Opening Lines for a Holiday Romance

You don't have a holiday every day, so make the most of it. Holiday romances are great because if you eventually can't stand the sight of them, you won't have to worry about bumping into them or keeping in touch!

✓ 'That tan's coming along well' is particularly effective if they're lobster red or ghostly white. This works well if the person has a sense of humour - if not, you've had a lucky escape!

✓ 'What's your favourite place to eat around here?' This works because you're offering a non-threatening, rejection-free opening line. You can judge by their response if you can move the conversation on to something more flirtatious (see Chapter 8 on working out if someone wants to talk to you).

People are more relaxed on holiday, have more of a sense of humour, and are much more receptive to opening lines - unless they're accompanied by their spouse!

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