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This is more than an ebook that just teaches you how to flirt; this is a work that will change your life by giving your the confidence to talk to women any time you want to, without feeling ANY fear or nervousness. You will learn in this book how to flirt with women in ways that most people would never think of; you will never need to worry about coming off as fake or trying too hard. You will learn ways of flirting that you never knew were real things! Do you feel anxiety or fear when you try to talk to a beautiful woman? This book will teach you to see talking to woman is an EASY thing! You don't have to worry about it any more. You never need to worry about feeling anxiety when flirting anymore; you will learn the tricks of master flirts and confident people. Start today! More here...

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The Making of a Successful Flirt

Understanding the fundamentals of flirting Recognising and sending flirting signals Putting yourself in the flirting zone other Nature has blessed you with all the skills you need to be a super flirt. Perhaps you've lost touch with these skills along the way or haven't used them enough to have full confidence in them, but believe me you do have the skills and you can improve them to whatever degree you desire. Flirting is a subtle combination of body language, confidence, attitude, and appearance. You can employ these features of your character to flirt in different ways, from the innocent, non-sexual, mutual kind of flirting where you're not attracted to the other person to full-on flirting when you're madly attracted to someone. Flirting's not just about sex, although that is a very pleasant by-product when the feeling's mutual, but about making personal connections with people you find interesting and want to get to know. When you flirt with someone they feel good about...

Who to flirt with Flirting for fun

At one level, you can flirt with more or less anyone. An exchange of admiring glances or a bit of light-hearted flirtatious banter can brighten the day, raise self-esteem and strengthen social bonds. Flirtation at this level is harmless fun, and only the stuffiest killjoys could possibly have any objections. Clearly, it makes sense to exercise a degree of caution with people who are married or attached. Most people in long-term relationships can cope with a bit of admiration, and may even benefit from knowing that others find them or their partners attractive, but couples differ in their tolerance of flirtatious behaviour, and it is important to be alert to signs of discomfort or distress. Research has also shown that men have a tendency to mistake friendly behaviour for sexual flirting. This is not because they are stupid or deluded, but because they tend to see the world in more sexual terms than women. There is also evidence to suggest that women are naturally more socially skilled...

Getting Yourself in the Flirting Mindset

If someone like Jane can grasp the positivity initiative, anyone can. Just think of the rewards and stay focused on becoming the brilliant flirt you are. To be a brilliant flirt you have to approach it as though you can't fail. Obviously not every flirtation is going to go exactly to plan, but learning from your errors is all part of the process. Remember flirting's about having attitude if you believe you can do it, you can. If your fears of rejection are getting in your way, overcome them with help from Chapter 15. Practise flirting every day, with people of all ages and with both men and women. Mastering the innocent mutual kind of flirting first is an important step to take to enable you to successfully conquer the full-on variety.

Identifying Your Flirting Style and Making It More Effective

Establishing your flirting benchmark Fixing the flaws Modifying your approach Firing up your flirting prowess dentifying your flirting style is a great opportunity to reflect on the most successful parts of your flirting skills as well as identifying the aspects that perhaps aren't working as well as they could be or are even holding you back. Discovering which tricks make your flirting icons so successful with the opposite sex also helps you reinvent yourself as the kind of flirt you've always aspired to be

When you think of someone being a flirt do you instantly think game player Is it cheap or scary and you wouldnt be

Could it be true that flirting is actually a method of making someone else feel good If that is true then how can it be perceived as negative. We are all being flirted with by people, shops, advertising, politicians etc. on a daily basis - someone or something is sending us messages constantly that they want us to act on. Marketing people constantly flirt with inspirational images to get us to buy, people flirt to get us to like them at work or maybe they are looking for some kind of a relationship. Everyone loves to be liked and no matter what you look like we all have qualities that others will love and be drawn to. In the context of this book we will be looking at the fun world of flirting with the opposite sex, with the view to a date relationship. We will be dispelling the myths that it is cheap and cheesy, and will explore how we all portray ourselves and what messages are being sent out. You will have fun finding out how to decipher the messages people are sending, even if they...

Setting yourself flirting challenges

To get results in a diet, for example, you have to set targets most diets initially aim for a 10 per cent loss in your body weight. Why not use that figure as a target to improve your flirting For great flirting results, look to hit 10 per cent of your flirting opportunities with an eyebrow flash, smile, and greeting in your first few days. If you have ten opportunities a day, a 10 per cent improvement means you have to connect with just one person. Getting to know more about the person you're flirting with.

Adopting the right flirting attitude

Flirting attitudes range from 'I can't bring myself to flirt with someone unless I know they really fancy me' to 'throw enough mud at a wall and some of it will stick'. Both attitudes present problems. At one end, you're vastly limiting your options due to fear of rejection at the other, people who could be genuinely interested in you are put off as you may be viewed as insincere or shallow. Moderation never killed anyone the middle ground's the best place to start with your attitude to flirting to bag the person of your dreams. For the reserved flirt If your attitude towards flirting is to be very reserved, to the point of being misinterpreted as disinterested, you need to push your comfort zones to gain more success. Starting with rejection risk-free encounters, for example with people you come across in your everyday encounters, is the best approach. For the flirt-with-everyone flirt If you're very flirtatious by nature, but never seem to get the person you really want to date,...

Making flirting easy to spot

The key to starting a flirtation is making it easy to spot. Make sure that the person you want to flirt with can see that your behaviour with them is different to the behaviour you demonstrate to the other people around them. Chapter 10 covers how to give off the right signals. tBEn Some people need more evidence that a flirtation is on offer than others before they'll reciprocate. For example, when making eye contact, look at them for longer than you would look at other people in the room, smile more at them than at the other people around you, have a smaller proximity between you than with others, and so on. This way it's obvious to the person that you're treating them differently and if the feeling is mutual they'll reciprocate. You're much more likely to initiate a fabulous flirtation if you're dressed for the part. Chapter 5 offers plenty of makeover ideas. Dressing for success makes you feel more confident and is much more likely to bring you flirting success.

Use flirting as a way to show a woman that you have a sense of humor

Flirting brings out the playfulness we're seeking in a man. It can last a few minutes, hours, days, or even months depending on the situation and setting. When you begin flirting with us, we're imagining what kind of lover you'll be in a relationship. Flirting doesn't always have to be sexual. You can flirt with anyone on a daily basis -from the grocery store cashier to the waitress who brings you your meals at lunch. In fact, I strongly advise you to practice your flirting techniques with women who don't intimidate you if you feel that you're out of practice.

How to Flirt Effectively

Men and women flirt differently, for different reasons and expect different outcomes to the flirting. Some men flirt with women primarily to get sex. However, if you put aside that outcome and flirt just to be friendly you are opening yourself to different opportunities. You may well end up with a new lover but if that doesn't work out you could meet someone who becomes a good friend and who knows who she might introduce you to. Keep your options open. After you have exchanged glances and smiles across a room and you are fairly confident that SHE thinks that she might like to get to know you better, send a drink to her. But remember that ALL you are buying is a drink. Important Do not ever put your hands on a woman uninvited. Some women have no objection to 'touchy feely' encounters, others are horrified by it. Respect the person until you have had the opportunity to know more about her. Touching can be a lovely flirty action, but should be confined to the arms or resting the hand...

Flirt From The Very Start

When you know how to incorporate flirting as a form of adult verbal play, you tune in to a certain frequency in a woman's mind and cause her to go into a very special kind of emotional state. One of the keys to effective flirting is to get it . In other words, you have to actually get out there and practice so you get a feel for how it works. But take my word for it once you learn how to flirt effectively and communicate in the language of adult play , you WILL SIMPLY NOT BELIEVE how women will respond to you.

Flirting tips for ladies

Every woman has a sexy flirt inside of her capable of getting a man's attention. However, not all women carry the self confidence or know-how on bringing this flirtatious side out. Flirting plays a big part in the dating world. In fact, you cannot score a date with any man unless you give them the green light- a sign that expresses that we are interested in them. After all, women are not the only ones struggling with doubts and insecurities about themselves. Men also feel insecure and unsure on how to put themselves out there. They are afraid of reading a woman wrong, fear getting rejected and are also intimidated by women they find very attractive. So, if you see a man you think is attractive and you want to get the communication started, you have to help the boy out a little By helping him out, you will help yourself out too- because you like him and want to talk to him, so let the flirting begin Flirting does not have to be very aggressive. It depends on your personality. If you...

Ten Tips for Safe Flirting

Our mother told you never to speak to strangers, but now you're an adult you can just adopt safe strategies when flirting and dating. Always keep safety in the back of your mind whilst flirting, but don't worry about it so much that it prevents you from enjoying it. Be aware of these ten top tips to ensure that you can flirt with gay abandon and remain safe in the process. In any scenario where you don't know the individual you're flirting with, keep your work and home email address, postal address, and telephone numbers to yourself. If you're having a chance encounter flirting with a stranger and you or they want to meet, ask for their number so that you can control the flow of information and contact. Before speaking to your date about arranging a venue to meet, consider the following tips to pick the perfect spot for your flirting encounter and to ensure you meet as safely as possible Take Your Flirting Slowly Pacing your flirtation is important, particularly if you're flirting...

Reading and Reacting to Female Flirting Signals

Women have some extra flirting clues that are peculiar to the fairer sex. Look out for these in addition to the clues you've gleaned already. You may know the old saying 'a face can tell a thousand stories'. In the midst of a flirtation you can certainly tell a lot from a woman's facial expression, particularly by knowing how to read her eyes and mouth movements. The widening or closing of a gap between you and another person can say a lot more than words about the other person's attitude towards you. In the world of flirting the mantra has to be 'the closer the better', and here I look at the unique methods that women employ to make that happen. (You can read more about proximity in Chapter 10.) Never approach a woman from behind because it's a threatening approach. Also, it doesn't give you the opportunity to pave the way with your non-verbal flirting gestures. Always approach in her line of vision. Always compliment a woman on her great choice of handbag. Women spend a lot of time...

Tip 28 Know how to flirt

This person likes you and is flirting. Because without realizing it, you are an expert in flirting and body language. What would dating be without flirting Flirting is fabulous, flirting is fun, flirting is giving out signals that we may be interested in someone, or we may be pretending. But within reason, flirting is part and parcel of our daily lives. Flirting can be harmful when it threatens fidelity but it can also be sexy and bring people closer together. Some people are good at flirting and some people hopeless. Are you a flirt If you are you know it and are secretly proud of the fact. It is sexy when you flirt and people like it. Flirting means giving people attention, it means, smiling, touching, and whispering. In the right circumstances it is a powerful tool especially against the unwary. In the wrong circumstances it will get you fired. There is a gulf between flirting and unwanted sexual advances so beware. It is useful to look at some of the key indicators of flirting and...

Tip 9 Be a Perpetual Flirt who isnt afraid to take a social risk

Advertise your delight in meeting her with crisp eye contact and a gentle smile, but keep your flirting subtle. Demonstrate you're intrigued by her feminine charms, but communicate most of this non-verbally through the use of open body language and a mischievous gleam in your eye. If it's appropriate, take a little risk too. What's the big deal about male risk-taking in the eyes of women anyway The easy ability to accept a risk is an activity only engaged in by High Status Males. If you're a winner at the game of Life, then you expect to continue winning at whatever you try to do. What looks scary to a low status loser is not really a risk for a guy like you. It's this expectation of making something work no matter what that's the crucial non-verbal signal being broadcast to her by risking. You want the label of the risk-taker on you at any cost, so seek it wherever you can.

Flirting with intent The signs

Flirting with intent is when someone's interested in being more than just friends and their behaviour changes to indicate the romantic Establishing if someone wants more than friendship is useful when you're flirting with intent or are trying to determine whether someone else is flirting with intent with you. People who flirt with intent do more than simply smile, make good eye contact, and show an interest. Watch for these behaviours These behaviours are also different to their behaviour towards the other people around you. See Chapter 12 for more on how to read flirting signals. People who like or are in tune with you mirror your body language. Mirroring is simply where we copy the other person's gestures, body language, or behaviour. For example, if the other person crosses their leg towards you, and you mirror them, you cross your leg towards them. If you're curious whether the person with whom you're flirting with intent feels the same way about you, watch to see if they mirror...

Banishing flirting baggage

Flirting baggage is all the bad experiences we carry with us that convert into negative feelings and effectively stop us from fulfilling our flirting potential. Banishing your flirting baggage is a must before you rebuild your lovely flirting skills. Two types of baggage exist The type that you harbour inside you. If your baggage has been going round in your mind for a while, you've probably blown it out of all proportion. This baggage isn't as bad as you think it is, and it certainly isn't important to the new flirtations in your life. They're flirting with you to get to know you better, not to get to know your life history of hang-ups. You're going to replace your baggage with new experiences with your new flirtations - time to move on. Think about the last time you saw someone you fancied did any nagging doubts about your flirting prowess or previous relationships prevent you from talking to them Don't let your inhibitions or past experiences thwart your flirting ambitions. When...

Making the Right Initial Choices A Flirting Checklist

Choosing to flirt with someone you find attractive, as opposed to someone who's available, is a very common mistake and one of the main reasons for rejection. Yet the person being rejected takes it personally, even when the object of their failed flirtation wasn't looking for someone to flirt with in the first place. You can minimise your chances of rejection at the early stages of a flirtation by working through the flirting checklist and making sure everyone's getting the right message. Mark had an abysmal track record of flirting with women. None of them seemed to like him and he'd written himself off as a hopeless flirt, so sick of knock-backs he'd vowed never to approach a strange woman again. Actually, Mark was quite able to flirt with women who approached him. It transpired that his rejection was simply down to picking women who were either out with their boyfriends or not interested in flirting. Mark had to work quite hard at learning how to tell who was available for...

The Secret Language of Flirting and Sexual Chemistry

When we say there's chemistry between people, what we're really saying is that they're both flirting with each other. It only takes one person to flirt, but it takes two to have chemistry. To have chemistry with a woman, you need to flirt with her she can't create chemistry by herself and is even socially conditioned not to start flirting unless you do. Flirting is obvious to some people, while others even if they can feel it when someone does it to them, have no idea what it really is or how to do it themselves. To learn what's behind it, let's list some examples These are some of the most common forms of flirting. I don't mean that every time someone acts in one of these manners they're necessarily flirting. it's just that when someone does flirt, these are the likely ways for them to do it. We discussed Broca's region of the brain in the last chapter and how it directs our attention to new stimuli. What flirting does is provide new stimuli instead of the expected ones, and by doing...

How to Read Female Flirting Signals

It's a girl's non-verbal flirting signals that give a guy the green light to approach her. Guys, if you're not sure, look for several of these signs of flirting. One alone means little or nothing - her lips felt dry she has an itch or a stiff neck - but when the signs come together, she's up for it She follows the flirting triangle. Her eyes move between your eyes and your mouth - and linger increasingly on your mouth. Yes, she's thinking of kissing you. There's also the corollary effect that this will make you want to kiss her

Grasping the Gender Gap and Other Strategies for Flirting Success

7o enjoy life as a successful flirt, you have to start treating the opposite sex as an opposite sex. While employers may like to pretend 'staff' means an androgynous mass of people, and reams of red tape enforce the concept, ultimately we're opposite sexes. From the office to the bedroom, different things make each gender tick and trying to pretend otherwise is flirting suicide. Embracing the differences and the common attributes is key to honing your flirting muscles.

ABF Always Be Flirting

One of the great guy movies of the last decade is Glengarry Glen Ross. It's essentially a male power struggle in the realm of real estate sales. One of the lines in the movie (and in sales) is ABC - Always Be Closing. I'm updating that for you and your dating search to ABF -Always Be Flirting. You have to take on a certain mindset if you want to improve and become more successful with women. All too frequently, men look at dating and the prospecting process as an isolated event. They are either being themselves or they are flirting and dating, as if the two are separate parts of their personalities. I am here to tell you that you must fuse these two parts of your behavior if you are to move on to the level of True Performance with women. It's like adding an octane boost to your fuel, and you'll make exponential strides in your development. Whenever you are talking with a woman (or women), you are flirting. Remember Teasing is flirting. The best kind of flirtation with a woman is to...

Changing Your Flirting Style

Changing your flirting style and finding success happens much quicker if you actively do something to help. Reading this book is a ( M j start, but just like buying a lotion for curing baldness or cellulite, if it just sits in your bathroom cabinet you won't see any results.

Where flirting starts and ends

Women worry about what they're going to wear and men dwell on the challenge of delivering the perfect chat-up line for good reason. Those details provide the start of the flirting spectrum for each sex. Men, on the other hand, tend to believe that flirting starts the moment they open their mouth and issue a chat-up line. That's why they worry so much about what they're going to say. This opening line is also generally considered the point at which you're most at risk of rejection. As men are often the ones making the first move, they can dread this point the most. Avoid falling into the trap of worrying about what you're going to say and reset your starting point for a flirtation to the initial eye contact. This contact is a less risky start than the 'chat-up line' approach and achieves a higher degree of success. You feel more positive about your flirting approach and create more successful outcomes. To be a successful flirt, you need only tailor your appearance to suit your style,...

Guide to Flirting

What Social Science can tell you about flirting and how to do it Why do we flirt Flirting is much more than just a bit of fun it is a universal and essential aspect of human interaction. Anthropological research shows that flirting is to be found, in some form, in all cultures and societies around the world. Flirting is a basic instinct, part of human nature. This is not surprising if we did not initiate contact and express interest in members of the opposite sex, we would not progress to reproduction, and the human species would become extinct. According to some evolutionary psychologists, flirting may even be the foundation of civilisation as we know it. They argue that the large human brain - our superior intelligence, complex language, everything that distinguishes us from animals - is the equivalent of the peacock's tail a courtship device evolved to attract and retain sexual partners. Our achievements in everything from art to rocket science may be merely a side-effect of the...

How to flirt

The first key to successful flirting is not an ability to show off and impress, but the knack of conveying that you like someone. If your 'target' knows that you find him or her interesting and attractive, he or she will be more inclined to like you. When asked about flirting, most people - particularly men - focus on the verbal element the 'chatting-up', the problems of knowing what to say, finding the right words, etc. In fact, the non-verbal element - body-language, tone of voice, etc. - is much more important, particularly in the initial stages of a flirtation.

Nonverbal flirting

Warning some of the non-verbal flirting techniques outlined in this section are very powerful signals, and should be used with caution. Women should be particularly careful when using signals of interest and attraction. Men already tend to mistake friendliness for flirting if your signals of interest are too direct and obvious, they will mistake them for sexual availability.

Verbal flirting

Although your target's initial impressions of you will depend more on your appearance, body language and voice than on what you actually say, successful flirting also requires good conversation skills. The 'art' of verbal flirting is really just a matter of knowing the rules of conversation, the unwritten laws of etiquette governing talking and listening. The best and most enjoyable conversations may seem entirely spontaneous, but the people involved are still obeying rules. The difference is that they are following the rules automatically, without consciously trying, just as skilled, experienced drivers do not have think about changing gears. But understanding how the rules of conversation work - like learning how and when to change gears - will help you to converse more fluently, and flirt more successfully. Studies have shown that women tend to be more skilled at informal social conversation than men, both because they are naturally more socially sensitive, and because they have...

Friendly flirting

Friendly flirting consists of smiling, making good eye contact, and showing interest in other people - the common assets for both sexes mentioned in Chapter 3. This type of flirting is suitable for both sexes and all ages. Telling if someone is just being friendly is relatively straightforward. If they're demonstrating only the common behaviours listed in the preceding paragraph, you can assume that the flirtation is purely friendly. Adopt friendly flirting as your general approach to everyone. This type of flirting prepares your flirting skills for the more advanced flirting techniques when you want to bag a date. And, you never know who's watching you your friendly behaviour could be just the cue they need to have the confidence to approach you.

Flirting from afar

First, lock down on your target, be it Craig from accounts or the stunner at the end of the bar, by shooting them a coy, fleeting glance. When your eyes meet, hold their gaze for one sweet second before looking down or away. This move can be repeated as often as you feel is necessary (bearing in mind that there is a fine line between a 'flirty flash' and a 'staring stalker') to give your chosen hottie the OK to approach you. However, if they remain put, it is best to just write them off as taken, very shy or simply not interested. Mandy, a self-confessed serial flirter, suggests hunting in packs. 'I like to walk through a crowd of potentials while my friends sit back and watch,' she says. 'Later they will tell me which men gave me the eye or checked me out, so I'll know exactly which guys to flirt with as the night

Ten Flirting Gaffes

Dodging unmentionable subjects Dealing with dating disasters Avoiding unintentional flirting quashers rhis book covers everything you need to know to be the perfect flirt. Sometimes, though, the things you shouldn't be doing are equally important to perfecting your flirting game. Don't dwell on the points listed, simply make a mental note to avoid them (especially if you can recall doing any of them ) and keep on with all the good stuff in the rest of the book. As entertaining as some of the points are, I promise they're all true and have happened to some poor soul in the past.


First I want to talk about the concept of flirting , and why it's SO Important that you understand exactly what It )s and how to do it with women. To begin with, women know what flirting Is, and they respond VERY differently to flirting communication than they do to typical social communication. Again, If you understand flirting and sexual tension, you can begin conversations with women and have them INSTANTLY feeling ATTRACTION for you. If you DONT understand how flirting and sexual tension work, then you're either going to have to become famous or make a LOT of money to be successful with women. I'm going to suggest that you learn how to flirt well,then do It RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING in your Interactions with women to SET THE RIGHT TONE. Flirting continued Think of flirting like playing. Flirting is similar. If you start talking to a woman and say Hi, you're very pretty. You probably have a boyfriend, right In a normal tone of voice, you're NOT flirting. you get no attention from...

Flirting with intent

But flirting is also an essential element of the mate-selection process, and when you are 'flirting with intent', rather than just 'flirting for fun', you need to be a bit more selective about your choice of target. In mate-selection flirting, there are two basic rules about who to flirt with that will increase your chances of success and reduce the likelihood of embarrassing rejections. 1. Do initiate flirtation with people of roughly the same level of attractiveness as yourself But evaluating your own attractiveness may be difficult. Research has shown that many women have a poor body-image, and often underestimate their attractiveness. Some recent studies indicate, for example, that up to 80 of adult women believe that they are too fat, and try to achieve a figure that is around two sizes smaller than the body-size men find most desirable. If you are female, the odds are that you are more attractive than you think, so try flirting with some better-looking men. Men generally tend to...

So what is my technique

2) Do without doing, say without saying, flirt without flirting. This is good. When flirting a girl, don't let her feel that you are dying for her. Women have a sixth sense, they know when a guy likes her and they feel that everybody like her, so, what you should do is, be less attentive, pay attention to what she needs but don't make her feel too important.

Being in rapport shows you have appreciation of the other persons point of view even if you dont agree or understand it

You are now in full-flirt and it's probably safe to ask for her number at the end of the night with a view to getting to know her better on a date. Who knows, she might not want to wait. Each to their own - just make sure you are having fun and not hurting anyone. Now that you have read the 5 basic steps it all just comes down to confidence and trying things out. After all, what's the worst thing that can happen She says 'no' and she may have 101 reasons, so don't be down hearted. If you have read the signals properly, chances are she won't.

Mistake 7 Dont know what to say

In sum, you can't sidestep the flirting part, yet it is where most men make mistakes. The unfortunate circumstance is a constant merry-go-round of rejections, or worse, could-have-hads-but-chickened-outs. Master the art of flirting and you could see an increase in your dates with women. Flirting is an interesting art that's used to generate attraction and interest from the opposite sex. It's the middleman between having a normal conversation and asking her out. Why do you want to flirt with a girl The best reason is so that she can become attracted to you through conversation, and then you can ask her out. If you start off with a normal conversation at the beginning, she might think that you're friend material. So if yous tart flirting with her from the get go, she'll know that you mean business. Let's go on and learn the art of flirting.

A study of this very situation was created in the US A goodlooking guy was tasked with approaching girls in the street

Bars, pubs and clubs are the obvious places to go, but they do attract clubbers and bar hoppers, and if that's not what you are into, then this may not be for you. So think about the type of person you want and go to the type of places you think would attract the personality types you are after. Bear in mind that because bars are easy and single people do go to these places, you may meet someone who will gradually want to stop or slow it down once they are with you, so don't rule it out if this is not totally your scene. I would, however, suggest you do go, if only to practice your flirting techniques. Internet dating has become very fashionable. It is a great way to meet lots of people. It's easy, because it is remote and the dilemma of initial introduction flirting process is removed, which I believe is why it is so attractive. It's inexpensive and easy to join and you can shop for people in the comfort of your own home, which is why it's so popular. Singles nights are obvious and...

Considering your date

So far, you have flirted, met amazing people and exchanged numbers. All of your goals so far have been achieved. Your confidence is soaring, you look great, life looks so much brighter and more colourful than ever before. It's now time to reflect on your amazing achievement, before you move on. Your next question is what am I going to do with my new skills Do I just continue to flirt, be single and have fun or do I want to start dating What criteria does your potential date need to meet before you will agree to go out with him her You will have picked up some information whilst flirting together, but by making a call and chatting, this will generate some further answers to your questions. But what are the questions Write yourself a list that answers the following key questions. This will create a profile of what is important to you in a relationship situation. Remember, it's your list and your life, so spend some time on this and you will eradicate a lot of heartache in the long run.

STOP right there back the truck up and step away from the expectation

Most importantly, establish your goal and take steps to work towards it, every day. If you do this, you cannot fail. Thank you so much for reading this short book. I would love to hear your experiences, so send me your flirting and relationship stories to feedback

What is selfesteem and why is it important

Is it what happens when we are in a situation and we don't feel in control Without self-esteem, we lose our confidence and not having those two qualities is why most people do not have the skills to flirt. We all have negative belief systems that hold us back though life, but they are not fixed - you can change them. I'm sure at some point in your life you have achieved something amazing, something that years before you believed was not possible, by achieving that goal you dispelled that fact and therefore proved that your beliefs are not facts. So, if you feel you cannot be a natural flirt, you will be wrong. It can be learnt. All you have to do is understand the processes and try some of the exercises in this book. In a short time, you will be in full-flirt mode and wondering what all the fuss was about as you focusing on having fun with your new toy which is YOU Just watch how people react differently to you. What's more, watching how others interact is fascinating. You won't be...

Facial expression

An ability to 'read' and interpret the facial expressions of your partner will improve your chances of successful flirting, as will awareness of what you are signalling with your own expressions. learn from the 'Verbal flirting' sections of this Guide, these are essential ingredients of successful flirting. So, assuming your target finds you attractive, an eyebrow-flash with appropriate follow-up could leapfrog you into instant intimacy.


Good listeners have distinct advantages in the flirting stakes, but being a good listener is not just about shutting up and letting the other person talk (although this certainly helps). Good listening is essentially about giving good 'feedback', which involves giving both verbal and non-verbal signals to show that you are a) paying attention, and b) interested. Research has shown that these basic feedback signals are highly effective in winning friends and influencing people. They can even result in concrete, tangible rewards studies have found, for example, that candidates who give this sort of feedback during job interviews are more likely to be successful than those who do not. Even just a few nods can significantly improve your chances, both in interviews and in flirtatious conversation. If you are not sure about the difference, remember that open questions begin with one of the following words Who, What, When, Where, How, Why. Journalists and personnel managers are taught to ask...

Hands and arms

Hands are just great for flirting, from touching each other to touching ourselves. Touching ourselves in public, you cry You'll get arrested Men and women tend to touch themselves a lot when flirting - they play with their hair, women pull their hair from their face to expose their necks. (Note Watch for slightly flushed necks and chest, blood is rushing around due to arousal). Women stroke their necks and play with necklaces near the breast areas. Some women in full flirt will innocently slide their finger in to their mouth, whilst holding your eye contact. Innocent, my foot All these actions are to bring attention to those areas of the body she would like you to be touching. Men are really no different - they will be touching their faces and playing with their hair in much the same way. Have you also noticed that some women have very limp wrists - this is a submissive action and will send out the message she wants to be dominated. Look out for self-preening and adjusting clothing -...

Vocal signals

You may be surprised to see this heading in the 'Non-verbal flirting' section, but 'verbal' means 'words' and vocal signals such as tone of voice, pitch, volume, speed of speech, etc. are like body-language in that they are not about what you say, the words you use, but about how you say it. We noted at the beginning of this 'non-verbal' section that people's first impressions of you are based 55 on your appearance and body language, 38 on your style of speaking and only 7 on what you actually say. In other words, body-language may be your most important 'flirting tool', but vocal signals come a very close second. The more you think about that 38 , the more concerned you will be to ensure that your vocal signals make the best possible impression. An ability to 'read' the vocal signals of the person you are flirting with will also help you to find out how he or she really feels about you.

Tip 3 How to Manage Pain

Set a threshold of emotional investment with women so that you limit your potential pain from them. If you find it difficult to flirt and hit on the ladies because it's too painful, back off a bit. If you get caught up in the game of trying to figure out why she didn't call, or why she always flirts with other guys when you're around, you'll create a lot of pain for yourself. Stay as detached from her as possible at the early stages so you can avoid getting misled and confused.

Date Day Preparations

In this part, I also give you the information you need to make it over the first, generally awkward minutes of a first date things like what to talk about (and what to avoid), how to flirt, how to listen, and how to gauge how things are going by being aware of body language.

What Youre Not to Read

You don't have to read any of the stories in the sidebars to understand the points made in the nearby sections. These sidebars are useful, though, to demonstrate a point and to reassure you that you're not the only person to experience flirting embarrassments or problems. Most of the stories have happy endings and so offer a bit of inspiration in your flirting development.

Icons Used in This Book

Tips are practical pieces of advice for developing and honing your flirting skills in a particular area and actions you should take to help you achieve a certain level of flirting ability. Beware of these points they can make or break a flirting situation. Fact icons highlight information relating to flirting, people, and behaviour.

Where to Go From Here

If you feel you already know the information in a certain section, skip to other sections that are more useful to you. You don't need to read this book from cover to cover, although getting the whole flirting picture and covering all your bases won't hurt. Beyond this book, I suggest you head straight to the nearest public place and get started. There's no time like the present - if you can't get out of the house, get on the phone or the Internet. Someone's out there just waiting for someone like you to give them a little sign that you'd like to get to know them better. Flirt for more friends, more confidence, and more dates.

The Female Mating Call Respond Properly and Youre In

I was reading an article in one of those women's magazines like Cosmo or something similar (don't worry, I always keep these psycho-babble rags hidden inside my copy of Hustler) Anyway, it was all about how these really hot looking babes were having so much trouble getting a rise out of American men. This story was written by some super hot model-type chick, and all she did was lament about the fact that anytime she sees some cute guy and tries to lay the heavy flirt on him non-verbally (with long, pouty looks from across the room, that sort of thing) he gives her the aloof treatment and doesn't respond. Are all these guys scared of good looking girls or what Moral of the Story The typical Euro dude understands what his role in the seduction game is, and has been culturally indoctrinated on how to respond to flirtatious women properly. He's a natural. You and I are clueless lunkheads. I know, I know you just want to smack the snooty, jet-setting Miss Model upside her head....

Evaluating your confidence level

To gauge how confident you are as a flirt, ask yourself these questions If you answered both questions with 2s You're pointing in the right direction but need a little more conviction to get your flirting muscles flexing. If you've got a mixed result You're more confident in one setting than the other. When it comes to flirting you have to use it or lose it, so put more effort into the area with the higher score and watch all your relationships flourish. To further understand your confidence level, ask yourself the same questions but for someone to whom you're not attracted. Getting a smaller score (2s instead of 3s or 1s instead of 2s, for example) indicates that you're more confident flirting with people you're not attracted to and therefore less confident when you fear rejection. Take heart, though I've never met anyone that relishes rejection, but by using all the steps in the book you'll be able to spot the key signs, minimise your chances of rejection, and flirt with confidence.

The Way Women Want Men to

The problem is that this discovery process involves trial and error and necessitates a painful rejection with every false move. If you have a low tolerance for rejection to begin with, then the need to avoid it becomes more important than perfecting your flirting-seducing-mating skills. You may give up on the process long before your training is complete and can begin to reap the rewards of your efforts. You stop learning, and your stunted development precludes any further success insuring a high probability of continued rejection. Since the rejection pain now overwhelms whatever drive you might have to meet women, you withdraw completely. Withdrawal is the worst thing you can do because as your skills atrophy your attitude follows along with it. Now you're beginning to take on all the characteristics of the low level submissive male, and women will show less and less interest in you. See how this damn thing slowly spirals out of control

Making up for missed opportunities

Think back over the last month and count how many opportunities you missed to engage with someone (not just someone you fancy, but anyone of either gender) consider colleagues, friends, people in the street, or attractive strangers. Any one of those people would've felt better about themselves following a friendly exchange or flirtation, could've been the next link in the chain towards meeting your dream date, or could've actually been your dream date. Taking advantage of all those missed opportunities is the next step in ramping up your flirting abilities. Make a conscious decision to do something different. This may sound counterintuitive, but if your total missed opportunities are zero or very few, then some lifestyle changes are needed. In other words, if you have few opportunities to capitalise on, you need to actually make some. You need to be around people to make yourself feel more human and involved (see Chapter 6 for ideas on where to find other singletons). Other ways to...

Tip 15 Avoid the Wrong Types

The Flirt Very attractive in the first place but one of the worst dates you can choose in the longer term. Flirts love to have fun and be the centre of attention and of course flirting is very sexy. But here we are referring to serial flirters, those who cannot help but wanting to be the centre of attention with the opposite (or same) sex every time you go out.

Pain management is your answer

Set a threshold of emotional investment with women so that you limit your potential pain from them. If you find it difficult to flirt and hit on the ladies because it's too painful, back off a bit. Just say Hi as you pass them on the street. Reduce your energy output so that you don't feel impacted by her response. When you get Another form of pain management is to ensure that you interpret women's reactions correctly. It's easy and tempting to read too much into a woman's behavior, and even more difficult to not take her reactions too seriously. Remember that while you're trying to get into her bed, you should never try to get into her head. You need to keep your observation of her behavior based only on the results you get. Watch only what she does, not what she says. Her actions will tell you what she is feeling, even when her words seem to contradict. If you get caught up in the game of trying to figure out why she didn't call, or why she always flirts with other guys when you're...

Always Have Your Antenna

As a review, just remember to stay focused on the process of flirting and kidding around with women, and release yourself from worrying about what the outcome should be. If you come to view the opportunity to flirt as a fun thing to do for it's own sake, instead of choking on the pressure of trying to score with her, you'll at least be able to function. The pressure of trying to score all the time is too much even for guys who are good at it, much less for the unskilled and the low confident. Being able to feel you have no goal in mind but to have a little verbal banter defuses the pressure cooker and re-frames what's happening in your mind so that it isn't so life and death. This allows you to 1) open your mouth and not be afraid to at least say something thus subduing your rejection sensitivity, and 2) assume a relaxed attitude that takes you light-years down the right track towards actually doing the thing that you're not really even trying to do, i.e., seduce her

Reading the line of Heart

The Line can display small branches sweeping upwards or drooping downward from it. Upwards indicates the natural flirt, and downward trouble with the opposite sex, or the sex of choice. A pale, broad line illustrates a noncaring attitude toward others, particularly in matters of love. A clear, deep line, presents energy and vitality in affairs of the heart. Breaks in the Line of Heart show disappointment in love and friendship. A chained Line of Heart, which is one made up of tiny island formations, speaks of someone who doens't trust others, especially in matters of love. These people often go from relationship to relationship, unable to establish any lasting connection. Sometimes, the chained formation will appear in only a small portion of the line, indicating that the person is able to overcome his or her mistrusting nature.

Tip 21 Dont spill your guts in the first few minutes of a conversation reveal yourself slowly

I flirt around with waitresses at the various eateries that I hang out at, but I'm always careful to dole out only bits and pieces of myself whenever I talk to them. They'll hang around and chit-chat with me. inevitably slipping in a personal question now and then, almost as if they can't help themselves. Their curiosity about me must really nag them But not so fast. I paint a picture of myself layer by layer, forcing them to wait to view the finished product.

Use Your Body Language Effectively

Flirting is extremely important when communicating with women that you intend to pick up. Everyone can flirt, but not all can flirt successfully. You will soon be able to flirt with women and achieve great results This chapter is full of suggestions for effective flirting. To become an expert at flirting you need practice, practice and There are many women out there eager to flirt with men. You may not see yourself with all of them, but you should still use them to practice your techniques Practice making women smile practice talking to women practice being funny and charming practice new lines practice asking for her phone number. You should especially practice reading women - approach them to compare their reactions to what you expected. Every time you are right about a woman's thoughts you will become more of an expert at reading women. You will become more confident and, when it comes time to flirt with a woman you really want to date or sleep with, you'll...

Tip 27 Dont ever settle

The task of meeting the perfect mate is really no different than buying the perfect house or finding the perfect career for yourself it's all a numbers game. Your chances of success increase in direct proportion to the sheer number of items that you consider for purchase before settling on your final selection. It will be at varying times grueling, stimulating, frustrating, thrilling, maddening and invigorating. Ain't life grand The best way to take some of the ultimate grief out of this process is to hook up with a woman who chooses you first by being the one to initiate the flirt. It's hard to go wrong in terms of finding a loyal partner if you allow yourself to be the selectee instead of the selector . This is why it pays big dividends to keep your male display polished up and shining brightly at all times. Keep on pulling those cute little moths into your flame One possible problem with this passive method of seduction though is that the women who select you with their flirtatious...

Genuine attraction signals how to give them and how to receive them

I'm often asked about the best way to attract a mate or flirt Sex sells, and so there's a whole raft of books on the subject however, most of them tend to bark up the wrong tree Active flirt signals, the kind of stuff you'd need to read about before launching yourself onto an unsuspecting potential mate, do tend to be a little overly dramatic and often veer into what I can only describe as retro camp, with fluttering eyelashes, self-touch that would have your friends yelling at you to get a room and hair flicking that would send most hair extensions flying off into space

Personal ads both online and off are a neverending dating pool of prospects so be honest to find the best match possible

Some men go about flirting the same way they do everything else in life - directly stating the facts. They'll walk up, tell a woman how pretty she is and immediately say he'd like to date her. That's where flirting comes in. Flirting is the natural way we women get what we want in life. We get ahead in the workplace by flirting. We always got away with more than guys in school because we flirted our way out of it. We flirt to get out of traffic tickets. We love to flirt.

Spotting Whos Available

T My ant to know how to both increase your flirting hit rate and WW boost your confidence with the opposite sex Avoid the common mistake of chasing after people you fancy before finding out whether they're available to flirt with. The key to flirting success is taking a more strategic approach. Looking at the traditional flirting grounds as well as exploring some new ones, along with flirting blind, creates an abundance of opportunities for you to enjoy exploring as you develop your flirting prowess.

Telling Whos Available and Whos Interested

Checking out someone's availability needs to be your first priority before launching into anything more than a friendly flirt to avoid wasting your time and effort. Flirting with available people yields a much higher success rate. (Of course, this isn't such a problem if you've found someone on a singles' site by virtue of being on it you should be pretty secure in knowing that they're available.)

Your Pre Game Attitude Adjustment

1) When Flirting, think Fun, not Outcome Develop the mindset right now that you are going to flirt for fun's sake and that's all. Do not concern yourself with any preconceived notion of what the definition of success ought to be, let Nature take care of that. You're just playing. It's never Game 7 when it comes to flirting it's always just the preseason. Reject the pressure to score from your mind permanently. 2) Stay Alert for all possible opportunities to meet and flirt with women. This requires that you pull your head up out of your ass and see the world in a whole new way. A way full of promising women who could be yours if you only choose it to be so. Think you can do it

Assessing and tackling the stances people take

People generally take one of four stances when being flirted with, as the following sections explain. In addition to describing the characteristics associated with these stances, I also provide strategies you can use for each type. Following the advice here will improve your flirting hit rate enormously. The wallflower loiters at the sides of a room or the back of a group, watching the action and waiting for you to make the move to include them in the fun. You can certainly find easier types to flirt with than the wallflower, but here's what to do if other types aren't available. Be prepared to do all the running, and don't give up on first eye contact. If they're not making much eye contact generally, encourage them to make more with your own use of facial language lots of smiling, changes in expression, head nods, tilts, and so on. Flirting with a wallflower is slow work - they need your words and gestures to offer lots of encouragement and reassurance that you like them. Fence...

Knowing if theyre interested

If the person you're flirting with has a little preen, either adjusting their clothes or toying with their hair or necklace (as in Figure 6-3) for example (you can find other preening signs in the preceding section), they're letting you know they're interested. You can now safely begin a face-to-face approach. Go to Chapter 7 for information on making the first move. I was working on a show with a TV presenter and some of the contestants were getting to grips with flirting body language. They were a youngish group of contestants and refused to believe that eye contact was the most effective way to make contact with someone you want to flirt with. This particular presenter was recently single and confessed to them that she'd used all my tips and, although she felt really cheesy using the four-second eye contact routine, it worked every time.

Situation 1 Grocery Store

Opportunities Women take a lot of thought with their grocery shopping, so you have many opportunities to engage in conversation about something they're looking at. They really ponder their choices. And, you can take as long as you want to shop and flirt because there are new people coming and going every minute. Take a little while to do a little product research while you're there.

Freestyling Street Approaches

ME To be honest, I am a little nervous, I haven't seen these guys in years and they always used to pick on me for being so shy. I always looked up to these guys in a big brother sort of way. (pause) Say, you know what would rock When I meet them, I'll pass by again, so just flirt with me hardcore and I will pretend to be fighting you off, okay HER (laughing)

Scouring lonely hearts ads

Steven worked in a university, but despite trying everything from speed-dating to blind dates, he couldn't find anyone he found attractive. He spoke to the person running the speed-dating session to complain and they offered him a free session. Before the session the organisers checked out the female attendees and were quite happy that they were all attractive and in different ways. To their surprise, none of them even remotely registered as interesting to Steven. Finally, it transpired that Steven refused to flirt with someone unless he thought they were going to be 'the one'. The organiser explained that you have to kiss a few frogs before you find 'the one' and friendly flirting was a great way to get to know a frog before you get to the tonsil hockey stage. Steven decided to give it a go and before he knew it he was surrounded by flirting opportunities. Working in a university gave him plenty of colleagues and staff to choose from. Before he knew it he was well into his flirting...

Ensure Success Tonight

A woman looking to meet a man will express open body language, and she will be watching every man in the room. She is looking to choose the lucky guy who gets to take her home tonight. Despite her outspoken body language, you should always follow the points in this chapter - make eye contact and flirt with her before approaching her. Instead of looking deep into her eyes, you could play with her a little and undress her with your eyes. A woman with the goal of a one-night stand will appreciate this gesture, and the chemistry will spark This woman is sending out obvious signals of interest. Now that you know even the slightest body suggestions you can pick up on her obvious desires. You can be the lucky guy who attracts her attention using your own body language and takes her home

Knowing when to speak

To maximise your chances of a successful flirt you have to accomplish several milestones before you actually speak a word to the other person 2. The four-second glance Look at the person for four seconds, look away, and then look back. If they're still looking, they're interested. (Omit this step if you're flirting for new friends as opposed to finding dates.)

Using Women To Provoke Jealousy Over

If you have a female friend who has a crush on you but in whom you have no reciprocal romantic interest (as she's not your type), take her out to lunch with you. If you have a cute waitress take your order, flirt a bit with your waitress. Your female friend will get jealous of the waitress and will try to shoo her away with glares and comments.

Basic Exercises for Overcoming Shyness

Start flirting with people who don't intimidate you. I don't mean sexual flirting. I'm talking about getting them to laugh, playing with them, A great way to learn to flirt in this way is to sta with kids. The same kinds of silly, friendly things you can say to a child (or even a cute dog) is what Friendly Flirting is all about. 10. Flirt with scarier and scarier peopl Learn how fun it can be to bring smiles and laughter into people's lives. You don't have to be a comedian to get people to laugh. Watch others, rent movies that have people who act like what I'm talking about and practice until it's comfortable. And always practice each new level on people who are completely un-intimidating to you.

Sharpen Smart Fly With Another

The next best sharpening stone you can use to improve your seduction is to make sure you are exercising your flirting ability on every woman you meet. Whenever First, you want to keep your skills sharp for use anytime. You'll be less intimidated flirting with and seducing the women you really want when you feel comfortable using them on every woman. It will feel much more natural. More times at bat means more practice. More practice means better skills, always.

Dont go overboard or spend too much money on the first date

If you are really interested in this woman, then you can work on building sexual chemistry (see Chapter 11), however, for your first date you don't want to be too forward with your sexual interest. You want to flirt with her, and give her attention, but you don't want to offend her with sexual advances If you really like her, show her through subtle gestures like putting your hand on her back while she walks slightly ahead of you, or by giving her shoulder massage. Just take the time to check her out.

Humor Technique Fake Drama

You could, for example, flirt with a waitress by saying, What, you're out of the special and dropping your fork in shock and anger all while maintaining a sly smile that suggests you're just joking and making a big deal about something that's not actually important to you.

Women Want to Feel Special

Never, ever flirt with another woman in our presence. This is one mistake that could turn into a very ugly scene at a rapid pace. Not only is this disrespectful, but to many women it's just plain wrong. The fact that you would be willing to behave that way with your lady right there is sure to make them reconsider being involved with you. Ultimately women relate flirting to the strong possibility of cheating, which is sure to make her feel defensive. And again, think of how you'd feel if women were the ones doing the flirting in your presence. I'm pretty sure you'd be hurt, too.

Appendix A Cayman Magic

He had to remember that the only way to do this right was to just make a game of it and not try to imagine any specific outcome, otherwise the pressure would be too great and he would come off like an asshole and make a fool of himself every man's deepest dread. She was probably on vacation like he was and just kicking back, no worries, no expectations. A perfect state to be approached by a friendly, flirtatious guy, right Women love being hit on as long as the guy shows a little class and doesn't come on like a desperate freight train. He figured he should at least give it a shot. If nothing else it would make a fine memory for the two of them to carry home. Their conversation continued for nearly another hour as the twilight faded into the soft tropical evening. It remained upbeat and interesting, not too personal, and not too self-revelatory. David kept them focused in the present with the goal of creating a warm memory of this moment that perhaps they would both be able to keep...

Reducing the Risk of Rejection

Picking the right people to flirt with Managing risk by degrees Salvaging a flirtation Dealing with rejection Perspective is something we tend to lose when dealing with rejection however, it can be a great friend to your ego and help you to learn from and overcome rejection much faster. Even better than perspective is risk assessment, because it actively helps you avoid the risk of rejection and make better choices in the first place. In this chapter, you discover how to minimise the risk of rejection by making good choices of who to flirt with in the first place, stretching your comfort zone by taking risks, and equally as importantly learning how to handle rejection with dignity and confidence. Fear of rejection can often stem from an earlier rejection, possibly from your very first attempt at a meaningful flirtation with someone you found really attractive, when your hormones were racing, and the outcome was the biggest thing ever to have happened in your short life. Being...

How To Get Women To Sleep With

Throughout this entire book, and especially Chapter 3 What Women Want, you have learned different ways to impress a woman. A woman who responds to your flirting will likely respond to your sexual advances as well. Believe it or not, women are looking for sex, too - you just need to let them play the game with you. Let a woman think that she is leading the chase. Women like control just as much as men do, so you have to go along with her. Let her decide she wants to go to bed with you, and she will be more willing to sleep with you. Give her what she wants, and she'll return the favor.

How to have an office romance

Staring is an inevitable by-product of falling in love and lust, but you'll need to tone it down if you don't want to scream your affair from the rooftops If you can't help yourself there's only one way out use exactly the same amount of eye contact on all your other colleagues I Do flirt . But just a bit . Flirting is quite natural in most companies, albeit in a nonsexual way, so suddenly stopping will look suspicious I Don't suddenly start flirting with other people. This doesn't throw coworkers off the scent it just makes them swivel their gun-sights on to your partner to see how he or she is reacting Laughing maniacally while the person you love is draped over a colleague is a hard stunt to pull off

Even if Youre Engaged or Married You Still Need The Rules

Don't initiate sex, even if you want it badly. Let him be the man, the aggressor in the bedroom. Biologically, the man must pursue the woman. If you bring up sex all the time, you will emasculate him. Act as if you're a Rules girl on a first date. Be coy. Flirt when he tries to kiss you or bite your neck. This will turn him into a tiger.

Balancing Ball Busting With Regular Conversation

Flirting One of the best ways to create that initial spark is by flirting . First I want to talk about the concept of flirting and why it's SO important that you understand exactly what it is and how to do it with women. To begin with, women know what flirting is, and they respond VERY differently to flirtatious communication than they do to typical social communication. Again, if you understand flirting and sexual tension, you can begin conversations with women and have them INSTANTLY feeling ATTRACTION for you. If you DON'T understand how flirting and sexual tension work, then you're either going to have to become famous or make a LOT of money to be successful with women. I'm going to suggest that you learn how to flirt well, so you can do it RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING in your interactions with women and SET THE RIGHT TONE. If you start talking to a woman and say, Hi, you're very pretty. You probably have a boyfriend, right in a normal tone of voice, you're NOT flirting. You're just...

Tip 18 Create Sexual Tension

If you watch that show, more often than not, the dates that go really well for the guy (the few that do on that show, anyway) usually happen when the guy brings up sex and flirts heavily with the girl, usually over dinner. Some would call this playing hard to get, or hot and cold. It's where you actively flirt with a woman and then turn around and act as if you're really not interested in her. Then you go back to flirting.

Pass I Ng Shyt Tests

She'll ask for favors or tell you she is not interested in sex. But you don't play that game, you get her to do YOU favors and ultimately accuse her of trying to seduce you. Turn the tables on her and she will love you for it Tease and flirt with her and you will notice her get turned on and touch you or hit you playfully. This is sexual communication my friends. It is the art of Verbal Foreplay

Gauging Your Listeners Response

Listening Posture

Checking the linguistics is a great way to see if somebody wants to chat or flirt more with you, and works equally well in social and work environments. Interpreting linguistic clues is particularly useful if you haven't got the hang of reading body language yet or want another indicator to back it up. The three simple indicators of length, personalising, and questioning give you all the clues you need. Gill met Steve at a networking event. She was drawn to him because of his outward confidence and was really pleased she'd made the effort to talk to him, because he was great company. She loved his positive attitude to everything, and it actually drew her attention to the fact that she was constantly putting herself down and was quite negative about work generally. During the conversation, she changed direction and stopped herself from being self-effacing or negative. Changing her attitude took a bit of concentration, but she noticed that when her language altered, Steve became more...

Body Language A Conclusion

Usa Bodylanguage

Does so in a flirtatious way while maintaining provocative postures, she may just be playing hard-to-get. If this happens, you are going to have to be patient. You will want to wait for her to send the message from her subconscious mind to her conscious mind. It sometimes takes women a while to rationalize their interest in a man. People are really good at deceiving themselves. Almost as good as they are at deceiving others A woman will only signal enough for you to get the idea. If you miss or ignore the signals then she will move on because she will assume that you are either disinterested or taken. If you get the idea and begin to flirt back she will stop most of her nonverbal communication because it will have carried out its main purpose. So make sure you are bringing to consciousness all her hints and cues as they are often fleeting and rare. I have tried many of the techniques in this section and they all work. But do not take my opinion for it, try them out for yourself....

Tuning animal instincts

Flirting in the human and animal worlds has been studied by everyone from anthropologists to psychologists and you can use their findings to your benefit. Sff Studies show that women initiate flirting 90 per cent of the time. Zigi&K Although men appear to do most of the running, they actually do ry) so because women have invited their advances with their flirting signals. 1. You make eye contact. A passing glance doesn't cut it flirting requires a deliberate eye contact that's held long enough for the other person to definitely notice. Jake went to his first ever school disco. He'd looked up some tips online and spoken to his big brother about meeting girls. He came back with his ego deflated. 'I flirted at loads of girls and none of them were interested,' he told his mother. 'What made you think they were interested in the first place ' she asked. 'Nothing, I just fancied them, so I flirted at them,' he replied. Jake was lucky enough to have a mum that could give him the lowdown on...

Recognising whos available or interested

Both sexes, when choosing someone to flirt with, make the mistake of picking people that they're instantly attracted to, without first establishing if they're even interested or available. tBEit You're attracted to what you know. If you're continually going out with the 'wrong' sort of person, the first person you find attractive probably has the same attributes. I'm not suggesting that to be a successful flirt you've got to chat up people you aren't attracted to, but establishing a basic level of interest before you pin the success of your flirtation on one person is essential. Before choosing one person to flirt with, take your time and survey the room for a number of people that you'd like to flirt with.

Destroying Social Phobias

Even though it didn't work out with Hazel, I'm glad I met her because from that moment on, I learned to look everyone I saw in the eyes, well minus the shady looking guys and the drunks who talk to themselves but you know what I'm saying. In time the confidence grew and I learned how to flirt a little with the eyes. For instance, when she is at a distance, it is OK to look at some fly cutie's ass. in fact she wants you to But once she is in your presence, you have got to be more subtle, dude. Keep the eye contact on her face. Center on the eyes and break away for furtive glances at her lips. Challenge her dominance by making her look away first. You don't have to be a psycho-prick about it but make sure she knows who rules the eye contact game By the same token I also realized that there is a difference between eye contact and STARING. Remember to break your gaze and look at something one else in the room for a few seconds to avoid that stalker-on-probation look

Stop Trying To Buy Attention From Women

I have been trying your cocky and funny stuff it works like a charm But theres a problem with this one chick that i like she is a flirt. whenever im around her she always be flirting with me but the only problem is that i dont know how to take the next step. if i take the next step im afraid that shell probably move away. i dont wanna feel like a dic*. so i wanna know how should i make a move on her and not getting rejected. (I really need your advice)

Emulating someone you admire

Copying someone you admire - your flirting icon - is one of the simplest ways to improve your flirting style. Flirting icons aren't limited to the rich and famous fabulous flirts are in action all around you. If you've worked with someone who always seems to effortlessly get their own way, or who's never short of company, or who relishes entertaining a crowd of people, then you've watched a supreme flirt in action. Mimicking their technique 100 per cent isn't always possible, but you can adapt their approach to suit your style. Picking your flirting icon When choosing a flirting icon, you're not committing yourself to anything for life, only for as long as that icon is appropriate for you. Elvis may have been a great icon in his day, but you'd be getting attention for all the wrong reasons if you were trying to emulate him now. In our celebrity-obsessed culture, business professionals, entrepreneurs, film, music, and reality TV stars are all available icons. Just pick one you identify...

Looking at the Importance of Body Language

After you've said and done all the right things, your body and facial language do the rest of the work and give you all the clues you need to tell whether you're being flirted with or to let someone know how you feel about them without actually having to say a word. Figure 10-1 makes clear that the areas with the largest proportions need the most attention to create the greatest impact. A radical change to improve your flirting abilities is obviously called for Not only do you have to give off the right signs - such as good eye contact, great posture and proximity, smiling, and so on - to create a positive impact, you also have to be able to read and interpret body language. Reading others' body language is vital to flirting, socialising, and business success. The ostrich approach to flirting Khan worked in IT, in a male-dominated environment. He wasn't great with the opposite sex, so went and bought himself a book by a renowned lothario, learned it verbatim, and set about applying...

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You potentially have a higher rate of success. Considering that your dating pool has just got larger, you can afford to flirt and exchange emails with dozens of women at a time, and you can scope out compatibility before wasting time on girls you know aren't looking for the same thing you are. Even if you do better at the bar scene, adding an online profile is still going to get you in contact with more women. Dating is a numbers game, so the more women you meet, the more likely you are to find the girl you've been looking for to share your bed or your life.

Your Secretly Shamed Affection Needs

Here's the point insofar as being cursed with an unreasonable fear of rejection is concerned. Fundamental emotional needs like the desire for affection can also become shamed by an ill-intentioned or clueless parent. When this happens, it becomes impossible to experience this particular urge without simultaneously feeling deeply ashamed of it It took me years of study and introspection to understand that this is what had happened to me, and to see this psychological anomaly as being the source of my rejection sensitivity problem. I was so hypersensitive to rejection that I became paralyzed to act when an opportunity to meet and flirt with a girl presented itself. I would simply withdraw and clam up. No one could see that I was consumed by silent shame at the merest thought of what I would like to do in that situation i.e., attempt to strike up a conversation with her. Now here's the really important thing to understand about this particular form of toxic shame it wouldn't matter...

Developing Killer Rapport with Body Language

You're moving into the non-verbal territory in this part. Contrary to popular belief, what you say isn't as important as how you say it. The chapters in this part cover how to project all the right signals to let people know how interested you are, make all the right noises without saying a word, spot the secret flirting clues that are specific to men and women, and learn how to spot a liar. Enjoy practising, offering, and interpreting the body language clues you need for successful flirting.

Letting Your Fingers Do the Talking

When you first start flirting with someone you're both in your own little territory, but when things start to get more intimate you need to start invading their space, in the nicest possible sense, or inviting them into yours. Look at Figure 10-7. Can you tell who's invading whose space They've met in the middle with their glasses he's holding his position by holding his glass and using his arm as a barrier and she's doing the running. She's ventured into his space with a reassuring intentional touch on the arm and you can tell by his smile that he's happily accepted the move and their flirtation has just moved up a gear. Touching yourself is a subtle way of conveying that you're interested in the other person and you'd like to invite them to flirt more with you. By touching yourself you draw attention to your body and to those parts where you'd like the other person to touch you. protect them from the hurt. Yet in the highly litigious environment in which we live, touching has become...

The Seven Perfect Attributes in Men that Women Would Love to

A dominant male is calm and in control, right So a passive, got-my-shit-together approach is always better than a frantic, nervous one. Of course, you can't act completely aloof unless you're an famous athlete or celebrity of some kind, in which case your reputation has preceded you and done all the preliminary work of seduction in advance. However, normal guys like us have to walk a fine line between showing complete disinterest in a woman and behaving like a silly lapdog. Advertise your delight in meeting her with crisp eye contact and a gentle smile, but keep your flirting subtle. Act friendly and show that your intrigued by her feminine charm, but communicate most of it non-verbally through the use of open body language and a mischievous gleam in your eye. As your confidence rises with the techniques you'll be learning about throughout this book, I'm sure you won't even have to think about stuff like this consciously for very much longer....

100 Flirting Tips

100 Flirting Tips

Flirting is playful in nature, which is practiced by a person in order to express his or her interest in another individual, either romantically or sexually. There are ways to flirt subtlety and there are also ways of flirting that can be obvious at times. You can flirt with the use of your eyes, body language, touch, tone of your voice, or a combination of the mentioned behaviors.

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