Using your eyebrows

The eyebrows are marvellous for letting somebody know that you've spotted them from a distance, usually from a stationary position in the social zone (1.2-1.8 metres) or beyond, or when passing each other. An eyebrow flash - a quick raising of both eyebrows - is a non-sexual advance that works on both sexes. Eyebrow flashes are a universal greeting, a non-verbal hello, and are completely safe to use, except in Japan where they have sexual connotations.

The marvellous thing about an eyebrow flash is that it usually gets reciprocated (if the other person spots it) and registers you on a subconscious level with that person as someone who is friendly and approachable. An eyebrow flash is the perfect preamble to a smile and isn't as risky as beaming from a standing start at someone, wondering if they're going to reciprocate.


If your eyebrow flash isn't reciprocated, you could be too far away for the other person to see it. Try moving closer, and if they still don't reciprocate then they're probably not that interested or just very short sighted.

Raising just one eyebrow at a time can indicate anything from a leer to questioning or mistrust, so stick with the double eyebrow raise to create that vital positive first impression.

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