So what is The Seduction Method

The Seduction Method is a complete, step-by-step process of pick-up and seduction, with examples, phrasings, critical principles and concepts, and much more.

Simply stated, it's a complete program to turn your life around and get you more success with women as well as more sex.

The Dartboard

Imagine you're a blind man, and you've just been put in a room with a handful of darts. They spin you around and tell you there's a dartboard in the room, and you have to hit the bull's-eye to score. You're left alone to start throwing darts.

By virtue of sheer luck, if you could throw enough darts, you'd eventually get a bull's-eye. It might not be soon, but it would happen at some point. Now, imagine if you could get a little practice aiming, and that you were lined up in front of the board. Your odds would improve, wouldn't they? Then, imagine you're given the best darts made, and expert repeated instruction on exactly how to shoot them consistently every time.

Eventually, you'll be hitting bull's-eyes all the time.

That's what this e-book will do for you. Hone your skills so that you know exactly what to do and when to score when you throw. When you get done learning The Seduction Method, you'll feel like someone just gave this blind man back his sight. Without this kind of knowledge, you'll sit in that room throwing darts everywhere but where they need to be.

Here are just a few of the things you'll learn:

m Where to meet women - for real, and we're not talking about just the frozen food section)

m What to say - exactly what words to use, including the inflection and pacing m How to prepare for seduction - what to wear, clothes, cologne, shoes, jewelry m How to prepare your inner strategies - keeping your attitude right and tight a Women's psychology - what she's thinking during the whole process

Sexual Secrets - How to drive your woman wild in bed - for real! Learn the truth about the G-spot, cunnilingus, anal sex and much more...

How to progress from a smile to touching to kissing to sex m What seduction really is - (it's not what you think!)

m What women are really looking for from a man before they give him sex, and how to give it to her m

Not only techniques and strategies, but how to keep sharpening these skills and developing them as you go - be your own teacher!

Why you can't aim for seduction to achieve seduction, and what your real goal should be m

Why women want seduction as much as you do m How to always be prepared with your planning horizon so that you never miss a step in your seduction plan m

How to rid yourself of worry and anxiety in the process m How to use scarcity and self-interest to your advantage Increasing your desirability in women's eyes How to talk to a woman and avoiding conversational mistakes m What you do say to her to put her into a passionate, suggestive state

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WWW.SEDUCTIONMETHOD.COM a The Romantic Veil of Illusion, and how to pace yourself to stay on track m How to get past her defensive shields, and recognize her triggers m The Sphere of Control and the Sphere of Influence

How to be the jerk women adore m Developing a baseline for seduction success

Your appearance - how to maximize your assets m

How to handle introversion (for the shy seducer) How to break down her trust defenses

The Role Reversal, and how to seduce her with your humor Social Proof, and how it is essential to your strategies m Dominant and Submissive behaviors, and how to use this in Seduction Handling seduction setbacks, like her friends, excuses, and anger The TRUTH about one-night-stands

The Seduction Method works, and it's a collection of compiled techniques from over twenty years of dating, as well as the latest understanding of male and female psychology and physiology. You'll learn the reality behind a woman's eyes and how to read her like a book.

No more confusion.

No more frustration, feeling like she's from another world.



You'll also get the bonus e-books: The Language of Seduction and Meet Her Now - the complete guide to meeting women. Here are just a few things covered in the bonus e-books:

m The Language of Seduction: A complete glossary of seduction terminology, so that you know how to think and understand the terms used in seduction, both online and off. When you talk with a master seducer or read a posting, you want to know what the DAI (Dead Approach Invitation) is and what to do when the LJBF is thrown at you. Do you know what a PAWN is and how to use one? This terminology it critical for your ongoing learning from other Seduction masters.

m The simple 5-step success plan outlining how to take things from the meeting to the end of the seduction m The "T.E.D." method of meeting any woman at any time

The one hurdle to overcome with a woman to ensure success in seduction - the keystone to her defense system that will crumble her resistance m What a woman really decides in the first few minutes of meeting you (and it's not just if she's going to sleep with you)

m How to fill your pipeline for maximum results from your pool of seduction targets m Why "working up your courage" never works, and what to do instead m How to find an "anchor" with every woman to begin your approach Why a woman never "misses out" on sex

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WWW.SEDUCTIONMETHOD.COM a How to turn the introduction around so that you are 'testing' her m The three qualities you test a woman for seduct-ability m How "stereotypes" work during the approach m The essential elements of an effective approach m Manufacturing your own approaches and the formula How to avoid the obvious to appear unique to women m The Failure Logic of the average male that stops you from approaching m How to "dare" a woman into interest for you m How to disengage to ensure you get to continue your seduction

And so much MORE

"All men are self-made, but only the successful will admit it."

Almost every man I've ever known who failed to achieve in life has always done two things consistently:

When he's successful, he takes all the credit anyone will give him

When he fails, he passes the blame on to someone or something else.

There's a great story about a coach who was being interviewed after a big victory on the field. He said, "I got out there, and I showed our guys how to beat the other team. We pulled it together and I think we demonstrated how superior we were as athletes." And then the sportscaster asked, "What happened last week? You lost that game." The coach said, "Well, it was raining." The sportscaster took a moment and then said, "But not on the other team?"

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Seduction Tip:

Sure, on one hand you get a message from your lady friends that they just want a 'nice' guy they can talk to, but what they're really saying is that none of the guys out there really raise their pulse above the level of comatose.

Nice = Exciting

By "nice" she doesn't mean "safe and boring;" she means someone that can excite her and give her a fun time.

And, yes, my boy, fun also includes sex.

Stop me if this sounds familiar: You're out on a date with Virginia, the attractive blonde from accounting, and you've just walked her to her door, being the gentleman that you are. You lean in for a kiss, and she gives you a peck on the cheek, along with that sweet smile that makes you sick. You feel a mix of feelings right then: frustration, anger, embarrassment, humiliation, and exasperation. She says she'll "talk to you soon" and walks inside. You go back to your car and beat your head on the steering wheel. OR, you walk her to her door and ask, "So can I come in for a minute?" and she smiles with that sickly sweet smile, saying, "Well, sorry, I need to get early tomorrow, so I need to get some sleep. Okay? Talk to you soon!"

Why does this keep happening?

Or, how about this situation: You're at a club and you've met Chastity, the gal with the hot body that makes Britney Spears look like Ronald Reagan. One minute you were dirty dancing with her, and now she's about to walk off with her friends ... What do you say to stop her and not let her slip away?

You don't need another book that tells you a thousand and one ways to make her come like an erupting volcano when only a couple are necessary. You also don't want to see another book that wastes fifty pages telling you what you could do in bed when what you need to know is how to get her into bed in the first place.

Not enough for you?

Seduction Power Free E-book - Get the complete Seduction Method e-book program at


Well, here's just a little bit more that you'll learn in The Seduction Method: m Charged words and how to use them m The Ultimate Seduction Secret - the one thing you need to do well to seduce any woman m How to communicate through body language and voice inflection m How to stay in control of the conversation

The power of Destiny m Competition - never let it affect you m Avoiding the Crazies - never be stalked m The Seducer's Utility belt - what to never leave home without (and it's not your credit card...)

Turn your home or apartment into a seduction lair, with all the details for when you get her back to your place

The top Seduction Skills to develop for maximum impact m

How to effectively use wingmen m The complete Seduction Method Progression with the steps, foundations, and explanation of seducing from start to finish

The power of the Ultra-Pause m

How to perform conversational bridging m Avoiding The Therapist Trap m Teasing her to turn her on m Complete approaches for meeting situations, such as the grocery store, coffee house, bar, dance club, on the street, and more!

m Learn the best seduction props and setups a

How to use the Takeaway to drive her crazy for you!

m The Last Ditch - your parachute and safety skill for catching the ones that almost get away

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a The Seduction Types - how to figure out which a woman is and what will work m Anatomy of a seduction - A complete seduction, analyzed, explained, and dissected - from real life!

ei Overcoming the trickiest obstacles in seduction- like stealing her from another man, or if she knows you've got another woman!

NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming - What it is, and how to use it to pull her in ei

Kinesthetics - Where to touch her and when

There's over 300 pages of high-quality seduction strategies in this book. That's over 100,000 words of Seduction wisdom. This is no skimpy book with huge margins and oversized type. You'll be reading The Seduction Method for days, and living it for a lifetime. Can you imagine the power that this book will give you?

I know you're also wondering a few things right now ... Will I have to change myself?

No, you don't have to change your personality. You don't have to become some altered personality just to meet and seduce women. You will have to grow and develop as a more confident and secure man, but that isn't news to you, I know.

Will I have to learn some weird hypnosis patterns? No, you don't have to memorize patterns, or magic words, or special trance sequences. You know why? Because they almost never work. The fundamentals are what works, every single time.

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