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Do you desire mastery over your power to act -- and react? Is control over your projected

|image important? lHave you desired justified compliance from others, winning tough negotiations, or imply devastating a hardy opponent? Does romance frustrate ou?

IPh.D of Persuasion is lirected at the layman, Iboth men and women. This book can easily transform your life and infuse it with profound fulfillment. As you read this highly condensed manual, you will realize how easy it is to sway others to your thinking... create atmospheres of intense well-being... and even establish deep feelings of attraction and romance within others. Ph.D of Persuasion is your ultimate too for success over life. Triumphant mastery over one's self and others lies locked in the arcane world of psychology. Endowing mastery of the secrets of human behavior is the specific objective of this volume.

Ph.D of Persuasion is about a hundred pages long. Within its arsenal, are scores of powerful tactics such as body language, rapport, neurolinguistic programming and assertiveness training.

This book explores all the hidden techniques of influence employed by compliance specialists, professional negotiators and neurolinguists. It reveals strategies, from the benevolent to the unethical, which promise compliance from those it is used upon.

Many of the techniques contained herein developed from centuries of human evolution. To survive, man learned to convince others to his way of thinking. A man either commands, or submits. Greater advantages can be reaped by the leader of a commune; this makes mastery over others so seductive.

This need to dominate spawned in man a natural tendency to exert influence over his neighbors. The skill to influence exists in varying potencies within everyone.

This book labels the various methods of persuasion, influence and attraction. It also defines the optimal procedure to put these

"weapons of influence" to bear.

There are many powerful techniques!

Some techniques come from modern company strategies geared to increase sales. Most production-oriented firms developed subtle but devastating techniques to override resistance from customers and elicit favorable responses. Other techniques, however, developed in the clinics of neurolinguists. These scientists make it their sole business to develop the art of persuasion. Through prescribed language patterns and subtle body postures, they advanced powerful methods that can endow anyone with the power to convince masterfully. Great lovers and master sociologists have also contributed to the arsenal of techniques. Their secret methods of inducing attraction, romance and emotional manipulation have found their way to the pages of this book. While not directly classified as persuasive techniques, these alluring methods procure social and romantic wealth -- something more valuable than material possessions!

Many people already possess these skills of persuasion and seduction. An encounter with these people can prove frustrating. Should they desire to persuade you against your better interests, you might find yourself parting with something valuable or priceless --- and even feel good about it. Such is the power of influence. It's potency draws strength from its subtlety.

Knowing these secrets arms you against those who have already mastered them. It is important and to your benefit to examine the weapons of influence and to know how they are employed. Once studied, immunity to their effects is guaranteed - with the added bonus of acquiring an arsenal of potent but subtle tools that can be utilized in almost any situation. At the end of this book, you will have mastered the fine art of persuasion. This book confers upon you the degree of Master of Persuasion.

Once learned, the skill of persuasion enables you to control relationships. You will find that doors previously closed swing open easily. Compliance takes no effort to achieve. Persuasion, like fire, can be used to creatively and destructively. Used for benevolence, persuasion can bring about magnificent changes, such as motivating a community to participate in a cleanliness drive or to get a spouse to abandon a destructive drinking habit. Wield it wisely.

This tutorial is arranged to explain the building blocks of influence. The first chapters clarify assorted means of personal development and rapport generation. Mastery of these methods hone your inherent persuasiveness. Consider these initial chapters as components to a weapon.

The final chapters unifies and assembles these components into structured templates -powerful weapons of body language, language patterns and subtle behaviour, that when combined together, yield an irresistible force for persuasion.

Take note that this book tackles theory and concepts very minimally. This book gleans its power only from proven sources, lectures and dissertations. It assumes the techniques to be solid and effective. Once a fundamental understanding is grasped, you, the reader may forget the theory and start exercise of the techniques. Effective persuasion stems from application and not knowledge of speculation. As you read this book, you begin to realize the vast significance of the knowledge contained herein. Simply skimming through its pages with curiosity enables you to appreciate the techniques and allows you to apply it in order to empower yourselves and enrich your lives. Indeed this knowledge is priceless. Whether you accept the contained material as beneficial to your lives or you incorporate it with your human relation skills, what is important is that the techniques enhance your self-confidence and mental independence. Don't you agree? The author of this book has countless psychologists and human behavior specialists to thank for the material contained. Their research and information provide priceless insight on the workings of the human psyche. The body of this work draws heavily on the dissertations of others. PhD of Persuasion is simply a condensation of various methodologies of persuasion, influence and seduction—it is by no means a totally new system. The prior research of the men and women behind these existing systems have been invaluable. This tome weaves powerful ideas from names such as Robert Cialdini,

Tom Vizzini, Burton Kaplan, Richard Bandler, and Don Gabor. Learn from the masters. Become a master.

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Ph.D of Persuasion

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