Enjoying unexpected flirting situations

Any place that people congregate offers flirting potential, so don't limit yourself to flirting in the obvious places such as at work or in bars. Other places where you can be flirtatious include, but aren't restricted to:

✓ Supermarkets - checkout staff and other shoppers.

✓ Hotels - other customers, and bar and restaurant staff.

✓ Planes, trains, and automobiles - other commuters and fellow travellers.

Contrary to popular belief, you can strike up a flirtation with a commuter, but usually only if you're a stranger on their route. Commuters tend not to entertain dialogue with familiar faces in case they don't like the person and are then forced to either speak to or avoid them for years to come. Occasionally, regular commuters get talking and end up married, but you need to read the signs to tell whether someone wants to be spoken to or not.

✓ Parks - any other park visitors, such as dog walkers and people with children.

✓ Anywhere a queue gathers or where you find a congregation -at a protest, the social after church, band or choir practice, sporting events, or the beach.

Barred from flirting

Marc had given up on trying to flirt in bars; one minute nobody seemed available to flirt with, but the next, all the available women were spoken for. Marc's problem was his positioning in the bar. He always sat in a corner, with his back to the action. Not only was he missing the available women, he was also making himself invisible and removing his presence from the flirting radar. By moving nearer the thick of things and facing outward, he instantly joined the flirting throng. He was immediately able to spot people to flirt with and he was approached by people eager to flirt with him.

If flirting in bars hasn't worked for you in the past, check out your positioning to see if it's holding you back from joining the flirting fun.

Unlike bars, where people expect to be approached, someone may miss your subtle attempt at flirting in an unexpected situation, so catching their attention may take longer. In these situations, the onus is upon you to act. Use eye contact and some of the other strategies outlined in Chapter 5, and the opportunities will present themselves.

You never know where a friendly flirt will lead or to whom the person you're flirting with could introduce you. You may know of the idea that only six degrees of separation are present between you and everyone else on the planet. If you're one step away from everyone you know and two steps away from everyone they know, then the whole planet is only six steps away from each other. Therefore, it follows that you're only a matter of a few steps away from your perfect flirtation.

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