Speeddating for instant results

Speed-dating first appeared at the turn of this century, which makes it a relatively recent addition to the dating options available. In a speed-dating scenario, you have a string of mini dates in the space of a few hours. You mark on a chart whether you'd like to see the person again or not, and after the event the organiser contacts you with mutual responses. Speed-dating is an inexpensive way of meeting lots of dates in a very short period of time. For your nearest speed-dating event, try searching on the Internet for speed-dating in your area.

Second time lucky?

Being unsure of what type of agency to try, John joined an events agency. As he walked through the door, the women outnumbered the men and they all looked keen to get to know him. He endured an exhausting evening of the competitive women and was glad when it was time to escape. John didn't have the time or the stomach to trawl events, but he did have the cash to pay someone to find him a suitable singleton. He did his research this time and asked the agencies about the types of women on their books and the matching process they used. Soon, John was presented with hand-picked singletons to date at a more relaxed pace.

Don't plump for the first agency you stumble across. Check out all the options to find the right solution for you - and your wallet.

Niche speed-dating events cover everything from religion, sexual orientation, age, geographical location, career, and even hobbies. A group of speed-daters definitely exists out there for you.

Speed-dating's main appeal is the ability it offers to jump straight in. Other benefits include:

✓ You can check for chemistry.

✓ You can look for things in common.

✓ Events are inexpensive.

✓ Face-to-face rejection is unlikely.

✓ You don't need to make a commitment.

✓ You only have to spend a few minutes with a person if you're not attracted to them.

✓ Your response rate (in other words, the number of mutual matches you make at the event) signals to you how attractive you are to other singletons.

Speed-dating resembles going on job interviews: the more you do, the better you get.

Getting the best results from speed-dating requires a bit of preparation. Check the dress code with the organiser first to make sure you look the part, and prepare some conversation openers (see Chapter 8). Smile a lot, use plenty of eye contact, and be yourself -your speed-dating will be a piece of cake.

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