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Manifestation Magic

It is of great importance to know who is behind this wonderful program of knowledge, his name is Alexander Wilson. He is the author of the Manifestation Magic program. He is a neuroscience researcher who studied anatomy in college. He has studied and understood the functions of the brain together with the human body. At some point in his life time, things fell on the wrong and everything was bad for him but immediately he gathered the knowledge of vibrating at a much higher frequency, his life changed for good. This program has been used to transform the lives of thousands of people across the globe. This manifestation is very trustworthy, it will work for you. This great program consists of knowledge about oneself and ways to go about in to reveal the true person within you to achieve success. This program comes with two bonus programs as well namely; the chakra power system and the manifestation magic 360 days transformation. The manifestation magic program is divided into two modules. Module 1 is a quick-start manifestation guide while module 2 consists of energy orbiting and twilight transformation. This is a push-button manifestation system. You can create anything you desire in life and manifest abundantly by just pushing the play button. You don't need to read any book or study any course or perform exercises before you see results, you just need to listen and learn. Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

I started using this ebook straight away after buying it. This is a guide like no other; it is friendly, direct and full of proven practical tips to develop your skills.

I give this ebook my highest rating, 10/10 and personally recommend it.

Initiate Educate Perservere

With this book, you will learn the ways of women, what attracts them, and what discourages them Educating yourself is extremely important for success with women. You will soon know how to read women, how to approach women and how to talk to women in order to get them interested in being with you. You will also learn more about yourself, and how your mind helps you attain goals.

Why Attraction Is Illogical What Does Attract Women Replicators

Eventually, replicators developed into genes. To this day, genes do everything they do because it helps them make copies of themselves. Genes are the blueprint for your entire body, including your brain. This means they create both your body and your mind. Since they only do what helps them make more of themselves, this means even your mind is designed to make copies of your genes.

On confidence and getting started with approaching girls

I didn't use feeling confident here on purpose, because ideally, you don't want to feel confident - being confident is something you think about and which ultimately reveals that you must be nervous in one way or another after all. Ideally you feel so good and natural about it that the word confidence never pops up in your mind Feeling so good and natural that you have no need to think about being confident is actually the ultimate confidence - but never think of it in terms of confidence. Forget the term confidence altogether, just concentrate on feeling good and natural (about approaching, propelling her to new heights of pleasure with your patterns, having kino etc) and before you know it - confident is how you'll be perceived by women

Every Common Situation

5) Close your eyes again and mentally rehearse it. See yourself doing it in your mind's eye. Move around and play it out if you need to stand up, do it. Actually imagine that a woman is in the room with you, and pretend that you're getting her number, kissing her, or whatever.

Focus on What You Want

What you think about and focus on is, inevitably, what you are going to get out of life. You have to think about new ideas, new goals and new women, or your mind and behavior will exhibit the old ideas, patterns and people. If you don't focus on and visualize the woman of your dreams and imagine ways of meeting her all the time, then you'll probably end up meeting someone who resembles your last girlfriend, or worse

Words as Power Tools vs Pointless Chatter

This means you must keep the goal of what you're attempting to accomplish always somewhere in the forefront of your mind. Make sure that your actions remain natural and appropriate to the situation don't just focus in all laser-like on your mission and buzz through the steps like some kind of robot. You have to stay light on your feet and respond correctly to what is happening around you. No two encounters will ever go off exactly the same in real life, no matter how much you rehearse for them in your mind beforehand.

Everything else that is neither in your Sphere of Control or Influence is in

Question any area of your life that frustrates you, because those areas are the places that your mind is in confusion over whether you have any control or influence. Chances are, you can influence them. And if you find you cannot, let them go. You will only cause yourself heartache, fear, worry, and pain by holding on to them for no necessary reason.

Your Intellectual Presence

Now that you've established an alluring physical presence, and have started to use the power of your mind to enhance it, the next step is to establish your intellectual presence. Sure, you look great, and, if you've been working on your voice (see Chapter 3), you're probably sounding better than ever but that's not enough. To be truly seductive, you've got to have something interesting to say.

A personal ad with no purse strings attached

To use your personal ad for this exercise, look at what you said you wanted in your mate (your fantasy) and what you said about yourself (your reality). Look for compatible or complementary traits. For example, if you listed that you want stability and commitment in your About Me section but listed adventurous risk-taker in the About Him Her section of the ad, you've got some work to do in order to achieve some semblance of compatibility.

Seduction Strategy Social Proof

Social proof is the concept that when a man (or even an idea) is validated by the acceptance of other people, other women will find him acceptable. If we see other people doing something, we accept it as appropriate. This has been proven numerous times in studies of how people react to events. You are much more likely to go along with something if you observe that others have done it, even if there is a question in your mind as to whether it is right or wrong.

Physiological signals

They are all caused by the power of your mind controlling your body . Although they're all quite natural, they're only supposed to occur in the face of physical danger They're caused by adrenalin and that rush of energy you get as an animal when you're threatened by a bigger animal It's your fight-or-flight mechanism kicking in, but it's your fight-or-flight response being rather overzealous,

Hours R 2 Fast Seconds R 2

My point is that you have to put your ideas about how things should be OUT OF YOUR MIND. Start a new way of thinking about things based on REALITY and not LOGIC. Once again, you have to put the concept of pure, rational LOGIC out of your mind when it comes to the world of ATTRACTION.

O lets talk about you

So let's talk about you and whether you portraying the image you want others to receive Let's find out You have two sides an inside - your mind, and an outside - your body. At this stage, I want you to think of yourself and what kind of image you think you give to others. Does it match the image you want to project A great test is to write down how you think you come across to others - then this is where friends and family can really help - give them a free reign to tell you what they think you portray. Generally, they will know you well, but it's fascinating to receive different points of view. I'm willing to bet you have never asked them before. Once you have all the information, see if there are any major differences between what they say and what you think and then explore if you agree with them. If they say you lack confidence, ask them to back it up with an example.

The Series of Key Languages and How to Approach Them

A tip for the first step is to look for the subtle hints that you would have ignored before you'd heard about the language's existence, but which now will reveal its existence to you. Open your mind and notice EVERYTHING. Observe what you didn't see in the past. Make note of things you thought were unimportant.

Start small become more talkative with people in general

You want to generally become a more social person. In other words, you want to talk to everyone around you, cashiers, waitresses, bouncers, etc. You will develop that part of your mind, and it will make you warmer and more open to having fun interactions with people. Some day it will happen with the woman of your dreams.

Always Have Your Antenna

As a review, just remember to stay focused on the process of flirting and kidding around with women, and release yourself from worrying about what the outcome should be. If you come to view the opportunity to flirt as a fun thing to do for it's own sake, instead of choking on the pressure of trying to score with her, you'll at least be able to function. The pressure of trying to score all the time is too much even for guys who are good at it, much less for the unskilled and the low confident. Being able to feel you have no goal in mind but to have a little verbal banter defuses the pressure cooker and re-frames what's happening in your mind so that it isn't so life and death. This allows you to 1) open your mouth and not be afraid to at least say something thus subduing your rejection sensitivity, and 2) assume a relaxed attitude that takes you light-years down the right track towards actually doing the thing that you're not really even trying to do, i.e., seduce her

Building an Alpha Personality Part

Having done this exercise, take all the time that you need, to read what you wrote, and see if you notice anything that you might not have realized you had written. It might be something you suspected about yourself in the back of your mind, or it might be something you never believed about yourself but have head other people say it about you, or it might be something you never even consdered about yourself. There BETTER be some in there, otherwise you weren ' t doing free association, you wee doing think, write, think, write.

Inspiration The Hard Rock Of Salvation

In order to be THE MAN, you must feed your mind and your emotions the right fuel, the right input. So next time you find yourself struggling to get into the right mindset, think hard rock, not sugary sappy pop. As a matter of fact, ban any sappy music, (especially songs where some pathetic guy has fallen in love with a girl who hasn't even shown interest in him) from entering your ear canals and your mind for at least 3 months.

Accomplishing or Accommodating

Getting lost in the emotions and images, is a result of wanting that outcome so much, that you dwell on already having it, rather than dwelling on exactly how to go about makng it actually happen. Which of course is why you get disappointed. You can ' t enjoy something for very long if it doesn ' t actually happen. At some point, you notice that you haven ' t yet accomplished it, and snce you didn ' t communicate with yourself how to go about accomplishing it, you feel like it might not ever become real. The other sde of this, is that you are dwelling on the unlikelihood of having it, you dwell on the mental images of it not wokng out, you hear this voice insde your mind that questions and doubts and expresses fear, so you go ahead and feel the loss of something you didn' t even gain in the first place. As smple as it sounds, directing your internal voice only requires that you dwell on solutions instead of obstacles. Understand that this is not to say you should not consder posssble...

Step 2 Knock her off her Pedestal

What the hell do I mean by that Well, one of your problems is that you've built up great looking women to be untouchable goddesses in your mind. This stops you from approaching them because you are in awe of them. It's like when someone idolizes a celebrity then finally gets a chance to meet the object of their reverence . What happens They freeze up and can't speak a word Why Because the celebrity has been built up to such superhuman proportions in the mind of the adoring fan, that seeing him for real creates a paralyzing overload in his brain and he can't function in that person's presence. Sound familiar, bucky

Death due to pathetic weakmale vibrations being emitted from your skinny little low status body Is that clear

The first thing you absolutely MUST do is shed the putrid, seduction-suicidal attitude of subservient adoration like a gasoline-soaked jock strap that just caught fire. Use any kind of mental trick necessary to knock her out of the clouds and back down to reality in your mind. When you see a smokin' babe from now on, think of how crappy she must look in the morning disheveled and stinking of sour booze, hungover and make-upless. Imagine how she'll look when she's a 60 year old hag if you have to. The idea is not to totally turn yourself off to her, but to snap yourself out of it and realize that she's only human like you with warts and smelly farts and all the rest of it. The look she presents to the world is just her mask. pegs in your mind before you approach her. This tilts the balance of the attitude teeter-totter in your favor. Her status goes down in your mind, while your status as a man goes up in her mind. It works.

Step 3 Show her that youre a Player

Okay, now that you've executed this inner game to perfection (kind of like practicing a golf swing in your mind before actually taking your shot) you're ready to make first contact. Remember, first meaningful contact between men and women is always non-verbal. Guys go wrong by sneaking up to a woman uninvited and blurting out their carefully rehearsed pick-up line straight out of left field. The woman gets scared, jumps back in wide-eyed terror, and flames you with a cold glare. Now you become even more nervous, choke on your next words, fuck up some more, make a total ass of yourself, and end up taking a bath in your toxic shame. Afterwards, you pledge to never ever again try to pick up another woman because they all hate you

Tip 3 It isnt so much the content of what you say to a woman in a seductive sense its the unspoken intent

The mistake many guys make without realizing it is being focused too much on what they're saying (content) while completely ignoring the critical messages that you're conveying with your attitude (intent). This could be why you are consigned to friendsville with many of the girls you already know and may've had passionate designs on. While being friendly or even interesting might impress her conscious mind, you'll never engage any romantic interest in yourself without compelling communication into her subconscious mind -- statements about your male sexual self that can only be transmitted non-verbally through specific actions and attitudes. For any seduction to succeed, you must relentlessly convey your desirability as a mating partner with the goal of stimulating these base instincts of hers into awakening. This is where thoughts of love, lust, sex and all that other good stuff flow from. This is what is known as romantic chemistry. Whatever you do however, don't try to communicate...

Tip 11 Speak in a relaxed mysterious voice

Your voice is your primary instrument of seduction so use it wisely. An easy way to make your voice sound more seductive is to stretch out your vocal chords by pretending to yawn before speaking (but keep your mouth closed while you're doing it ). Try it right now. Open the back of your throat by doing a yawn stretch for a few seconds, then say something. Notice how much more deeper and sexier your voice sounds Your voice should feel like it's originating from deep down in your lower chest instead of from your neck area. A throaty voice is highly erotic. This is a simple trick and probably the hardest part is remembering to do it when you're actually chatting up some fox and your mind is twirling away in high panic

Relaxing body and soul

After your date is in full swing, ask yourself whether you are scoring the evening. You know, one point for you when your date laughs at a joke, one point for your date each time his or her fingertips brush your arm. If so, cut it out Bring your mind back to the present moment, stop overseeing the project, and, hey, enjoy yourself

Tip 20 Show off that wonderful sense of humor all their online profiles say they want but do it the right way

Humor is the product of a quick mind that can disassemble whatever's happening around it and put it back together in an absurdly enlightening way that tickles the funny-bone. Run a lot of funny scenarios in your mind, but keep most of them to yourself. Cull out only the very best stuff to present to your audience . You'll get better at knowing when to pick your spots with practice.

What to Talk About on a Date

OK, think about this why do you like your guy friends Why are your best friends, your best friends Simply because you enjoy each others company, right They make you laugh, they intrigue you, they stimulate your mind, or they fascinate you. Whatever it is that they do for you, when you are together, you get feelings of pleasure. Otherwise, why else would they be great friends

Be Part I Beliefs

Stand up and hold your arms out horizontally. Now twist around in a counterclockwise direction until you can't twist any further. Note exactly how far you have twisted by remembering where your right middle finger is pointing. Now untwist your body, stand straight, close your eyes and take a deep breath. In your mind's eye, imagine yourself twisting again with your arms outstretched, only this time imagine that you continue to twist, all the way around, 360 degrees, and then one more time, as if your waist was a swivel and you could keep on doing this for three, four full turns. Now open your eyes again and hold your arms out, and twist again until you can twist no further. Notice how far you have turned. Is it further than before or less By how much What is different this time 1.1 believe in the abundance of the universe. Look around you. There is matter, substance, stuff. It is everywhere. There is no vacuum, no void, no antimatter, no non-being - only being. There are over 6.2...

Let me show it to you on an example Lets say you decided you want to visit Paris France

Knowing what you want from a relationship, everything becomes so much easier. You have a mental image of the right person in your mind and you will naturally size up all the people you meet against this image. You will spot the right person straight away and you know what to put in a relationship, to get it right. (Don't worry, I will tell you later what women are looking for j

The high standards you apply to your desires must be applied to yourself

Do you want a woman who is not overweight Then you must eliminate your overweight. Do you want a woman who is intellectually brilliant Then you must hit the books, read the classics, think, and expand your mind. Do you want a woman who is athletic Then you too must become athletic.

Evidence of dishonesty when youre only just meeting someone for the very first time is a super red flag to any woman

Focusing most of your attention on this search for common interests also acts to help deflect your shame, because it keeps you immersed with a task that occupies your mind. It prevents you from back-sliding destructively into the zone of pain-loving self-centeredness ( I'm an asshole I suck I'm blowing this I'm too nervous what the fuck am I doing does she like me what should I say next should I ask her out now is that a snot I feel hanging out my nose I hate myself I should have never said anything how do I get out of this will I ever be able to come back here again and show my friggin'face etc.). The fact that you are tasking instead of shame spiraling will calm you and make you seem like a confident, High Status Male.

Quoting and stacking realities

My neighbor Cheryl acted so weird to me the other day. Do you know what she asked me . . . She goes John, Imagine you and me totally making out. And I'm like, Cheryl, your 10 years older than me. And she says wait, see this through your own eyes. Imagine you and me really enjoying ourselves passionately making out I said, No Cheryl, this isn't going to work out. And she says, NO NO NO, just imagine it for a moment, just imagine us making out and you getting so turned on. Did she really expect me enjoy thinking about that over and over again, to the point where you can't get it out of your mind. If she does that again, next time I think I'll play it right back to her. Like say something like Tell me Cheryl, What's it feel like when you experience fantastic sex when you're with someone who, you know mmmmm really knows how. never feel that right away. Its the kind of thing you go home and think about. You just picture it right up there in your mind find yourself dreaming those wonderful...

Hope for the FlirtOPhobe

Most people with flirting anxiety are simply afraid of rejection. The good news is that much of this fear can be overcome by shifting your mind from the idea of flirting to the idea of simply connecting with another person. When you connect with someone, you make a link or a bond with that person, and not necessarily with romantic or seductive intent. You can make a connection with the gas station attendant, the person in line behind you at the supermarket, or the woman who's checking you out at the bookstore (by this, I mean she's ringing up yoi i9purchase, not checking you out in that way). In fact, connecting with people in these neutral situations is a great

Chalking It Up to Experience

After the date is over, after you're home and reliving the scenario in your mind (or trying to get it out of your mind), take out your dating notebook (see Chapter 1) and make two columns on a piece of paper What I was originally attracted to and What totally turned me off. List everything you can think of in each column. Be honest. No one is looking. You can burn or flush this list later. Even if what originally attracted you was her Baywatch bod and what turned you off was the fact that Baywatch is her favorite TV show, write it down. Write it all down. When you're finished, you'll have a much clearer picture of exactly what went awry . . . and how to avoid making the same mistake next time.

Understanding And Remembering

When you pull thoughts from your mind's computer (subconscious), you are really doing two things. These two things are part of a single process Understanding (Comprehension) and Remembering (Recalling). Every experience you have ever had, everything you have ever learned and every feeling you have ever had is stored in your subconscious memory banks. When you read, you bring meaning from your subconscious mind. This is a response to your seeing the printed words. Your reading skill depends upon the rate at which this occurs. The faster and better it occurs, the more skilled in reading you will become. This instant understanding is called comprehension. The ability to bring back information, or an experience, from your subconscious memory banks, when you choose to do so, is remembering or recalling This skill is not easily developed. It must be developed, however, in order for it to be used as you want to use it. The extent to which you can do so is a demonstration of your skill level.

Your Pre Game Attitude Adjustment

1) When Flirting, think Fun, not Outcome Develop the mindset right now that you are going to flirt for fun's sake and that's all. Do not concern yourself with any preconceived notion of what the definition of success ought to be, let Nature take care of that. You're just playing. It's never Game 7 when it comes to flirting it's always just the preseason. Reject the pressure to score from your mind permanently.

Feeling Drawn patterns

Because, when a person feels they have met their soulmate, like when you imagine this person being your dream lover (sp), I think you would feel a mysterious yet powerful loving connection taking place between you and him that when . . that's really happening . . with me in my way of thinking what is happening is . . you go inside yourself (down into your subconscious) and you find all those values that are most important to you in a relationship and you think about the qualities in a personality you want your ideal lover to have (sp), and then find those and link them up with the person you're talking to (sp), in such a way that a picture of him (frame), for whatever mysterious reason gets locked permanently in that special place in your mind where you deeply love and care for someone (sp), to the point where as that picture gets bigger and brighter and the sounds inside you mmmmm intensify, you might find yourself thinking of other things, where all your resistance is falling away...

Dealing with Tests and Challenges

There's a distinction between being treating a woman like she's a princess who's a guest in your reality and acting like she's the queen in the center of this reality. The first way increases attraction and keeps you in control, while the other way of kissing up to her and seeking her approval does not.

Situation 3 On the Street

She'll say something like, Oh, I got it at Macy's or something along those lines. You then nod your head and look at it for a second, as if you can't make up your mind about whether you like it or not. At no time do you ever throw out the usual nauseating male flattery approaches, like Oh, that dress goes so perfectly with your cheekbones. (There is a time and a place for flattery, and it's not in an improvised meeting like this.)

Lets explore this a bit further Dont Ignore Reality It Has Teeth

In the world of women, dating, and seduction, your Reality is defined by the results you get. And you can't get better results until you acknowledge the reality of where you are. This is one of the mental defense mechanisms that you (unconsciously) use to protect yourself. This is the way your mind helps you deal with threats. It's a necessary part of your inner workings. Where real problems arise is when you start choosing to overlook these threats when you really need to be paying attention and acting on them. She's not a lesbian, dude. You just want to shift the responsibility away from yourself because her lack of interest is something you perceive as a threat to your self-image. You protect yourself by thinking that if she's not interested in you, it must be because she's not interest in men. It's easier to think this than accepting that you didn't do a good job of getting her attraction started. It's also easier for your mind to block the fear of what you think was rejection.

Practicing Remembering

Do the same thing again, with another paragraph, in another part of your book. Do not go back to what you read to test your memory. Just tell yourself to remember. Keep practicing this way. Don't go back Make your mind remember by telling it to remember. All of your new skills will be developed only through practice, practice, practice.

Patterning over the phone

You (after some fluff talk) In fact, I don't know if you can recognise that with each little gigglewith each breath you takewith each beat of your heart you're growing more intrigued, but anyway just setting aside whatever pictures just keep popping into your mind when I say thathow are you doing today

The players mentality

The solution to this problem is to simply concentrate on having at least 20 minutes of a conversation with her. Your mind should be on what she is saying and what your response will be, not on her ass and tits and how you plan to oink her. Then, you can start to think about kissing her. Don't think of sex just yet, just kissing her.

Indifference to Attraction pattern

I mean, I think sometimes people really don't know what they want, at least consciously but then it's like YOUR CONSCIOUS MIND DIVES DOWN (gesture action) into your subconsciousness, and just (gesture action) BRINGS BACK UP ALL THOSE DESIRES AND IMAGES AND FEELINGS INTO YOUR MIND.

Find That Girl pattern

Ross Jeffries Where is the girl that lived in your mind Remember the little one the one that believed in love Maybe she dreamed of that ideal man she'd one day give her heart to, and she knew at that moment she dreamt of him, she had already fallen in love. And each day, each moment of her life, she carried that love with her in her heart, waiting for the day when it could be released released and given to the one who was worthy.(Point to yourself). What would it be like to realise that after all the sorrow and tears that person had come along (point to yourself) If you were to LOOK for that girl within your heart and mind and LISTEN to the message she is sending you NOW how do you feel

Consistency and Inconsistency Testing

When she's most inconsistent in her mood, you must be consistent with your treatment. You are unflappable. Keep up the same attitude and do not acknowledge her change. (Unless she is obviously disrespectful, in which case you must put her in her place, even if that means blowing her out of your reality. Disrespect is totally unacceptable.)

My ability to achieve my desires grows stronger every day

You can either use the affirmations I provide, or come up with some of your own. I would suggest a combination of both. The key to remember when creating an affirmation, is to use words your mind will accept. For example, you wouldn ' t want to have an affirmation like, My ability to fly like a bird grows stronger every day because your mind is going to hear that and go Fly Humans can't fly, so I reject that. You want to have affirmations that your mind can accept as poss e. For example, it ' s very possjble that you could have a job makng more money, so a good affirmation would be Ay ability to fnd a way of making more and more money is growing stronger while a bad affirmation would be My ability to find a way to make a billion dollars overnight is growing stronger. (Granted, it might still wok, but why be so specifc as to say a Billion If you only make 900 million overnight, then you will have missed your goal, right )

Relationship Between Your Goals And Your Reading Skills

As the saying goes, If they need money, they get money if they need people, they get people if they need ideas, they get ideas. It is also true that like attracts like. Act successful, do the things successful people do, and you will be successful. These actions develop confidence, belief in yourself and, most importantly, they create desire, which will enable you to pursue your goals regardless of obstacles, resistance, circumstances or the opinions and actions of others. People who don't really succeed in life, do so because they lack direction and motivation. Without a goal as a guide, you are like a ship at sea with no rudder. You will end up wherever the seas and wind take you you have no choice. Be the master of your own fate. Co wherever you wish. Become whatever you choose. Have whatever you desire. 5. Keep your goals - Short, Intermediate, and long Range - in your mind's eye, always. Know what needs to be done, always. Consider a camera taking a picture. If...

The Power Of The Smile

Try smiling at random women as you go through life and see which women respond favorably. While nothing may result immediately from such an event, future encounters with the same women, may lead to something more productive. Smiling happens rarely for the most part while walking around because it usually occurs in association with something positive in our lives. A trick to smiling more often is to think of an enjoyable thought and keep it on your mind as you walk around. Smiling is a good indicator to others that you have a pleasant disposition and that good things happen to you. These are desirable traits in a mate and women will be drawn to those who smile.

The Moral Of The Story

Just relax and feel free to speak your mind, crack jokes, be a wise-ass, give a compliment, whatever. If you are running a routine and you get interrupted, let the other person speak and follow a different train of thought. This is great because when the convo fizzles out you can return to what you were going to say before. Be fluid and just enjoy yourself. Get in tune with her and let the spirit of the moment guide you

Alphanetics Rapid Reading Program A Basic Course For Everyone Work Section

You have been taught the skills necessary for Rapid Reading. Applying these skills to your everyday, normal reading is very essential. Only you can make your newly developed reading and learning skills work for you. You should always be aware of your skills and use them every chance you can. You will find that you can apply them in many areas outside of those you may have in your mind. Use them when reading newspapers, books, texts, articles, etc. If you do not use your new skills, you will lose them. Your new skills are not yet habitual. You will regress to your old reading habits if you do not practice. The more you use these new skills, the stronger they get and the better you get

Most People Fake Happiness

The big secret is that happy people aren't as happy as they appear. Many happy people are actually covering up their real problems. But what do you do You see one of these 'happy' people and then you get unhappy at them You make yourselves miserable as you arrow nasty thoughts from your mind at them, and they don't even know you.

See Her Approach Flirt Get Phone No Get Dates Sex Relationship

The Three Second Rule states that you have three seconds from the moment you are presented with an opportunity to meet a woman to when you actually take action. After the three seconds are up, your mind will turn against you and sabotage all your chances of an effective, confident introduction. In the previous example, if Tom had deliberated for longer than three seconds, his LoserBoy dialogue would have kicked in.

Do Part III Attract or How to Communicate With Women

First off, you want to always establish yourself as the buyer, as we discussed in Chapter 5. You are here to evaluate her, not the other way around. Is she good-looking enough for you Fun enough Cool and adventurous enough When you're doing this, the last thing on your mind is her approval. If you're at a car dealership, do you worry about what the salesman thinks of you Do you worry what the car thinks of you People clearly aren't cars, but the point is this if you're too busy evaluating something, you won't have time to worry about being evaluated. Also remember that evaluation is a dispassionate, somewhat detached activity, which is not the same as judgment. Evaluate carefully while avoiding judgment.

If she has second thoughts

I just talked to my friend, Tina, and she told me it is so unbelievably unfair, that men can make love to any woman they choose, but if a woman wants to express exercise and enjoy her sexual liberty, she is frowned upon. And I completely agree with her, frowning is just an expression of utter hypocrisy. For example, have you ever met a guy and instantaneously felt an irresistible attraction and fascination, that soon thoughts and feelings start flashing in your mind that you'd like to act upon and make a reality right away It is just so unfortunate, how the society frowns when you just relax and let go and truly enjoys your feelings. now. with me. the way I see this is that (bla-bla ).

Women Want to Feel Special

The next thing you can do is to look at her when you're talking to her and when she's talking to you. It will show her that you're truly interested in what she's saying when she's talking to you. And when you're the one doing the talking it will make her feel like you really want to share what's on your mind with her. This is something that you should do no matter who you're talking to, but it's often overlooked with our significant others after a while.

Im not looking for a relationship right now

POOK-MAN SAYS I was nearby when a woman was giving this 'veiled' rejection to a co-worker. I jumped in, So if you're not looking for a relationship, then all you're looking for is SEX, is that it Her mouth dropped, but I continued. I don't BELIEVE you women That's the ONLY thing you have on your minds is SEX, SEX, and MORE SEX I am looking for a loving relationship, but NO, you women only want passionate raw animal sex Now with me, I find you need to TASTE the other pleasures in life. So you CAN get your mind off of sex, right Her eyes were GLOWING at me. Funny, she suddenly wanted a relationship with me. Hah

If she still refuses to give you her number

If she seems reluctant to give you her phone-number both after structuring an opportunity for her to offer her number and straight-out asking for it, whatever you do, don't push it. You need to remain polite and safe, like its no big deal if she doesn't want to give you her number. But that doesn't mean you'll have to write her off in your mind, here's a strategy of covert persistence by Johnny Shack

NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming

Most often, NLP technology is used in behavior modification, like getting over phobias and restructuring our beliefs to achieve more. The theory is that if you can control the language your mind uses to think (which is in words, since we think in our native languages) you can fundamentally affect your behavior.

Appendix A Cayman Magic

Remember what I said about the power of assuming Assuming is the cornerstone of the kind of powerful male attitude that is required to make a killer first impression with any woman. The whole concept of attitude, in turn, centers around the notion of empowering mental belief systems vs. disempowering belief systems. If you fill your head with disempowering thoughts and beliefs, i.e., I'm too short, she probably has a boyfriend, I'm not her type, she's probably just waiting for her girlfriends to show up and party with her, I don't know what to say that would sweep her away, etc. etc. -- you will absolutely clog your mind with negative confidence and paralyze yourself Well, your male power to act in the presence of an attractive woman flows from your ability to contain just the opposite sort of assumptions in your mind, empowering thoughts, in order to boost your confidence. I'm not talking about some kind of mental sleight of hand -- nor is self pep-talking a form of cheating (hell,...

But I really want this girl

No, this is exactly the wrong attitude. If she is your only prospect, the one you're thinking about day and night, you keep playing different scenarios of approaching her and making her like you in your mind over and over again - that's called desperation. And it'll show. She's gonna see it (consciously or subconsciously) and nothing repels girls more than a desperate guy. That's why you have to be chasing multiple girls at any given time, so if one of them gives you trouble, the heck with her, you have other girls wanting to be down with you )

Back to the Table of Contents Pattern

You're sort of seeing someone As you're only sort of seeing that image of him in your mind, notice what happens as that image gets smaller and darker only as fast as an image of you and me being together having lots of fun gets big and brighter right there in its place.

Preparation Previewing

Your eye movement and your ability to see and understand words at an increasing rate, have been taught in your first two weeks of practice. This week, you will learn how to prepare yourself and the book you are going to read. You know the importance of opening and preparing a book for reading. Preparing yourself and previewing the book you are going to read is as important to you, as a reader, as warming up is to an athlete who is about to compete. Before you begin to read, find out as much as you can about the book. Look it over. Find out what the book is about. Look at the index, the table of contents, the preface. Spot read paragraphs throughout the book. If your mind is aware of the book's contents and your purpose for reading the book (i.e. research, investigation, leisure, etc.), you will gain much more from the reading. If there are certain questions you need answered or certain information you need, write down what you want to know. As you read and get the information you...

Ross comments on wwwintromecom

One shouldn't mention not being an attorney or a doctor though. Why create a potential opening for a feeling of disappointment when there's no need to deviate from the path of keeping things constantly upbeat and positive - ME I'm a successful self-make enterpreneur etc. And the weasel phrases (new direction - nude erection) - they have almost zero chance of being effective when read. Seeing the words new direction will literally make an image of a new direction in your mind (you might imagine a sign, or a road, or someone pointing in a new direction with his her hand etc.) while the possible phonetic ambiguity has no

Tip 7 Kill fear of fear

Your mind at deep levels doesn't understand that this anxiety when approaching a woman is not a bad thing, it does not understand that it is in fact moving you towards pleasure. This means you have overridden your minds safety mechanisms and it will get easier each time.

To Develop An Ongoing Reading Program And Be Able To Easily And Consistently

If you have to consciously think about what you are doing as you are using a skill, the skill development level is not very high. It is only when you can automatically do things does the skill level rise. If a baseball player had to think about the pitch that has just been made to him, and had to consciously follow the path of the ball, he would never be able to get the bat off his shoulder. The batter swings instinctively at the ball or instinctively lets it go by, if it is out of the strike zone. There is never time to make a decision. The reading skill is the same. If you have to consider any one of the skills you have to use while reading, you will never reach a high level of skill attainment. All the skills you have been exposed to and have practiced must be used easily and automatically. Each skill is separate, but nevertheless linked to the others. Yet one skill - that of RELAXATION - is the most critical of all. No skill, mental or physical, can be mastered without first...

Rolling Stone article about Speed Seduction

For Jeffries, Speed Seduction as a practical application of NLP was about building altered states of consciousness in both the seducer and the seducee. For the guy, using various kinds of affirmations, the idea was to install in himself all manner of ferocity, playfulness, clarity, outrageousness and cockiness, no matter what kind of weenie-loser-geek, horndog or edge seeker he may have been before. Thus supercharged and in control, the guy then engaged himself in a singular mission to capture and lead the imagination of the HB of his choice. He might start by saying to the woman, I have an intuition about you, which would perk up her ears - after all, he was talking about her favorite person, herself - and lead her from a state of presumed neutrality (the guy was probably not the best-looking guy in the coffee shop) to definite interest and intrigue. He might then offer to analyze her handwriting. O r he might tell her that she was a very visual person and proceed to conjure up...

Job Interview patterns

Have you ever read a resume or interviewed someone, and you know instantaneously that this is the ideal candidate to hire As you read this letter and as you imagine what it will be like to work with a person like me, may be you would list in your mind the qualities that constitutes a great employee. What would it feel like to meet a person who satisfies all the top qualities that you sought for Me, I think it is a switch that clicks in your stomach, the same type of click that you feel before you make great decisions. As you read other cover letters and resumes through out the day, how surprised would you be to find a picture of me or this letter coming back into your mind And the more you read, the more you will naturally and easily convince yourself that you have already found the ideal person. Now. May be to the point where you can imagine a time in your future, say a couple of years from now, looking at this decision that you made and seeing how it had help you...

Ten Tips for Safe Flirting

Our mother told you never to speak to strangers, but now you're an adult you can just adopt safe strategies when flirting and dating. Always keep safety in the back of your mind whilst flirting, but don't worry about it so much that it prevents you from enjoying it. Be aware of these ten top tips to ensure that you can flirt with gay abandon and remain safe in the process.

Article 9 Seduction without Speed by Adonis

To attract beautiful women, you project confidence, good-looks (or appearance of looking good), intellect (yes, very important), and the most important of all, your charm. How do you show charm Look into her eyes when you speak to her - let her know that you are comfortable to be with her without telling her. Eye contact always. Stimulate her mind and make her think. Just show her that you respect and value her opinion by asking her questions related to current affairs. Laugh at her jokes even if it isn't funny (this is really hard, but you can just laugh at how stupid her joke really is) Show her that there are other things on your mind besides sex. Avoid topics related to sex, sports, ex-girlfriends, money, cars, and so on.

Article 12 womanese by Pook

POOK-MAN SAYS I was nearby when a woman was giving this 'veiled' rejection to a co-worker. I jumped in, So if you're not looking for a relationship, then all you're looking for is SEX, and is that it Her mouth dropped, but I continued. I don't BELIEVE you women That's the ONLY thing you have on your minds is SEX, SEX, and MORE SEX I am looking for a loving relationship, but NO, you women only want passionate raw animal sex Now with me, I find you need to TASTE the other pleasures in life. So you CAN get your mind off of sex, right Her eyes were GLOWING at me. Funny, she suddenly wanted a relationship with me. Hah

Body Language A Conclusion

Usa Bodylanguage

Does so in a flirtatious way while maintaining provocative postures, she may just be playing hard-to-get. If this happens, you are going to have to be patient. You will want to wait for her to send the message from her subconscious mind to her conscious mind. It sometimes takes women a while to rationalize their interest in a man. People are really good at deceiving themselves. Almost as good as they are at deceiving others us. Body language that occurs naturally is much more subtle than what is displayed on film. Thus, I recommend examining any image meant to explain body language with this in mind. Not to mention the fact that when we are interacting with someone there are many distractions taking place all around use. It is sometimes very difficult to discern which cues are useful from those that are simply random. That's why looking over the photographs more than once can help. Repetition will move the cues into a place in your mind where identifying them will become second...

No one was born to walk around with a hunchback while being ashamed dejected and staring at the ground

The reason I instruct this is so that these attributes can reach your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind would be the root of this tree. Your conscious mind is the trunk and body of the tree. Your behavior and actions are the branches, the leaves, and the fruit. The Conscious mind makes active choices while the subconscious mind automates. Over time, this action became a subconscious event. You did it without even thinking about it. I mean, did you ever drive a car to your house for 30 minutes while your mind was so focused on a certain issue so that you didn't even remember the details of driving home Once something is internalized, it becomes automated. Your subconscious mind does it without you having to think about it. that water sifts down to the subconscious mind and reaches the roots.

Practice Practice Practice or Get tig Good at The Rules

But even if you're not desperate to get married right away, you never know when you'll change your mind. We've all met women who are certain in their twenties that they don't want two kids and a house with a picket fence. They tell us that their career, friends, and assorted romantic relationships are fine with them. So they don't bother to play hard to get when they meet men. They treat men like women as friends. Then one day they meet a handsome man with gorgeous eyes. Suddenly they not onlywanthimbutwanttoh ave his chi ldren. Th ese women things out or go over childhood feelings. Just get a life so that your relationship with her is not the main thing on your mind. Be busy and when she finally calls you, be friendly. No one likes talking to someone who is angry or depressed.

Feminism Put On Trial

The thought of whether she likes you should never cross your mind. It is not important BEFORE you ask for the number. The important thing is you WANTING her. Always ask yourself Do I want this one . And the answer should be 'Wow. Boy do I ' That is all you need to know. Real men TAKE what they want. Women are judged on looks because YOU are judged on your looks (and women are much harsher about it ). Feminists think a magazine picture 'tyrannizes' young women. 'Forget my body, what about my mind ' they say. But did you ever hear a woman say to the Nice Guy, 'Your mind is great but I love your body ' And every male is witness to the fact that women run towards testosteronized males, i.e. jerks.

Premature Ejaculation

O Imagination - If you can keep your mind from being too focused on the sex you're having, you can usually keep from getting over excited and losing it too soon. Our mind starts to focus on the points of pleasure, and sometimes it helps to concentrate on other areas. Or think about really ugly women undressing in front of you. (And I hate to tell you, but she's probably using her imagination with you, too.)

Stop Trying To Buy Attention From Women

Try this Sit down with a piece of paper and write down ten ways that you can Take the next step in any given situation. Then choose the one or two that you think will work best, and mentally rehearse them until you can CLEARLY SEE how they'll work in your mind's eye. The concepts work with women of all ages. Will you do yourself a favor and quit arguing in your mind and get out there and TRY IT

Mastering Body Language

The Importance of Symmetry - Using your mind, imagine an invisible vertical line dividing your body in half. Try to create a sense that each half is a mirrored image of the other. Aside from the ergonomic aspects of this, it has been scientifically proven that in nature, symmetry is an attractive quality. In other words, don't cross your legs when you sit, and don't shift all your weight to one leg when you stand. Be balanced.

Enlightenment Begins

So far, not one word has been spoken. All he's done is sit next to you. As you look at him, what about him do you notice What, specifically, do you look at As you look at each area of him, what goes through your mind Write these things down on your paper. I don't want your answers to be vague generalities. I want you to be as specific as you can be. You'll see why in a minute. Then, regardless of what else you see, one thought is going to go through your mind no matter what-I don't want to piss this guy off. The reason is obvious if you do piss him off, he'll kick the shit out of you. And if he waits for you outside, you no longer have the bar's protection, and since (once you leave) the bar is no longer legally responsible, they're not too concerned about you. If the bartender thinks you're a pain in the ass, he's going to care even less about what happens to you. This, on an animal level, is what's going to go through your mind. It's called the survival instinct. Without it you...

An exercise of removing doubts and hesitation via the use of submodalities

Ross As you are believing that I want you to make a picture of that in your mind, of your belief that the sun will come up tomorrow. No it's not a belief, it's a fact. Ok, your belief that the sun will come up tomorrow. You got it. And point to where you see that. Point to where you see that and draw a square around that one but make it green. Make it a green square. Alright, if you're having trouble with the color, don't worry about it. Just make it whatever color you want. Alright, now here's what I want you to do. I want you to see the image of yourself that doesn't believe that you can do this speed seduciton stuff. I know some of you have doubts, now is the time to let any doubt you want come into your mind. Your doubts that you can do this material, you know, you feel that you are going to get caught, your doubts that I'm not the best teacher in the world, whatever your doubts are that you are going to get rid of them completely, just whatever they are, I'm going to get caught,...

The Foundation For Success With Women

Once you make the mental breakthrough, finally understanding what women find sexy in a man, you will have a massive paradigm switch in your mind. Another step in enhancing your confidence is to imagine yourself as confident. If you imagine yourself being confident, you are experiencing confidence. This is no different than real confidence, for both are completely in your mind Think about that. Remember that accomplishing goals is usually directly impacted by how important the goal is to you. If the reason is significant enough, your mind will allow yourself to be confident. And I can't think of a more motivating and positive goal than to be successful with beautiful women. It is one of the strongest goals that man has in every culture and civilization. There is a way to win with women. Allow this book to change your reality just like it has for so many others. And you can change your reality now, by changing your strategy as outlined in the sections of this book. And the greatest news...

Understanding 8 Do NOT Lust For Results

I have been practicing NLP for about 3 years now. I have just stepped into my own since being on this list and being a student of Kenrick Cleveland. In this time period I have ran into an abundance of guys that are at different skill levels and stages in their lives with NLS. I wrote down several of them (including the ones I have experienced which seems to be all but a few). See if you can identify yourself with any or several of these stages and also write down what you think you can do to improve on them. I will try to give an example of each as I type them, but I don't want to be here all night so I may just ask you to USE YOUR MIND to REALIZE which stage I am refering too. Now, without furthur ado

Take That Fear andTransform It

After all, your body really doesn't know the difference between anxiety and excitement. Both emotions cause many of the same physiological reactions, such as increased heart rate and more rapid breathing. It's up to your mind to make the interpretations, and you have the power to direct your mind. In fact, with a little practice, you might be surprised at how easy it really is to turn your anxiety back into excitement.

Control Your Thinking

You setup a situation where you've lost control of your thoughts, and she now owns them. When you finally do get together with her, she'll be on a pedestal in your mind, and you're not going to want to knock her down. As a result, you're likely to treat her too nicely, and never get her attracted to you as a result.

Your Secretly Shamed Affection Needs

A second weapon in your arsenal against your shame is what psychologists call desensitization. This idea makes use of the natural tenancy of the mind to adapt to anything after a while and actually become bored with it. What bores us becomes invisible and eventually gets taken for granted, and when that happens it loses its potential to generate any kind of emotion within us, good or bad. An event or experience that provokes no emotion is the definition of boring, after all. So how do we turn rejection into something that bores us I don't know precisely what your level of courage is concerning your rejection sensitivity, but if you can, try something like this Next time you have an opportunity to talk to an attractive woman in some non-romantic situation (like work or school), begin to think about asking her out on a date. Try to really do this seriously and not just as a joke in your mind. You 're really going to ask her out and reveal your shameful need for affection. Wow to feel...

Getting Noticed Part I

Let's say her response, including tone of voice and body language, translates to, Jam it You say, Jim'll have them Saturday if you change your mind. Ease out of there smoothly. You do not want other women to notice what happened. Why not You'll see later on in a paragraph titled Butterfly Boys Get Swatted.

The Seven Perfect Attributes in Men that Women Would Love to

For the purposes of seduction you'll want to park your usual 'nails-on-a-chalkboard' screech and coax your voice into sounding more full-bodied and deep. A good way to accomplish this is to stretch out your vocal chords before you speak by pretending to yawn before speaking (but keep your mouth closed ). Try it right now. Open the back of your throat by doing a yawn stretch for a few seconds. Notice how much more deeper and sexier your voice sounds If not, keep practicing until it does. Your voice should feel like it's originating from deep down in your lower chest instead of from your neck area. A throaty voice is highly erotic. This is a simple trick and probably the hardest part is remembering to do it when you're actually chatting up some fox and your mind is twirling away in a dead panic.

Tip 20 On a date this is all you need to worry about

As much as possible, try to clear your mind of all the suggestions you have received. Don't worry about using her name a lot. Secondly, you don't want your mind juggling tips and clogged by worries about whether you are doing everything right. So, let's focus on the most important thing having fun on a date. This is the 20 that makes 80 of the difference. The rest are just details clogging up your mind.

The Power of Detachment

Be happy and centered enough in your reality that other people's opinions rejections don't affect you. The rejection of crashing & burning should not discourage you, with a detached attitude it should be entertaining Of course we would all rather succeed than fail. But better to be a humble winner than a sore loser.

Drop Dead Gorgeous Defined

After you finish dressing and venture out into the presence of the object of your desire, remember the sight of your own nakedness as you stood before the mirror. Hold the image of that sexy, seductive, confident woman in your mind, remembering that this beauty was no air-brushed super model it was you, in all your glory.

Overview of Persuasion and Rapport Techniques

Assertiveness 101 - To be persuasive, you must be assertive. Learn what your rights are and how to enforce them without guilt. Enjoy the rush of power when you speak your mind without fear Hot-wiring Your Mind for Assertive Behavior - You can make yourself permanently assertive. These effective methods reengineer your way of thinking so that you will be stronger and more influential.

Turn Regular Conversation Into Flirtation

Try what I'm about to teach you in a few different situations and see how it works before you make up your mind about it you just might find that this way is the key that opens all doors for you. One of my rules of thumb for dealing with women is NEVER GIVE A WOMAN EXACTLY WHAT SHE WANTS. I've mentioned in the past that I love to study people and their behavior, and I've found something that really kind of startled me

Conversation Starters and Topics to Avoid

The way to tell if a woman is serious about taking the flirting one step further is to wait and see if she gets physical. Physical signals are very different from distant ones. When we're serious about getting you into our world, we know that touching you gets your mind spinning.

Boyfriend Destroyer patterns

You're sort of seeing someone As you're only sort of seeing that image of him in your mind, notice what happens as that image gets smaller and darker only as fast as an image of you and me being together having lots of fun gets big and brighter right there in its place. You know, the whole thing is, that entire process can take months and months, but I'm wondering what would it be like if that entire process were to take place instantaneously in your mind. It would be like if you try to (wave your hands in her face) see his image in your mind, you couldn't do it. It would be like something unknown was simply breaking it into pieces, you know. Its like you couldn't see his image in your mind anymore and that's the first sign that will let you know that you're already starting to find him a lot less important (cover the palm of your hand). Sometimes when someone has upset you, its best to forget about them. You know when you think about that, when you forget about something or someone...

DJ Boot Camp Procedures

The first part will be reading. This will be mostly posts from the DJ Bible. In the first few weeks, there will be approximately 2-3 hours worth of reading material per week. Even if you have read the DJ Bible ten times, you must read the required reading material as posted in the lesson, as it must be fresh in your mind when you are going through these lessons. Later on, the reading material will be about one hour per week.


Read the list of people you admire, and the traits you admire most about them. Then look into the mirror, and review these things in your mind, realizing that these are your own personal greatest assets. Affirm to yourself that you will lead with, capitalize on, and develop these strengths more instead of only projecting them onto others

Lesson Three

Exactly Judge by her actions and not by her words. Judge by what she does than by what your mind wants to see. Our vanity will convert the image of every disinterested girl into secretly loving us (for women tell us what we want to hear). This is why we must judge by her actions and not by her words.

Handling Fear

Fear can paralyze you it can stop you from looking for a job, looking for love, looking in the mirror. It can keep you from asking for what you want, saying what's on your mind, saying ouch or hurrah. Fear eats away at your time, your energy, your very self, and it has no place in your life. Caution Perhaps. Knowledge about why something isn't good for you Certainly. But fear is a waste of time most often, it is the boogeyman of your imagination, the monster that says, Boo

Talking about sex

Mystery suggests to avoid sex-talk completely (she deals primarily with the 9-s and 10-s though ). Mystery Bringing up sex shows its on your mind and if you were truly a guy who gets girls you wouldn't think about it then. No sex comments. No sex jokes. Go KINO but don't talk sex.

The Big Trap

Here's what happens when you fall into the trap Your mind is conditioned to consistency, as I discussed. As you date, you find yourself excited by meeting new women, but with a lack of understanding, your misses are much more frequent than your hits. This leads to discouragement. You start really doubting yourself, and your self-esteem takes a hit. LoserBoy starts talking to you more frequently, telling you how beating your head against the wall is good only so you can feel better when you stop. Then you feel more negative about the process. You stop being able to improve your technique because all you see is failures. You swear off dating for a while, often with a hidden animosity toward women. After all, the singles scene is vicious, isn't it

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Mind Health Secrets

A pool of fresh water is special. It's special as it’s a bit like our consciousness. If you try hard you may be able to see really little waves or ripples in the water. They’re really slight. The surface of the water is like the surface of your consciousness. The part that you're cognizant of.

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