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Ph.D of Persuasion comes in two flavors, the Free Version and the Commercial Version.

The Free Version covers up to the basic level of persuasion and spans topics such as body language, rapport, verbal sleight-of-mouth, and assertiveness training.

The Commercial version includes extra chapters on romance, attraction, relationship building, resistance negation, public speaking and assorted verbal bulldozing techniques. Purchase of the Commercial Version also gives the end-user the right to download Psychic Seduction, FREE! Psychic Seduction delves on unstoppable mind power techniques geared specifically to incite attraction and arousal.

If you cannot access the special chapters of this book, and you do not have a copy of Psychic Seduction, then this version you are reading is the Free Version

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Ph.D of Persuasion is purchased)

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Ph.D of Persuasion

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How to Find, Meet, and Seduce Women

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