Flirting on the Internet

The Internet is teeming with opportunities to meet people from all over the world. Internet flirting is more adventurous and fast paced than face-to-face flirting for three reasons:

✓ You don't risk face-to-face rejection.

✓ Physical chemistry is irrelevant.

✓ Using the written word rather than body language allows you to be more direct and explicit and to make your intentions clear.

A walk on the wild side

Jo and her friends went to Blackpool for a girly weekend. Not knowing the area, they asked the taxi driver to drop them at a bar. They wandered in, decked up to the nines, to be greeted by a bar full of elderly gents with barely a set of teeth between them - and all mad keen to buy them a drink. Escaping across the road to another club, they realised the men were more beautifully made up than they were. A friendly chat with the doorman eventually led them away from the transvestite club and to the kind of venue frequented by the sort of men they did want to meet, and everyone had a great night.

If you don't want to be disappointed, do your homework first to find the right bar.

Where to took

¥Use an established site, such as or www.friends, to try Internet flirting. If you use a social networking site, such as Facebook or MySpace, you can ask a friend to give you an online introduction to someone you like the look of on their page.

Forums and chatrooms offer lots of opportunities for online flirting - anyone can find the niche they're looking for. If you work in human resources, for example, you can log on and join forums such as,, and www. Professionals can contact other professionals on the forum. Not only are you building your virtual network, you're also building a rapport with people with similar interests. You can find forums and chatrooms on www.MSN. com,, and so on and can search by location or interest when looking for people to meet.

Unlike dating sites, you can't guarantee that the people you meet in chatrooms or on forums are single or looking, but you can be sure to meet lots of people you have something in common with.

How to communicate

Getting the language right is an art when it comes to online flirting. Keep these points in mind:

✓ Poor grammar and spelling can be a big turn off because recipients may think you're not too bright. If you type quickly, always proof read your message before posting it.

✓ Coming on too strong may be interpreted as wanting to sleep with the person on the first date. Keep your online flirting light and fun. If you're going to eventually entice the person on a first date, you need to maintain their interest.

Humour is your greatest ally for online flirting. Some people find being funny much easier in print because timing isn't an issue, and nor is stony silence or polite laughter if the other person doesn't find your message funny.

✓ Don't worry about writing long messages; most people can decide in a few sentences whether they like your style. Offering the odd compliment on their picture or writing style is just as effective online as in the flesh.

✓ Always post a recent picture and only use a sexy screen name if you're prepared for people looking for sexy connections to pursue you.

Familiarise yourself with the safety tips in Chapter 19 before you launch your Internet flirting campaign.

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