Ten Or So Opening Lines for Almost Any Occasion

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^ Starting conversations with the opposite sex ^ Getting chatting with total strangers ^ Making acquaintances into friends a ^^enerally, what you say is less important than how you say Vf it. Even so, having something to say is always handy, so you can focus your energy on looking and sounding confident and not worry about conversational gaffes!

This chapter offers some stock opening lines to use in a range of situations, so you have no excuse not to approach someone and get stuck into your flirting. All these lines are much more effective when you use them along with the tips elsewhere in the book. If you're lucky, the recipient may even have read this book too and recognise from your opening line that you're initiating a flirtation!

Don't forget your closing line is just as important as your opening line. If you realise that you've made a terrible mistake and you can't get rid of the person, check out Chapter 18 for some tips. Otherwise, you can just say 'It's been really lovely to meet you; perhaps I'll bump into you later.' or 'Here's my number, give me a call sometime; it would be great to hear from you.'

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