The Victorious army wins first and then seeks battle The Defeated army battle first and then seeks victory

I'm going to assume you're a winner. You must be. How do I know? Because you are doing what most men will not do: You are seeking to better your understanding of women and relationships.

Think about it, women are given all the advantages over men in the area of dating and romance. They're brought up on a diet of gossip and socialization with their girlfriends and they learn how it all works. Women share information freely, they're collaborative, and they help each other out.

Men? We go at it all alone. Part of our stoic nature, I suppose. When was the last time you asked a male friend how to handle a dating situation? And if you have (which I know is rare) I'll bet the information you got was about as useful as a porno movie featuring Martha Stewart. Men are socialized as individuals, relying on our own wits and wiles. And, unfortunately, we let our egos get in the way of learning and growing.

Here's what I propose we do:

We are going to use our male strengths, the way women have used theirs for countless centuries, and we're going to play their game by our rules.

I'm going to blend in some Eastern Philosophy, some sales and techniques of persuasion, some psychology, and anything else I can find to give you the edge, and confidence in the dating world. I'm going to give you tips, pointers, specific things to say, situations, tricks and traps, mental attitude adjusters, inspiration, wisdom from the best, and role models to emulate.

My information and training comes from the real world, not another fluffy book in the self-help section of the bookstore that says the way to a woman's affections is by Prince Charming your way into her heart. Poems, flowers, and expensive dinners aren't necessary to find a woman.

You don't need to be feminized; you need information to make the right decisions and give women what they're really looking for.

I'm going to give you the secret knowledge you need to make better decisions about the dating relationships you enter, whether short or long-term. This e-book, along with my many other programs, will help you understand women, get more dates, and have more success in your dating.

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