Changing Things In Your Life

Now, if you have major aspects of yourself that are extremely NOT THE MAN, you must do something about it to ACTUALLY CHANGE yourself.


That means CHANGE your behavior, not just cover up it up.

Even though you may think no woman will ever know, and that you can lie about it, you will be far more successful if you truly BECOME THE MAN.

Being a loser is not being yourself.

Once you become THE MAN, you will realize that BEING THE MAN is your TRUE self.

THE MAN simply cannot be content about cleaning the floors at McDonald's. Even though the way he carries himself and acts STILL makes him very sexy, he REACHES FOR EVER GREATER HEIGHTS.

He HAULS HIS OWN ASS and gets moving up in the world.

If you regularly watch TV every night for 4 hours and have not visited the gym in months, again, it's time to haul ass.

You knew that, right?

Being THE MAN is a powerful aphrodisiac. After practicing it for a while, it should be in your DNA, the way you carry yourself, the way you talk, the way you act. The way you plan your future as well as the present.

The alpha male mentality has dimensions outside your interactions with women. It means that you are trying to get ahead in life. You are trying to increase your power and wealth. And you are succeeding.

By being THE MAN in every sense, you have greater congruency in your behaviors and it will be evident even in minor details of your behavior that you might not notice, but women will.

Plus, you will have greater confidence in yourself, since you will KNOW you are the man and not just acting.

.Now that you have the core, which is the crux of the matter, I'd like to also help you with the superficial stuff, since it makes some impact on women as well.


Join a gym, get a serious workout regimen and good diet, and start busting your ass. And do the free weights, not the machines, you'll get more mass.

You'll need to work out at least 4 or 5 days a week for an hour at a time to get serious results. Do your cardio (cycling or step machines) after weights.

Focus on the compound movements that use many muscle groups together, as these give you more muscle mass. That means exercises like bench presses for your chest, barbell shoulder presses, squats for your legs, and chin ups for your arms and back.

Split up your routine so that you work on only one major muscle group a day. For example chest, back, legs, arms, and shoulders. Each muscle group requires an exclusive workout in this system and allows you to maximize results. Hire a personal trainer for one session, to learn proper technique.

Remember to warm up thoroughly by doing several extremely light sets of the exercise first, and with each set, GRADUALLY work your way up to the heavier weights. No matter how strong you are, always do this. Do about ten sets for 6-12 reps for each muscle group, starting with a light weight for 12, and proceeding to heavier weights for fewer reps. Rest a couple of minutes between sets.

You'll need a good diet, high in protein and moderate in carbs, very low in fats, and free of all fried cooking. And stay away from additives and preservatives for your overall health.

Here are good sources of lean protein:

Skim Milk, Egg Whites, Skinless Chicken, Canned Tuna in Water, Lean Cuts of Beef.

Below are good sources of carbs:

Yams, Potatoes, Rice, Pasta, Beans, Salads (you can have huge salads, as salads are low in carbs- just stay away from fattening dressings)

And eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, it really does make you feel good.

To gain muscle mass, you should eat three good meals a day, plus take a whey protein supplement 3 times a day, between meals.

If you need a trainer to know what you are doing, you don't need to spend a lot: Hire one for just a couple of sessions to show you how to do the exercises properly and safely.

Taking a martial arts class is a good idea too, if you have the time- but these days, everyone has a gun, so don't get cocky about this, or you'll end up decorating the sidewalk.

Go to bed at a reasonable hour.

Being in good health helps keep you in the right frame of mind, and gives you the energy to be on the ball and not make stupid mistakes.

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