Flirting in bars

Flirting in bars is generally easier than flirting in a supermarket or in church because people expect to be approached in this socially interactive environment.

Keep these points in mind:

✓ Choosing the right bar for you is the first step to finding the right sort of singletons. If football isn't your cup of tea, for example, then avoid sports bars streaming live TV. Look for somewhere that has a mixed clientele, of your age demographic, and that has a reputation for being safe. If you don't know the area, ask people who seem like you for a recommendation.

✓ Flirting moves faster in bars than in any other environment (with the exception of the Internet - see the section 'Flirting on the Internet' later in this chapter), so go with the flow and don't be coy. If someone doesn't want to be approached, they'll make it very obvious from the outset by not returning your eye contact, smiles, or conversation. They may even turn or angle away from you just to leave you in no doubt that they're not up for a flirtation with you.

Studying in Newcastle-upon-Tyne gave me a fantastic grounding in flirting in bars - it's practically part of the culture. If you're lucky enough to live somewhere where the crack is all part of the night out experience, flirting in bars is much easier. Newcastle isn't heralded as offering one of Europe's top ten nights out without

Check out Chapter 19 for tips on how to stay safe when flirting.

After you choose the right venue, use all the tips in Chapter 7 on making an entrance to give yourself the heads up over your flirting rivals.

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