No matter what todays pop culture and media tell you women dont want men who are feminized They want men who understand women but behave like MEN

Every romantic involvement with a woman must begin with a passionate seduction in order to develop into anything further. You cannot start out as friends and hope to turn it into romance later on. ("Friends first" is a myth.) Remember: Seduction isn't bad or wrong. It's absolutely necessary.

Picture this scene: a guy is talking with a beautiful woman. She's laughing away at his jokes, flipping her hair back, and touching his arm as if she's known him forever, but you know she's only just met him. The worst part is that he's not even good looking! And his suit looks like he just shot his couch. Eventually, she leaves with him.

What could this guy possibly have or know that allows him to be brave enough to jump in and attract beautiful women successfully?

He has some of what I call the Critical Success Factors (the "Three S's") with women:

- Self-confidence

- Sense of humor

- Self-control

These traits combined create a powerful communication style that will put you over the top with any woman you desire. Good looks are not - repeat - NOT necessary.

Here's a secret, and this may be the most valuable information you'll ever read:

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