The Making of a Successful Flirt

In This Chapter

^ Understanding the fundamentals of flirting ^ Recognising and sending flirting signals ^ Putting yourself in the flirting zone other Nature has blessed you with all the skills you need to be a super flirt. Perhaps you've lost touch with these skills along the way or haven't used them enough to have full confidence in them, but believe me you do have the skills and you can improve them to whatever degree you desire.

Flirting is a subtle combination of body language, confidence, attitude, and appearance. You can employ these features of your character to flirt in different ways, from the innocent, non-sexual, mutual kind of flirting where you're not attracted to the other person to full-on flirting when you're madly attracted to someone. Flirting's not just about sex, although that is a very pleasant by-product when the feeling's mutual, but about making personal connections with people you find interesting and want to get to know.

When you flirt with someone they feel good about themselves, and in return you feel good too. Being flirted with is the ultimate confidence booster and it's free.

If you've ever felt that a chapter out of your flirting life felt more like 'How to lose friends and alienate people', then your flirting exploits are just about to make a huge paradigm shift.

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