Opening Lines for Complete Strangers

Your mother may have told you never to speak to strangers, but you're going to have to break childhood habits or risk missing out on spontaneous flirting opportunities. As a starter, talking about the circumstance you both find yourself in is the best strategy with strangers.

'Do you come here often?' works brilliantly if you're in long or slow-moving queues. You break the ice with humour and provide the other person with an easy opportunity to respond.

'Great weather for the time of year.' is another safe positive opener that you can deliver with a smile. People are happy to respond to weather questions and aren't threatened by them, and you can lead easily on to a range of other topics.

If the stranger has a child or dog with them, try complimenting their good behaviour (provided that the child or dog is actually being well behaved!). People like nothing more than speaking about their children or pets.

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