The Foundation for Success with Beautiful Women

Chapter 1: Your Primal Male Mindset 9


Being THE MAN/Triggering Female Desire 10

Popular Nonsense 12

Total Commitment to being THE MAN 14

Attraction/Indifference/Revulsion 14

The Journey Back to Your Masculine Self 15

Confidence 16

It's All a Game 18

Confidence and Imagination 20

Confidence = Physiology And Congruency 21

And If All Else Fails, Remember This 24

Chapter 2: Being a "Nice Guy": Formula for Disaster 25

"Nice" Disaster Part II - Cognitive Dissonance 28

Anti Ass-Kissing 101 29

Nice Guy Disaster Part III - Nice Guy = Good-Bye 33

Nice Guy Disaster Part IV: The Provider 35

Nice Guy Disaster Part V: Women Hate "Equality" Guys 38

Total Control of Her World 39

Why Do Women Like Bad Boys? 40

Women Aren't "Nice" 42

Chapter 3: The Myth About Looks and Money 47

A Man's Looks are Not the Most Important Thing 47

Money is not the Main Factor in Attracting Women 49

Chapter 4: Being THE MAN 52

Why Being THE MAN is the Crucial Factor 52

Emotional Strength 54

Signs of Emotional Strength - Taking the Lead 56

Dominance 57

Relaxed Movements 58

THE MAN'S Mindset Applies to Everything 59

Being THE MAN is for Life 62

Her Stakes: Extinction or Immortality 65

One Million Years Of Results Can't Be Wrong 65

Developing THE MAN'S Sense Of Humor 66

Humor And Positive Sexual Tension 66

Using This Sense Of Humor As A Form Of Language 69

Be Unique And Original 70

Why Prefabricated Lines Are A Disastrous Mistake 72

Be Unpredictable 72

Indirect Responses To Her 74

Everything Flows From The Source 75

Chapter 5: The Transition to Being THE MAN 77

Changing Things in Your Life 77

Physique 78

More On Looking Your Best And Not Being A Geek 79

A Minor Thing Called Intelligence 80

Being THE MAN: Pivotal Moments 80

Avoiding the Number One Trap 84

Inspiration: The Hard Rock Of Salvation 86

Inspiration II: The Man On Screen 87

How We Were All Brainwashed 88

But What If She Acts Upset When I Am Being The Man? 93

More On Being Emotionally Detached From Things 94

A New Paradigm Of Women For You 97

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