Setting yourself flirting challenges

Getting results requires challenges. To get results in a diet, for example, you have to set targets; most diets initially aim for a 10 per cent loss in your body weight. Why not use that figure as a target to improve your flirting? For great flirting results, look to hit 10 per cent of your flirting opportunities with an eyebrow flash, smile, and greeting in your first few days. If you have ten opportunities a day, a 10 per cent improvement means you have to connect with just one person.

No risk

Slightly riskier

No risk

Slightly riskier

More risky

Eyebrow flash Figure 2-1: Scale of risk.

Once you find flashing, smiling, and greeting comfortable, set yourself more advanced targets, such as:

✓ Getting to know more about the person you're flirting with.

Head to Chapter 8 for details on making conversation with anybody.

✓ Asking them out. Chapter 13 tells you how.

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