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Perfection is boring To be Human is Beautiful

Writing Look at the finest writers in history. Shakespeare is bawdy. Milton goes into full egotistical mode. Even some of ****ens's works seem incomprehensible. If you consider the so called 'perfect' works to those, they don't compare. Take your professors who write these so called 'brilliant' academic books that no one reads. People do not admire brilliance they do not admire technical perfection. People admire the Humanity, the personality, found in works. People do not admire Napoleon for his military and artillery genius. They admire him because he had the audacity to say on a corpse filled battleground, All these men will be replaced by a single night in Paris.

Speed Seduction Article from Playboy July

Had I always been wrong Ross Jeffries certainly thinks so. Nine years ago, as a failed comedy writer, he penned a self-help book called How to Get the Women You Desire Into Bed A Down and Dirty Guide to Dating and Seduction for the Man Who's Fed Up With Being Mr. Nice Guy that gave a Nineties twist to the Seventies Eric Weber (How to Pick Up Girls) approach. All the same, I can't help thinking that it's good that Jeffries is helping propel guys like me, making us feel bold enough to approach strange women. Truth is, most successful seducers I've known don't hit for a high average. James Toback, the writer and director of The Pickup Artist, whom I met in Los Angeles in 1980, was as compulsive and tireless in his pursuit of women as

From Thundercats Seduction Lair

So fuck the stereotypical image of the writer. This is the new one. I can get work done and play at the same time. It reminds me of sometlkhing Steve P. said, about always being in your own reality. Everyone is jus a guest in it. So if it's my work time, and you want to have sex with me, well,e welcome to my reality. I'd been in the community for a year and a half since taking Mystery's first workshop. It was time to stake a claim on the seduction subculture before another writer beat me to it. It was time to reveal myself. It was time to remind myself that I wasn't just a PUA I was a writer. I had a career. So I called an editor I knew at the Style section of the New York Times. It seemed like an appropriately named section to write for.


The main dangers in the role of the Ideal Lover are the consequences that arise if you let reality creep in. You are creating a fantasy that involves an idealization of your own character. And this is a precarious task, for you are human, and imperfect. If your faults are ugly enough, or intrusive enough, they will burst the bubble you have blown, and your target will revile you. Whenever Tullia d'Aragona was caught acting like a common prostitute (when, for instance, she was caught having an affair just for money), she would have to leave town and establish herself elsewhere. The fantasy of her as a spiritual figure was broken. Casanova too faced this danger, but was usually able to surmount it by finding a clever way to break off the relationship before the woman realized that he was not what she had imagined he would find some excuse to leave town, or, better still, he would choose a victim who was herself leaving town soon, and whose awareness that the affair would be short-lived...


Think about how you use your own creative energy, or your physical energy. We sometimes put this energy into our exercise, such as Triathlons and weightlifting. Or, you may be like me, a frustrated writer that needs to pour his mind out on paper as a form of mental therapy.

Aim High

The letter writer did admit that he was physically overweight. But that does not mean he has to settle and cede his dreams. (I for one would not want a Mercedes or a very nice car since I know it would be stolen. But if you want a Mercedes, just go get one. There are no limits to what we can accomplish.)

The Scams

The Writer Columnist Everyone is a writer. Everyone can be writing about something, or someone, for a class or a newspaper article or an op-ed piece for the local paper. You can invent a few interview questions and memorize them. Then, when you find a woman you want to talk to, you use that topic to start the interaction. You can even invent a 'friend' who you are helping out with this, so you don't have to answer too many questions. You just have to take a few notes along the way, and you can ask her almost any question you like. This approach gives you a license to ask many arousing questions you might not normally be able to ask until much later, such as if she thinks men are generally good in bed in that area. You're just a writer, after all. Inquiring minds want to know. The Survey This one is related to the Writer Columnist approach. You simply make up a survey on some hot topic and keep a copy of it on you at all times. When you spot a target, you approach her and ask her if...

Online Connections

You're writing to each other. Although you feel like you're talking, online is an entirely different form of communication. Many tongue-tied people are elegant, soulful writers. i You have no way to verify that what he or she is telling you is true. You may well be communicating with a fiction writer.

Keys to Seduction

We all have a self-image that is more flattering than the truth we think of ourselves as more generous, selfless, honest, kindly, intelligent, or good-looking than in fact we are. It is extremely difficult for us to be honest with ourselves about our own limitations we have a desperate need to idealize ourselves. As the writer Angela Carter remarks, we would rather align ourselves with angels than with the higher primates from which we are actually descended.

The Cold Coquette

In 1952, the writer Truman Capote, a recent success in literary and social circles, began to receive an almost daily barrage of fan mail from a young man named Andy Warhol. An illustrator for shoe designers, fashion magazines, and the like, Warhol made pretty, stylized drawings, some of which he sent to Capote, hoping the author would include them in one of his books. Capote did not respond. One day he came home to find Warhol talking to his mother, with whom Capote lived. And Warhol began to telephone almost daily. Finally Capote put an end to all this He seemed one of those hopeless people that you just know nothing's ever going to happen to. Just a hopeless, born loser, the writer later said.