Drinking lots of water, exfoliating once a week, using an age-appropriate moisturiser, and avoiding prolonged amounts of sunbathing are the biggest favours you can do your skin. Although sunlight has positive effects on your mood and contains vital vitamin D, it does terrible damage to the skin, so cover up when you're out in it. Consider splashing out on a beauty counter product instead of a supermarket special; the exfoliating grains are much finer and the results more impressive. Fortunately, exfoliating creams aren't that expensive nowadays and you can get a good one for between £10 and £20, which will last for ages.

Head turner

Anne had managed to get herself an appointment with one of the most sought-after hairstylists in town. She took her sister, Paula, with her and warned her that whatever her hair looked like she had to say it was fantastic. After a considerable wait, Anne emerged resembling Rod Stewart's long lost brother. Paula started to gush about how wonderful she looked, as instructed. Anne hissed at her to be quiet and dragged her out of the salon. After suffering a week of ridicule, Anne sought a recommendation for a hairdresser who would style her hair according to what suited her rather than simply follow the latest trend. The next cut suited her to a tee thanks to a stylist who had a reputation for making people look good.

When going for a radical change, make sure you pick a stylist that gives you what you want, not what they want.

Nowadays, several skin-care products are marketed specifically for men. Often, the marketing is the only difference between the male and female versions, as the products themselves are actually the same, particularly with eye gels and other non-scented products. So men, you can try borrowing your female friends' and relatives' products to see what you like before investing. Women, the male products are sometimes cheaper. Ask discreetly before you buy the ladies' version.

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