The Negative Effects Of Religious Brainwashing

Religion can be a good thing. Brotherhood, charitableness, equality of all human beings under G-d, etc., all seem like pretty good ideas to me.

But good guys sometimes take religion too literally and end up getting screwed by just believing in destiny and that a woman will eventually come into their lives.

Bad guys take life by the reigns, they say "fuck destiny", and so should you.

The way I look at it, religion taken in the wrong context can screw up good guys in two ways:

First of all, a lot of us have been made to feel that it's just not a morally "right" thing to want to have mind-blowing sex with hot chicks.

As if God does not approve of men enjoying mind-blowing sex with awesome women. As if God does not want you to even think about mind-blowing sex with gorgeous, bodacious, tantalizing women.

Unfortunately, this leads to good guys who behave sexless in front of women. Women who these guys believe are "angelic, pure," etc.

These good guys pretend like they have no sexual drive when they are talking to a woman, and therefore come across as boring, insecure, and emasculate.

Now, of course, you should not go up to a hot girl and say "hubba hubba", but in subtle ways, you should show you are comfortable with your sexuality, for example, in a sly smile of confidence.

You can exude sexuality without coming across as desperate.

Not coincidentally, 'bad" guys seem not to give a damn about G-d.

Or at least they don't believe G-d cares about their sex lives, if they even believe in G-d at all.

Of course, this makes them much more natural around women, and women pick up their sexually confident vibes and get turned on by it.

Another problem with religion is that good guys sometimes believe that they should not have to "change" themselves in order to attract women.

As if kissing up to a girl is more "natural"?

These guys believe that God will take care of them since they have been "good", and that there is justice, etc.

This is small comfort when you are alone Saturday night. Because God never brought me a hot girl to ease my loneliness on a Saturday night while all the assholes I knew were banging the most insanely gorgeous virgins that rejected "good guy" me.

See how the real enemy for good guys is internal? Good guys COULD have babes in bed, but they prevent themselves from succeeding.

Good guys believe they shouldn't be pursuing hot women. Good guys have a guilt conscience, hiding their sexuality, hoping that one day a woman will finally just come into their lives like in a romantic movie, because they have been good...

It really is pathetic. And tragic.

Meanwhile, the bad guys are laughing all the way to the bedroom where their harem is just waiting.

I'm not trying to get you angry with anyone for brainwashing you, not at all. But I am trying to show you reality, and how there is no reason on earth why you have to finish second place to anyone else just because you have been brainwashed in the past.

Now, I'm not a religious person, but I like to believe in God.

Thing is, my definition of God is Truth.

I believe God is Truth.

And the truth is, if you want to get women, you better do what works, and not anything else. That is truth, and that is Godliness.

I'm all for belief in God. And if God loves you, as most religions preach, then God wants you to have happiness.

Therefore, God does not want you to be a pushover, or you will end up with no woman.

Pushovers aren't sexy, and now you know why. Either stronger men or wild beasts destroyed pushovers.

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