Giving Off the Right Signals

In This Chapter

^ Taking a closer look at body language ^ Getting to grips with personal space ^ Mastering facial language ^ Gesturing with flirtatious fingers ^ Being provocative r

»«flirting is mostly non-verbal - your body is literally doing the m talking. Believe it or not, your body language, appearance, and tone of voice have an even bigger impact on the impression you make than your words. The big question is: are you aware of your non-verbal abilities? How are you perceived in your everyday communications: meetings, one-to-one conversations, presentations, and flirtations? Does your non-verbal communication enhance your message or detract from it?

This chapter is all about you giving off the right signals to whomever you wish to flirt with. In Chapter 11, you can find what you need to build on this and to be aware of the signals and clues you're looking for in the other person to progress your flirtation. To know more about how women and men differ in their flirting, check out Chapter 12.

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