Smell is the only sense that is processed directly by the brain, which makes it incredibly powerful. Smell is an evocative sense; consider smelling fresh coffee, baking bread, cut grass, hospitals, or bad breath - they all tend to evoke strong positive or negative feelings. Wearing a seductive scent can make you irresistible and body odour can make you equally as repulsive.

Using one perfume or aftershave for all occasions loses its potency. Try building a 'fragrance wardrobe' so that you have a range of different scents to meet your different moods. Avoid cheap fragrances, but if you can't afford expensive perfumes, aim to smell fresh and clean. Remember to try before you buy to avoid wasting money and be aware that all fragrances don't smell the same on one person as they do on another because of the chemical differences in our skin.

Key to making a scent work for you is associating it with a memory. When you're feeling really sexy, wear your sexy perfume or aftershave. The next time you smell it, you'll associate it with the feeling of being really sexy and you'll be straight back in that mood. Scent has the added bonus of affecting the memory of the person you're flirting with, too, so pick perfume or aftershave that is particular to you and not just the latest bestseller.

When buying perfumes or aftershaves, never try more than a few at a time because your nose will be overwhelmed. Also spray them onto a paper strip so you don't get overwhelmed by too much fragrance on your body.

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How To Cure Bad Breath

How To Cure Bad Breath

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