Navigating stairs

Don't think of stairs as simply being a vehicle to get from one area to another; they're a prime opportunity for you to out dazzle everyone else in the room.

1. Hold your position before taking the first step to steady yourself. This pause is especially important for women in high heels.

2. Judge how much distance there is between the steps to ensure a smooth descent.

3. Lead with your toe.

4. Keep your head up (no looking down when you're into your descent!). You need your peripheral vision to be alert, to judge what's going on beneath your feet and possible hazards such as carpets, slippery floors, uneven steps, and so on.

Sandra's secret helper

Sandra wasn't feeling too confident about the Christmas party she had to attend so she splashed out on a pair of Spanx ( that went from her bust down to her knees. These giant pants weren't the sexiest of undergarments, but they made her feel fantastic and gave her a better shape. She flounced her way down the stairs to the hotel lounge, eyes straight ahead and exuding bags of confidence. Over the course of the evening she was approached by several people who all used the same opening line, 'I couldn't help but notice you when you walked down the stairs . . .' Clearly, she was not going to be short of company and could take her pick of the men.

Remember, even Marilyn Monroe wore a girdle. Get yourself some confidence-boosting underwear and combine it with a well-practised stair descent to get heads turning and the compliments flowing.

Watch an old movie and see how starlets like Marilyn Monroe and the James Bond characters perfected descending a staircase with effortless grace and head-turning style - then practise on your own stairs. Get a friend to video you walking down the stairs; spot your mistakes and work on them until you can descend like they do in the movies.

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