Picking a topic that they want to chat on

Building rapport is easier if you're giving the other person the chance to talk on a subject they're interested in. Rather than domineering the conversation with your own interests, listen carefully and probe for their interests. Having a number of options up your sleeve, based on the following tips, is the trick.

Tailor your conversation to the needs of the other person. Just because you enjoy the latest developments of your favourite soap, or the success of your football team's new line up, doesn't necessarily mean that the person you're conversing with finds it equally gripping.

Research shows that women speak more words in a day than men, which accounts for why they find making small talk easier. Men, apparently, are more interested in facts and women in emotions. Below are common topics that you can research and use for both sexes to keep conversations flowing:

✓ News headlines (from current affairs to reality TV)

✓ Topics, interests, and events from their social media page (such as Facebook, linkedin, MySpace, and so on)

✓ Their line of work

✓ Planned or previous holiday destinations

✓ Musical tastes

✓ Interests and hobbies

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