Humor And Positive Sexual Tension

Crucial to understand: By showing that you are in control, perfectly at ease, and that you are dominant, you create a POSITIVE sexual TENSION.

Women LOVE this type of tension, because it makes the thought of having sex with you so much more thrilling, since you have made it clear you are so masculine, so sexy, and so not easy!

Sexual tension is crucial in creating passionate desire. Sexual tension, and hence attraction, is created by the presence of obstacles to sex. Think about the most popular love stories: Without exception, the lovers must overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to be with each other. I remember the caption for TITANIC: "Nothing on Earth Could Come Between Them".

Whether it's a social taboo standing in the way (Titanic, West Side Story, Romeo and Juliet) or just someone playing cool or "hard to get", the strength of the desire is put to the test, and hence amplified to the MAX.

That's how you create PASSION. This actually works for just about any human desire. Often, people will desire an expensive item simply because it costs more: It has become hard to get.

Although just about any obstacle will create this sexual tension, some obstacles can create more problems than they are worth. For example, infidelity can be tempting because of all the taboos and other obstacles involved, but it can also screw up your life. That's why the right type of humor is crucial, for it is harmless, yet immensely powerful in creating the perfect sexual tension.

It will make her feel that you must be such an awesome stud, because you if you can tease her, you must not be NEEDY, you must not be intimidated by her beauty. You must already have hot women banging down your door.

The idea of YOU making LOVE to her soon becomes a great challenge, her DREAM FANTASY. She starts to imagine how sweet the pleasure will be when she can finally make love to you.

Think about this: Even you, a man who wants sex 24/7, wouldn't appreciate a woman who was no challenge. So imagine how women, who are far more demanding in their standards, will equate an easy catch with a bad catch.

And of course, remember that women want a man who they feel is HIGHER in status than them, who is more dominant than them. Being hard to get helps convey this point as well, since it indicates you are busy with more important things or even better women. It indicates that YOU are the selector, not her.

And this is why it is so important that you REALLY GET INTO IT. Don't just superficially get into this type of humor, but really dig in deep.

And just how do you ensure that your sense of humor conveys that you are in control?

By TEASING her in a humorous way that is not cruel. You can also apply this smart-alecky attitude to other things besides her, to show you are confident and very selective in general, not just with women.

For example, you can joke about the restaurant you're both in when you meet: If her steak is not done properly, you can say something like "That steak is so rare, it needs bandages. Let's get out of this joint".

But it's best in the beginning to especially focus your teasing on her, to show her that she does not intimidate you.

I warn you though, that a cruel sense of humor only means you are not fun, only very insecure. The wrong sense of humor will show you are the ultimate loser, not the ultimate man.

So practice being a smart aleck. For example, if her shoes are some grungy new weird trend, ask her if she bought them at the Salvation Army.

Do you see how this shows that you are in control, that you are THE MAN? You aren't kissing up to her. And yet you are not being mean to her.

It's pretty clear that you don't REALLY think she got the shoes at The Salvation Army. (Just enough to make her wonder...)

But never, never, engage in self-deprecating humor or it is YOU that is being put down. Women will just think you ARE a loser, they won't think you are just joking that you are a loser.

Here's a great tactic when you are talking to a girl: Use whatever she says as ammunition for your smart-ass remarks.

If you've just met her and she says, "I'm going to work-out now", you can say "Hey, already trying to look good for me, huh? Well, that's good, make sure you keep it up."

If she says back to you, "Oh my god, you are SO mean", DON'T apologize, because she is testing to see if you are really dominant enough to say your remark without saying sorry at her slightest protest.

Instead, you can give her a sly smile and say, "More like a lean mean machine". You can keep on going with this stuff...

Do you catch my drift here? Just watch and see how women love this.

It shows you are THE MAN, bursting with confidence, a guy who takes everything as a compliment, because of his super high self-esteem and positive self-concept.

It is crucial to permeate your whole life with this sense of humor. Think of James Bond, who always has something smart-assy to say no matter how insane the situation. He's a confident man always in control. Think about how he talks with women that he has barely met, incorporating innuendoes and double entendres.

This sense of humor will keep the "juice" and the fun in your interaction with women, (and everyone else) and it will actually help you realize that there is no point in getting stressed out over anything. That makes you even sexier.

In other words, this sense of humor actually helps you BE the MAN. With practice, this sense of humor will come naturally to you as a result of your confident attitude.

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