Overcoming fear of rejection

Rejection is both men's and women's biggest fear in relation to flirting.

Rejection itself can be crippling when it happens to you, but the fear of rejection is even more destructive because it can actually paralyse you into inaction. That cold, gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach; a weakness in your limbs, a dryness in your mouth - fear feels horrible; it tests your comfort zones, and provokes a fight or flight response. The temptation to run away or say nothing when you encounter someone you find attractive or meet a colleague at work in a superior position can be overwhelming. Both genders experience this fear of rejection. Because it's generally the men who put themselves at risk of being rejected by being the ones to initiate a flirtation, however, they tend to feel more at risk.

Always maximising your chances of acceptance to minimise your chances of rejection is the trick to overcoming this fear. Having a positive attitude also helps enormously with your success rate. Head to Chapter 15 for advice that can help you never again worry about being rejected.

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