Opening Lines for Internet Dating

Not having to deliver it in person is the best thing about your opening line for Internet dating. If you want to ooze charm like James Bond but your delivery is more Mr Bean, this is your opportunity to pull it off!

Because the recipient can't hear the intonation in your voice, words and humour really are crucial for Internet dating. Tailor your response to the style of ad they've written and use similar themes, for example:

✓ If she's asked for a 'Knight in shining armour', you could respond: 'Armour currently at drycleaners. Steed did bunk, but have borrowed pit pony in anticipation of transport required to rescue maiden in distress.' This works because you've followed her theme and added your own twist, which gives her something to play with when she continues your online conversation.

✓ If, like me, you're dyslexic and find your spelling a bit embarrassing, you could make light of it by writing: 'Dyslexic cyber dater seeks hot date complete with chell specker.' This works because you're not being self-effacing but are letting them know you have a problem with words. Revealing something personal about yourself allows the other person to respond in kind and immediately moves the interaction on a notch.

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