Grasping the Gender Gap and Other Strategies for Flirting Success

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^ Setting the girls apart from the boys ^ Differing ends of the attractive spectrum

7o enjoy life as a successful flirt, you have to start treating the opposite sex as an opposite sex. While employers may like to pretend 'staff' means an androgynous mass of people, and reams of red tape enforce the concept, ultimately we're opposite sexes. From the office to the bedroom, different things make each gender tick and trying to pretend otherwise is flirting suicide. Embracing the differences and the common attributes is key to honing your flirting muscles.

Building relationships, in and out of work, requires the same skills (which I look at in the second half of this chapter), but if you've been conditioned into acting like an android rather than with your basic human instincts, you'll first need to reconnect yourself with the basic skills Mother Nature blessed us with.

This chapter deals in generalities with gender-specific behaviour, and the premises made here are based on decades of scientific and occupational research.

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