Opening Lines for the Supermarket

Flirting with people in supermarkets is super easy because you can tell so much about them from their food choices. In fact, if they've got a trolley full of fast food and booze you may even want to eliminate them from your flirtation on the grounds that they'll have blocked arteries and a hardened liver before they hit middle age!

The contents of someone's trolley or the waiting time at the checkouts are perfect subjects for opening lines:

✓ 'Lychees! I've always wondered what you do with those. Do you have a good recipe for them?' This works because you're providing a nice safe invitation for them to share their culinary experience with you, or confess they haven't got a clue what to do with them either!

✓ 'If I had a penny for every minute I've spent loitering in these checkout queues, I'd be able to shop at Waitrose. Do you come here often?' This works because you're commenting on a mutual experience, showing a sense of humour, and asking them a question in return to get the conversation started.

✓ 'Shopping for one? Me too, do you fancy a coffee in the supermarket cafe after?' Taking the bull by the horns works because you've identified that they're single (or if they're not, it gives them a chance to say so), and the supermarket's a neutral, noncommittal place to get to know each other a little bit better.

Make someone's day by getting your opening line in first - and you may go home with more than your shopping!

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