Hey I just wanted to let you know that you have a wonderful energy about you I just had to come over and say hello Whats your name

Now what woman wouldn't respond to that?

For especially attractive women, you need to come on a bit differently, and it pays to use a combination of the negative-hit with the tease approach. A negative-hit is where you knock her down a notch to let her know you don't think she's as special as all the other wimpy guys treat her.

I even recommend that when you get used to this technique, you use it exclusively on the hot women. When you're comfortable with it, it makes more impact.

You say just one thing, and it's so easy you'll have a tough time forgetting it:

"Your shoes caught my eye. I like the style, but I think you should try them in black, instead. You'd look better in black instead of gray."

(Choose the color and article of clothing accordingly.) Then you nod your head, as if you're now sure this is right, and once again meeting her eyes full-on.

Her head will suddenly spin ... "But... but... all the other guys said I looked like a fashion model with this on... What do you mean?"

You want her to realize that you're not like all the other guys complimenting her to get into her pants.

You're not trying to put her down or make her feel bad! You're just demonstrating independent, non-needy, self-interested opinion. There's a big difference.

By using these approaches, you've just flipped her Trust switch in her head.

You see, she starts out needing to find a reason to be interested and trust YOU -or she quickly categorizes you as a friend ("Friend" = non-lover, a man she won't sleep with). If you just start talking to her neutrally, she's wondering, "Is he safe?" For all she knows, you're a dweeb who just pulled into town this morning. Now, all of a sudden, she is suddenly told (by your words and actions) that you might not be so interested in her. You're different - i.e., interesting to her. Maybe you're not just another guy out there looking for quick sex.

For the first week or two, if you're feeling a bit nervous about approaching women, work your way into this technique slowly. Just use the intro line I gave you, and take it wherever you need. Hell, I'd even recommend you only ask her the first part ("Where'd you get xxxx, my sister might like that ..."), and then say "thanks" and walk away.

Get used to just chatting up anyone and everyone you meet. Take the pressure off for the first week or two, until you get used to the fact that women aren't going to reject you like you think they will. No one throws drinks in people's faces, or slaps them. That's bad Hollywood programming.

You don't need anything fancy or clever. You don't need anything special about her to comment on. You just take whatever she is wearing or holding and comment on it as if it were different or interesting. Then, by following it up with a quick tease, you get her mind off her initial defense (Is he safe?) and on to validating herself to you. This is the primary psychological underpinning of the whole "Tease To Please" (sometimes called cocky and funny) method. And I just gave it to you in a simple, workable format.

What most guys will do is to spend all their energy trying to climb over her initial trust hurdle, when they really need to focus on getting her to flip that switch in her head that will make her want to prove herself to you.

Just remember to keep things light and humorous, and never to insult.

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