive - use it to your advantage. Conversations about the weather are very common, particularly in English-speaking countries. Even in places where the weather is fabulous, people have adapted weather talk to suit their climate. Talking about the weather may seem very predictable, but the best openers are the ones where people...

B1 Enthusiasm

Playfulness is also a way of flirting. This creates sexual tension and let's the woman know that there is a sense of sexuality to you. It sets the tone for a sexual vibe. I'll give you a quick excerpt from a conversation I had on a date a while back, where the girl was talking about her new shirt that looked so good on her. She This shirt looks great on me. I love it

Dont be a fact giver

This would open the conversational thread to all sorts of different activities between the two people. You could ask the girl about what she has tried that was adventurous Maybe she went skydiving or has always thought about perhaps trying it. There are numerous possibilities. This will open a whole different topic of conversation concerning things that you learn in life and how you can apply them to live a better, more fulfilled life. This whole book is about things I have learned and am now applying and teaching them to others. Guess what Now, we are involved in a full-fledged conversation that is interesting and engaging.

Making people listen

You don't have to shout to get people's attention in a conversation. Instead, use your proximity and eye contact Maintain eye contact when you talk. The person doing the talking usually makes less eye contact, so you establish a more powerful connection by doing so. Choose your conversation carefully talking about something contentious may make you appear confrontational. Talking about an intimate subject can be very sexy. Lean in when you talk to increase the rapport in a conversation and be more captivating.

Using flattery

I was running a seminar for a large bank recently and in the break was inundated with questions from the delegates. Most people joined in the conversation, but I could see a guy out of the corner of my eye loitering on the periphery. Eventually he pushed into the group, sidled up, and complimented me on having great shoes. I'm a huge shoe fan, and was flattered by his compliment and thanked him for it. Unfortunately, he followed it up with, 'When's Halloween, then ' referring, I assume, to their pointy-ness. I was mortified that he would insult my lovely shoes in such a juvenile way. 'Flattery will get you nowhere,' I responded, as I turned my back on him and effectively cut him out of the group.

Using icebreakers

Icebreaker is a very apt description for the line you use to break into a conversation with someone, but having successfully applied your non-verbal hello, delivering an icebreaker is more akin to scraping the frost off a windscreen than having to hammer through a sturdy surface. By training yourself to focus on the step before the icebreaker, you can reposition your nerves and angst towards icebreakers and view them as the next step in a logical process, as opposed to a terrifying leap. An icebreaker is simply a pretext to talking to someone. To deliver it confidently and follow the conversation codes in Chapter 8, ensuring that you get the conversation started easily and running smoothly, keep it simple. You can also benefit from practising on friendly flirts to improve your delivery and confidence when it comes to romantic flirtations. I've included more opening lines in Chapter 16 to give you some ideas.

Additiona readings

While last week we went out and spoke with ten strangers, male or female, young or old, this time our weekly exercise is to go and hold a short conversation (2 - 10 minute each in length) with women that you would normally be interested in dating. Now, this may seem a little daunting for some people, but when you stop and think about it, there really is no difference between a drop-dead gorgeous babe and middle-aged guy, at least when it comes to holding a brief conversation. After each conversation, write the results in your journal. After completing the assignment, report back to the response thread and share with us one or two of your encounters.

Be your own person

One last recommendation Wear a piece of accessory. I learned this from Erik when I first met him and I think it will serve you well also. Wear an interesting necklace, ring, bracelet or a funky watch. It does not need to be expensive. You could spend 10 dollar for an interesting necklace. This will give women a reason to open conversations with you. A girl might like you, but if men are afraid to approach women, imagine how much worse it is for women to approach men.

Music Picks

All right, so you've read the posts above, and you know have an understanding of how to approach people and start a conversation. Now, it's time to do it Your mission is to go out and have short conversations (2 - 10 minute each in length) with 10 strangers. You can talk to them about anything, and you can talk to any person whom you have never spoken to before. You'll find that it might feel a little awkward in the beginning to talk to strangers for any length of time, but after the first couple of times you'll find that it's actually a wonderful feeling. You'll really get a rush out of this. Also, keep in mind that most people want to meet other people and have conversations with them, but are just too shy or insecure. So in fact, you will be doing a huge favour to those people whom you decide to hold a conversation with. Plus, I'll bet you'll learn new things from them, and maybe even make a couple of new friends. And in this phase of the Boot Camp, don't let yourself feel limited...

Social Calibration

Move forward once you are engaged in a conversation. I've known guys who are constantly concerned with, Who is controlling the conversation. Am I in their frame, or are they in my frame If you are that concerned On the same token, I know guys who try to apply these tactics with their friends when engaged in a normal routine conversation. This results in friends thinking they are just jerks. Know the technique, but don't get carried away.

Bonus Section

If she is a party girl, you would know that deep intellectual conversation may not do much good here It's a waste of both your time. If you enjoy stimulating conversation that is meaningful, this girl is not for you. You would also know that if you want to charm her, stimulating conversation is not for her. Each city and region has its fair share of Party girls and Los Angeles has five times that.

Sounding confident

Watch how people respond to you when you talk. If they're asking you to repeat yourself or they don't respond appropriately to something sad or funny, then you're probably talking too quietly. If they're leaning away from you and the conversation isn't reciprocal, that is, you're dominating it, then they've probably given up as you're too loud. Be sensitive to the nuances of conversation and adjust your volume, proximity, or position to suit the person you're with.

Be the Alpha Dominant male

That guy is confident that he's going to get laid, because he knows he's an alpha male. He knows that women and people in general want to be with him so he doesn't shy away from conversation and meeting new people. He doesn't worry what others think about him when he's doing his thing. He takes control of a situation with authority. He knows he's fun to be with because he is always having a good time and therefore he _is_ fun to be with. He knows that if he is in a group of guys and a group of girls, he will be the one the girls choose to be with, and by having this to be the expected outcome, it is a self fufilling profecy.

Sleep with you that night We will explain how it is easy Seduction Illustrated

During the time she is waiting for your call, she is taking many factors into account before deciding whether to go out on a date with you or not. Factors such as Did she like you Did she like your face If there was anything weird you said during your conversation. Her friends opinion of you. What her schedule is like. Does she really want to date anyone

On confidence and getting started with approaching girls

ASF Try approaching every HB you see and say, Hi. Are you the sort of person I should get to know better If she says Yes, then ask Why Put the focus of the conversation on what she has to offer you. Do this in a matter of fact way, like you were saying Hi. Your shoe's untied. In fact, if you can't yet muster the boldness to confront HB's, then just tell them it looks like they're about to lose a heel on their shoe and WALK AWAY. Try it. It works. Don't misunderstand the addressing a girl and then walking away works part -it doesn't work for getting to know these girls, it works to add to your experience and feeling natural and good about approaching girls

Look and feel your best all the time

If you look and feel great, then you won't have any trouble with this. If you see a girl, looking in the window of a store, waiting for a bus, sitting on a train, in the next aisle of a movie, shopping in a department store, and for any reason this girl appeals to you, strike up a conversation, start talking to her about anything that comes to mind. With more experience - close or *close right there, in the street. So set yourself a goal of talking to girls at the supermarket, laundromat, at a concert, while standing in line at the movie, sitting at the bar, on the bus, standing in the street, in the elevator, just anywhere and everywhere. Update. Taken from Seep women off their feet The most important thing for you is to talk to women everywhere, about anything until they no longer intimidate you. When talking to women no longer intimidates you, something special will happen. You will find yourself having non-threatening conversations with beautiful women all the time, and better...

Talk to girls everywhere

If you look and feel great, then you won't have any trouble with this. If you see a girl, looking in the window of a store, waiting for a bus, sitting on a train, in the next aisle of a movie, shopping in a department store, and for any reason this girl appeals to you, strike up a conversation, start talking to her about anything that comes to mind. With more experience - number close or close right there, in the street. So set yourself a goal of talking to girls at the supermarket, laundromat, at a concert, while standing in line at the movie, sitting at the bar, on the bus, standing in the street, in the elevator, just anywhere and everywhere. Taken from Seep women off their feet The most important thing for you is to talk to women everywhere, about anything until they no longer intimidate you. When talking to women no longer intimidates you, something special will happen. You will find yourself having non-threatening conversations with beautiful women all the time, and better yet,...

Talking to her echoing her

In order for her to feel understood, you need to listen to what she says, rephrase it and feed it back to her (it helps if you agree with whatever statement she made. Listen to what she says, remember it and you can make her feel connected to you and understood by you even weeks after your conversation by just simply repeating what she told to you during your conversation So make sure a lot of your communication to her is a subtle echo of what she feeds you. Now this strategy is already quite effective on its own but combine it with using trance-words and she's gonna levitate right in front of your eyes ASF You need to do more than just agree with her going uh uh won't cut it. However you also can't just repeat what she said verbatim. You have to take something she's said and paraphrase it and present it as an original thought or opinion.

General guidelines on approaching

Up with anything to keep the conversation flowing towards a possibly pattern-like talk, eliciting values or any other technique described in this guide you have chosen to use. BEGINNING - preparation clothing, props, initiate an entertaining and interactive conversation (that is what an OPENER is all about). MIDDLE - using entertaining stories and routines, you convey the humour, confidence and the other typical attractive traits, use NEGS to make them chase you, test them (stop conversation to see if they reinitiate it) and look for the indicators to see if closing is worth doing (like KINO, position and body language, laughter, etc), usually 3 positive indicators.

The Saving Face Alpha

Whenever you would interact with her, she would seem like the most cheery person. Nothing seemed to drain that smile from her face, she truly seemed like a happy person. She would laugh at almost any joke you told, and hardly a negative comment would escape her Hps. All in all, she would seem like the innocent little girl who just has a great love for life. But, if you were to become friends with her, and you paid attention to the little things about her, you would soon realize that she had a very delicate ego and no real understanding of loyalty. At first, my only interactions with Angie wee limited to casual minute or so conversations at wok. Then, due to a safety concern, she wanted an escort to her car at night. In the process, Angie and I became friends. I had no romantic interest in her, but I enjoy being around creative minds, and she had such a mind.

Tip 10 To prevent ever having an excuse to NOT talk to a woman always have at least 5 minutes of memorized interesting

This material can be anything from a funny intriguing exciting story that really happened to you or your friend, or this material can be ready made conversation material for predictable situations such as waiting in line at the bank, buying groceries, or hanging out at a club.

Words as Power Tools vs Pointless Chatter

ne of the major foul-ups guys make with women is that their conversations often tend to be unfocused and pointless. When we get into the nuts and bolts of how to negotiate your seductive conversations with women, you'll see that you'll need to be careful to manage both the content and the intent of your words if you have any desire to eventually direct the relationship along towards the bedroom. Things have to occur in a certain order. If you try to skip over an important step, the seduction will explode in your face like one of those trick cigars in a Bugs Bunny cartoon. You must read and react to her cues to escalate the nature of your relationship at the proper time, or you're dead meat. Words are everything in the arena of seduction. You must use words as power tools to rachet a man-woman relationship along to its next logical level gradually building a womans' intrigue in yourself and leading her along towards the idea of becoming your lover. This is what the concept of...

How To Tell Lies Successfully

Muscular twitching, expansion and contraction of pupils, sweating at the brow, flushing of the cheeks, increased rate of eye blinking and numerous other minute gestures that signal deceit. Research using slow motion cameras shows that these microgestures can occur within a split second and it is only people such as professional interviewers, sales people and those whom we call perceptive who can consciously see them during a conversation or negotiation. The best interviewers and sales people are those who have developed the unconscious ability to read the microgestures during face-to-face encounters.

The cellular approach

Vampire2727, ASF You're on a bus, sitting next to a HB and there's no good excuse to start talking Take your mobile cellular phone, pretend to call someone and have a fictitious (short) conversation. Then hang up. Start to comment about the conversation with the HB. The beauty of the thing is you get to CHOOSE the subject of the conversation on the phone so when you start talking to the HB, you're at whatever subject you chose. Suggestion by Nathan Szilard, ASF You look her in the eyes and say to your fictitious friend Yeah, it's always the same story, girls keep ogling at me, yeaaah, there's one in front of me, and you know what the worst is She's shy. Yeah she's shy. She's been looking at me for 10 min. And she hasn't even yet started a conversation Ok I mean, at least I appreciate the fact that she has a LOT of self-control she has not felt me up so far. If she doesn't laugh HERE, well damn ) Suggestion by Ned Ragdnuos, ASF Some phones have a ringer test or a ringer volume control,...

Wanna play the dating game Um lets see

You've gone to a movie and are now having a bite to eat at a restaurant make sure she pays for her movie and for her meal you don't want to be wasting your money until she has expressed her interest in you in a most convincing fashion - has had sex with you ) . Instead of letting the date drag on to that awkward time when she finally says she has to go home, maintain control of the evening you should be running patterns here, getting kino, making her feel connected to you, getting her horny and wet etc, but this whole dating advice is obviously intended for those lacking the appropriate skills ) . While the conversation is still good, while the date is still going well, announce that it's getting late and it's time to go. Tell her that you enjoyed the evening what a lie, your goal wasn't to stuff your stomach and see a movie, your goal was to tongue her down, make her horny like she'd never been and give her the orgasm of her life ) and that you are...

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