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If you've tried introduction or dating agencies in the past and had no joy, try again now. The dating agency landscape is constantly changing; key players and reputations shift as technology evolves and people seek more niche agencies.

Choosing the right service for you saves you time and money in the long term. The more the agency does, the more expensive it is. In the following list, the more expensive services are at the top and the cheaper options are at the bottom. The types of approach are broken down into the following areas:

Headhunting services: A personal search agent finds you a partner.

Personal introductions: A member of staff introduces you to likely partners.

Events: An agency sets up social occasions for singletons.

Computer comparisons: Your details are entered onto a database and a computer program matches you to someone with similar characteristics and interests.

Lists: You're given a list of all, or selected, clients when you join the agency and at regular intervals during membership.

the Association of British Introduction Agencies (www.abia. uk) for more information.

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Healthy Dating and Relationships

Healthy Dating and Relationships

Finding true love and maintaining a clean healthy relationship is not an impossible task. The trick lies in balancing your act. You need to have lots of virtues like affection, love, respect, patient and trust to be able to do that. The ingredients of a healthy dating relationship are simple and homemade.

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