Men today are struggling

You want to get laid and enjoy a healthy sex life, but you're totally mystified about what it takes to score with women. There's also so much nonsense out there that it's tough to trust anyone.

You see, a lot of guys are not only reluctant to get help, they're downright stubborn and resistant to improving their education about women and improving their sexual success. We men need to be know-it-alls and figure it out for ourselves,

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and we're convinced that we're already doing what we should - even if we know deep inside that we're not getting the results we want.

I used to look at seduction the same way. I figured I was getting all the women I was going to get, and if there were other information out there, it wouldn't help me. My ego was blinding me to the fact that I didn't know everything, and I could find a way to get more women and sex in my life. When I gave up having to be right, and I started being a student again, learning from those who were doing what I wanted to be able to do, I started getting laid as much as I wanted.

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