GoMen Tongue The Principles of Romance

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For many of us, the world is filled with strangers. Romance is an elusive dream that flits away the harder we try.

A loveless destiny. Condemned to such a fate, can one bear to live on? Men are social beings. Food, water, and shelter are vital to survival. These alone cannot bring happiness, though -- not even owning a private yacht nor the entire Bank of England.

Men and women thrive on love. Each one has a deep psychological need to be cared for.

Love is a potent force. Poets immortalized its power in ballade, song, parchment and story.

Love launched ships, caused the division of clans and brought ruin to nations.

The power of love cannot be underestimated. Man breathes love as surely as he breathes oxygen. Love gives life.

To be loved is to be cared for in a special way that is uniquely different from the next person. Loving is caring and satisfying deep emotional needs.

Show this care with special words and actions that fill these needs, and that special person you care for will start caring back. This is the principle of romance. Give and you receive.

Romance Theory holds three tenets, based soundly upon psychological principles.

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