The Verbal Toolbox of Persuasive Tactics

The proper mental disposition as well as the techniques for rapport composed the first golden keys for persuasion. To complete the persuasive arsenal requires knowing how to make the "sales pitch", so to speak. These verbal techniques forge the last golden key to persuasion. The sales pitch is what you say to sway others to your idea. They consist of properly formulated phrases and sentences. Following powerful patterns geared to elicit belief, these formulas take off where rapport ends: it makes clear in the mind of your listeners what you want them to believe or to do.

In this book, many techniques await your deployment.

The first deal with powerful phrases that in themselves, can be used to generate belief - sometimes irrational. The last discussed technique employs whole conversational tactics; paragraphs of carefully sequenced statements with the objective to firmly implant an idea.

Each technique will be followed by a brief theory; some will have example applications. The successful application of a technique depends on the situation. Some work better than others for a given scenario; your discretion for its deployment dictates its success or failure.

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