Opening Lines for Women

Men are generally so delighted that they're not doing the running that you can say pretty much anything and not worry about being rejected. Women tend to use indirect opening lines rather than the obvious chat up, for example 'Do you have the time?', 'I'm not from round here; can you recommend a decent restaurant?', 'I'm trying to avoid that man over there; could you do me a favour and engage in animated conversation with me for a minute, please?'

Deliver indirect opening lines while offering the female flirting clues (covered in Chapter 12) to avoid being given a straight answer. Here, you're creating the opportunity to flirt rather than initiating it. To leap straight into flirting, try these lines:

✓ 'Great shirt/tie/aftershave, where did you get it from?' This works as an opening line because you've appealed to his ego by complimenting his choice, and, because men are factually orientated, he'll be happy to discuss where the item came from.

✓ 'Hi, I'm looking for a friendly face to chat to and yours looks friendly to me.' This works as an opening line because he hasn't had to deliver it and you're expressly letting him know that you like his appearance and want to chat.

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